6 Ways to Know How Much Web Traffic Your Competitor Gets

A wise internet marketer is always aware of how their competitors are faring and doing their business. This will help you know how much customers they are getting and how far you need to put in your effort. With web traffic being a major concern in the internet marketing world, it is important to use it as the main parameter of how the competitors are doing. To do this, you need to have the proper tools and methodology to spy and monitor their websites.

In this write-up, we will go through some of the tools and methods that one can use to monitor and determine how much traffic their competitor is getting. Most of the tools herein will also let you know where these traffic is coming from. Here we go;

Alexa Traffic Tool

Alexa is one of the few tools in the industry which have been serving internet marketers with the most accurate data that they can use to gauge their competitors and use the data to crush them. Founded and fully run under the ecommerce giant Amazon, the online tool has plenty to offer, moreso through their paid version of the tool. The paid version which starts from as low as $49 and goes to as high as $179 monthly offers plenty of website metrics including where the traffic is sourced from and which keywords the website benefiting from in terms of search engine traffic.

This tool appeals to anyone who is serious about taking their internet marketing to the next level and going against their competition. Although the free tool has some good metrics that one can use, they might not be sufficient enough to gauge every traffic metric on the competitor site. The paid version is however worth every penny spent.

Similar Web Traffic Tool

This is yet another online traffic monitoring tool and just like Alexa, it gathers data based on search engine traffic, social media and other traffic sources. Similar Web boasts having one of the most sophisticated tracking tools and scripts that it uses to improve data collection and presentation.

For the most part of it, Similar Web has been a reliable web traffic tool that has helped ton of marketers to accomplish their online objectives. It is a tool that can be used effectively to keep track of competitors, know where their traffic is coming from and above that you can also check their history and how they have been progressing over time. Like Alexa, it is a much needed tool for marketers who are looking for a way to leverage big by facing their competitors head on.


SEM Rush is a common name for every serious internet marketer out there. Although it is a paid tool, it has become an essential part of many marketers and some just can’t run their marketing campaigns without it. With its advanced tools that have boosted its crawling ability and tracking, SEM Rush now boasts having one of the largest databases when it comes to marketing tools. This has made it a complete tool that many internet marketers can rely on. It is mostly based on providing search engine metrics and it has made many Search Engine Marketers to get details on almost every keyword and find those that are easy to rank for in the search engines. If you are serious about using search engines to generate organic traffic to your site, then SEM Rush is something that you should give a try. You can easily test drive the tool using the free trial before deciding to purchase it.

YouTube As A Traffic Tool

There are many tricks that you can pull in the internet marketing world and among them is using YouTube as a marketing tool to gauge the likelihood of a topic or a keyword being viable and whether it has potential or not. The approach with this method is actually simple and it is all about checking out the most trending videos and using them as an inspiration to set up posts on your site.

The most visited and most recent videos on YouTube will let you know that it is a hot topic that is worth writing a post about. This is a method that anyone who has basic internet skills can do and use it to get tons of traffic.

Website Or Blog Comments

Now this is a free and easy method that everyone regardless of their marketing experience can do. Have you ever considered blog comments to be a metric? If not, then you should start thinking of it that way. Literally, the more blog comments that you will find in a website tells you how much that topic is trending or demanded. If your close competitor has a blog post that is deceiving tons of regular comments then it is time you realize that it is a burning topic and you also need o chime in and steal the traffic.

You can use Google to find websites in your niche and after doing that, you should visit some of their most popular blog posts and see how their audiences are commenting on the various topics discussed in the blog. You should focus on crafting better and more detailed posts on your website or blog covering the popular topics of your competitors and from that you can expect some high quality traffic to start flowing in. This is a method that anyone can use and it has already shown some good results in the past.

The Bottom Line:

The above methods and tools are some that you can easily utilize on your website and get tons of website traffic to your website. Most of these methods are also easy to implement and anyone with basic marketing experience can be up and running in no time.

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Using Paid Traffic On Affiliate Marketing

Among one of the largest online incentives is affiliate marketing where thousands of internet marketers are fighting for a piece of the pie. Truth be told, only a quarter of the internet marketers make it and succeed with their online goals. the rest are forced to give up to the pressure. Among the hardest to do is combining affiliate marketing with paid traffic. Of course there are bazillion of online paid traffic platforms, but the big question is whether they are legit and if they will really bring any good to your business.

Good paid traffic sources are hard to find and strategizing and coming up with a good marketing plan is an even bigger problem. In this guide, we will go through some of the best ways to succeed in merging paid traffic and making it work for you as an affiliate marketer. Here are the best practices to get you going.

Use The Right Landing Page

Landing page is the first thing that one should be concerned about when they are creating the ultimate affiliate marketing strategy with paid advertisements. in order to be approved, the first thing that needs to be clear and straightforward is the landing page. There are lots of landing page templates that you can download and use for free online. Besides just having an attractive landing page, you should also make sure that it has all the features well factored in.  Things such as call to action should be precisely placed to ensure that you are getting the best out of the landing page.

Besides all that, it also needs to be highly responsive int hat anybody accessing it from any device can easily navigate and use the site. This will increase the sales and conversion ration as opposed to non-responsive one that will give visitors a hard time navigating and getting to make that final decision of opting in.

Focus On Building An Email List

One of the things that expert internet marketer preach is to build an email list. Email marketing is something hat many marketers will swear by and this is simply because everybody uses emails and doing your marketing the right way can guarantee you that your marketing is on the safe side. So how exactly does one come up with a solid email marketing strategy? First off, after creating a landing page, you need to integrate an email box where people will subscribe and join your list so that they can

The reason why email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies and worth integrating with paid traffic is simply because it is a long term strategy. when you capture user’s email and contact, you can reach to them anytime making it one of the most effective strategies ever. After all, it has been proven that most buyers do not take action on the first time they visit a website, therefore you can use them next time or in future by reaching to them through the provided email.

Use Legit Traffic Sources

There are lots of paid traffic sources that anyone can get access to. However, not all of them can be trusted to deliver since most of them use fake traffic that will not lead to any sales or conversion. Most of these shady traffic vendors use softwares that mimic human behavior and send these fake traffic with use of different IP addresses. This will reflect like any other real traffic, only that the clients sites will not receive any conversions and sales. If you want to succeed and avoid getting scammed by fake traffic vendors then you need to do your own due diligence to find trusted traffic providers to work with. It is only through this that you get the targeted traffic that will get you sales and leads.


When you work with legit and trusted traffic vendors like Google Adwords, Bing ads and Yahoo Ads, then you are in good hands and up for some great results.

Optimize Your Traffic Targeting

web trafficGetting traffic is very easy, but you don’t need just any kind of traffic. If the traffic is not targeted then you can forget about getting customers and conversions. So, how exactly does someone get highly targeted traffic? The first thing that you have to do to get targeted traffic is to choose a good traffic source. Once you have the right traffic source, the next step is to set up your advertisement campaign. when setting up the advertisement, you have to make sure that the right audiences are targeted. This simply means if you are marketing products in the United States, you have to targeted people in the country. And if you have other specific targeting details such as age and gender, they should be well optimized to avoid getting visitors that are not worth advertising to.

Most advertising platforms have all these features that lets the advertisers reach targeted audiences. With good targeting, you will be getting your money’s worth since everyone receiving and visiting your website is looking fro your products and services.

Final Word:

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy and that explains why over 80% of marketers give up halfway. You need a solid strategy that has been proven to work to succeed in the game. With the strategies above, you can be rest assured that you will be on the right track to success by combining the power of paid traffic with affiliate marketing. Following these strategies will ensure that you are getting good traffic that will get you conversions.

Here at And Web Traffic, we deliver high quality paid traffic that can help you get better results. Thousands of users from different niches are using our services and happy about the quality and results that they are getting. Whichever the niche of your affiliate site, we will help you get the best results. And setting up ads on our platform is as easy as signing up, paying and setting up the right keywords to get laser targeted traffic.

Guest Post Traffic – How To Get The Best From It

If you have been in the internet marketing game long enough, then you do not need any introducti0on to Guest posting, or Guest blogging a many bloggers love to put it. However, or anyone still new to it, then guest posting is a marketing strategy that involves a webmaster or blog owner writing a blog post and posting it on another person’s blog or website. One of the reasons of doing this is obviously to get traffic from the other site. There are many steps and things to consider to get the best out of this traffic strategy though, and in this article, we will focus on some of the crucial things that can change the way you do it for better quality traffic that will give you more traffic value. Here they are;

Guest Post On Authority sites

One of the most important things that one needs to understand before they start the guest posting approach is that not all sites that accept guest posting are perfect for your site. There are those that meet a certain criteria and those are the ones that you should be focusing more attention on. Older sites that have been in the internet for a longer time tends to have acquired age authority which can pass on to your site whenever a link to your site is placed. This means that you are not only getting good quality traffic, but also getting good authority to your website. One other thing that you need to make sure is excellent is the amount of traffic that the website or blog is receiving. There is no point in working your butt off for a new website that has little or no traffic as this will not give you the desired results.

And since an older site also has built an authority over time, the quality of traffic that you will be getting is top notch and guaranteed to give you better results. We all need better results and for you to get the best in guest posting, you need to work with the best sites and be selective on the kind of sites that you choose to work with. The more authoritative a site is, the better in terms of traffic that you will be getting. There are several tools and softwares that you can use to simply search and find the right

Be sure You Are In The Right Niche

Niche targeting is yet another thing that you need to work on. Nobody in an auto niche would be interested in buying baby products and this is just an example of how things can fail to work for you if you do not work within your niche. There are many tools that one can use to easily find the right niche to post the guest post on without much hassles. Among the reasons that you would want to keep in mind is that focusing on sites that are within your niche will improve the quality of the traffic that you will be getting on your website. This is simply because the traffic is already targeted and that you are getting traffic that will make a positive impact since the audiences are already aware and looking for things within your niche.

Without doing this, you will be losing a lot and might not get to close a deal. It is simply like selling the wrong products and services in a wrong market and it is pretty obvious how that is going to work out. Of course there are no sales that you will get in the process. With a good footprint and search settings, you can get good results in the end.

Write The Best Content

guest postIf there is something that one ought to be extra keen on, it is content and without good article and sales copy, you will not get good results. They always say that content is king and from experience and proven fact, you will get good results only if your content sells and gets you the attention that you need. So how does one really create good content? You have to be a good content writer, but that is not really necessary if you are not as you can simply hire someone to help you write the article. Quality of the article is something that you should not compromise on as it is the backbone of your site and the determining factor that will let you know whether you will make a sale or not. Nobody is also willing to read bad content which simply means that they will close the website if they find the content to be either not structured grammatically or if it is not informative enough to help them. This is why hiring an expert or professional writer is crucial to the success of the website.

Besides writing good content, you should also make sure that all other factors like call to action are well placed prominently to ensure that you are getting a good return on your investment.

Final Word:

Guest posting isn’t anything new, yet it is a free web traffic strategy that anyone can use to improve their website’s performance and increase the number of visitors to their website. As long as you ensure that you follow the right steps to guest post, you are sure to get some good quality web traffic. With the guide and pointers shared above, you should be able to get some high quality laser targeted web traffic to your website and expect some good sales and leads in return. Besides that, you will also be building a good relationship with fellow niche site owners which is vital for the authority building of your website.

Be sure to check out our high quality web traffic packages that are guaranteed to give you a huge boost and impact that will generate sales and leads that you need. We have worked with many people on many niches and certain that you will love what you get from us.

Success Tips When Buying Targeted Website Traffic

The success of any website highly depends on the amount of website traffic that it receives. The greatest challenge that webmasters have and are still facing today is the inability to generate and sustain enough traffic that can drive their businesses forward. Those who have managed to succeed have had to invest a lot in terms of skill, time and resources which simply shows that it is not an easy task. When buying traffic for your website, there are many things that you need to be aware of. This is because you are making an investment that should bring you a good return on it. Many website owners especially those who are new to the idea of buying traffic continue to fall victims of traffic suppliers who do not deliver. This is something that should not happen if you consider a few things before entering into any agreement. The following tips should help you when you are considering buying targeted traffic for your website.

Know The Type Of Traffic That You Want To Buy

Unlike when you are dealing with untargeted traffic, targeted traffic is very specific and things can go completely wrong if you buy the wrong traffic. This can only be compared to shooting an arrow in the wrong direction and expecting to hit the target. If you are running an ecommerce website where you are selling a product or service, it is important to target groups that could be interested in what you are selling. This could be in terms of age, location, financial status, culture and so on. If you are only interested in increasing the popularity of your website, it is good to target the social media in which case you will have to buy social traffic. The bottom line is that you should buy traffic that is feasible for your line of business, industry or niche.

Know The Geographical Source Of Your Traffic

The geographical source of your traffic is as important as choosing the location of any brick and mortar business. This is because it has to be highly strategic for easy visibility and accessibility. If you are focused on the local market, then it would be a waste of time, energy and resources to buy traffic from abroad. Traffic is meant to convert to sales and getting traffic just for the sake of it will get you nowhere.

Consider The Cost of Website Traffic That You Want To Buy

The cost of traffic differs from one supplier to another and you need to know exactly what you are agreeing to before making any payments. You may be tempted to go for the cheapest offer but remember that you always get what you pay for. Extremely cheap traffic may indicate that is could be a scam or they use methods that do not comply with the terms and conditions of paid advertising. Even with the more expensive traffic, you need to go through their refund policy so that you are protected in case your happen to realize any suspicious activity that is not part of the agreement. You should also find out if a supplier offers a money- back guarantee if the performance and results that you get turns out to be unsatisfactory. It is also important to go through things like terms of service, copyright and licenses, customer support, cancellation policy and use of the site among others.

Know How Traffic Will Be Redirected To Your Website

If you have bought traffic before and received poor to no results, then it means that you did not make inquiries on how the traffic would be redirected to your website. You do not need to be an expert in order to understand this because you only need to figure out if the process is transparent or not. This is to ensure that the supplier is not going to use fraudulent clicks, expired domains, paid humans, automated visitors, and robots and so on. While it is true that sales and conversions are not guaranteed when you buy website traffic, it should not be as a result of any fraudulent activity by a supplier.

You Need To Take Action

social mediaBuying targeted traffic is a very effective way of generating sustainable traffic online. This is because it translates to better rankings on SERPs and increased sales and profit for the long term. While this remains a fact, many webmasters have been turning a blind eye on it because it involves spending money. Are you among those who are still skeptical to dive into this new territory? Are you earning enough from your free traffic?  The media buying industry has been mystified as having a lot of pitfalls but experts in the field call this an insult. The reality is that this is an opportunity that you can use to increase your earnings and build a new empire. Those who talk against it have either not tried or did not get things right and cannot be enough reason for you to rubbish it entirely.

The secret to success in buying website traffic is quite simple and it starts by finding a reputable website traffic supplier who can deliver according to your expectations. Such a supplier should understand your area of operation as well as the region that you are operating in. Another secret is being able to fully understand your audience and the kind of traffic that you want to buy. This is something that you will be able to arrive at after doing a proper research because it will help you to better explain your needs to the traffic supplier.

Apart from this, you need to also do your research and compare various suppliers so that you can choose the one that delivers quality traffic. It is better to spend time choosing the right supplier than to waste time and money on a wrong supplier who does not deliver. A good traffic supplier should be easy to contact and responsive and this can happen through an email link, live support or phone. This is very important because there are those that simply disappear after you have made an order. A good web traffic supplier will over-deliver and this is exactly what you need.

Is Buying Redirected Traffic Really Effective?

If I may ask, is buying redirected traffic effective? This is a common question asked by those desperate small business owners who are working tirelessly to increase their website traffic. Buying targeted website traffic is often viewed as the shortcut to succeed in online marketing. Here’s how to use redirected traffic on your site.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

However, many entrepreneurs have put a lot of doubt in the idea. This is why the question above is popular. Does this question really have a definite answer? I don’t have such a definite answer but it’s upon your understanding to deduce the answer from the brief discussion below.

When small business owners launch their new websites, they are desperately in need of a reasonable volume of traffic to the website. Other business owners already have websites but they are looking forward to improve the volume of the traffic visiting their website. Whenever you search for ways on how you can improve your website’s traffic, the results are giving you the option to buy targeted traffic as the number one option. This seems to be a cost-effective path to high-volume website traffic over a short period, and indeed it is.

Currently, there are so many companies offering a wide range of website traffic for sale. Some of these companies are quite popular on the internet. Just take your time and query yourself why these companies are so popular. Also, ask yourself why the idea of purchasing redirected website traffic is so popular. If the idea was not effective, most people would have done away with it from the start.

Internet marketing is powered by the amount of people who see your online ads and visit your website. This means your website can receive traffic from the ads on sites like yellow pages, social media, or other advertising sites. However, this is a long-term solution to your website traffic needs. In contrary, buying traffic is a very short-term solution to your needs. The time and cost effectiveness of buying traffic beats other marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, internet ads, billboards, etc.

redirected trafficMost small business owners are quite interested in purchasing niche-targeted website traffic. Why is it the case? First, this technique is feasible in terms of the nominal costs involved. Secondly, these entrepreneurs lack patience when it comes to targeting their traffic from social media, link building, content marketing, or other SEO techniques. So, buying website traffic seems as a no-wits process of obtaining traffic cheaply.

As I conclude, I think it’s crucial for business owners to be aware of this. Some small business owners can be disappointed because buying targeted traffic can turn out to be very expensive. This might happen depending on the niche in which your business falls. This can also happen depending on where you go shopping for the traffic.

You need to take caution as you search for your website traffic. There are chances of having the wrong type of traffic being redirected traffic to your website. There is also adult traffic and casino traffic. You might also get fake traffic from fake people, which can end up affecting your credibility on search engines. This will in turn make your website ranking to drop or even get your website banned completely from the search engines. If I may ask, is buying redirected traffic effective? Am sure you can definitely answer me.

5 Actionable Ways to Get More Traffic To Your Website

Without website traffic, there would be no profitable online business running. It is also useless to have a website if you are not going to be getting any traffic flowing in. So the big deal has always been how to get more traffic to your website in order to make more leads and conversions.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

In this article write-up we will focus on 5 modern actionable strategies to generate high quality traffic to your website. These are the same strategies that have been used by top performing authority sites to garner daily hits and sales. If you are up to getting leads and sales on your website then this is exactly the best ways that you should be focusing to get massive swarm of traffic;

1) Optimizing websites for better visibility in the search engines
Search engine optimization (SEO) is by far the best known traffic avalanche method that has been used by Internet marketers. The best thing with the organic traffic that one gets from the search engines is that it is all free which makes it the best above any other. Another reason why many people would fall for search engine traffic is because one can optimize as much as they want which translates to more traffic opportunities, more lead generation and more money.

What does the whole optimization process entail?

If you are new to the new search engine optimization grind then you still have a long way to go and there is much that you need to learn if you want to survive the razor sharp competition. Basically, the search engine optimization revolves around two phases; the on-page optimization and the off-page optimization. On-page optimization deals with the website layout and content standardization in accordance to the required rules by the search engines. The off-page optimization phase deals with the website’s relationship with other websites on the Internet. The better the relationship, the more considerable it is in the eyes of the search engines. The more authority links (backlincks) that a website gets, the better it is in the eyes of the search engines. The backlinking is the most crucial step in the whole SEO process and can be analytically translated in terms of trust flow, citation flow, anchor diversification and other metrics. These should not make it all look complicated as it is something that one can learn and it is all worthy the time and the effort. Every serious website owner should be on the edge to drilling and finding a way to get to the top of the search results. The only thing that one should keep in mind when optimizing their website is to use only the white-hat SEO techniques since anything fishy is usually flagged and may result to a search engine penalty which may see your site disappear forever in the search engine pages (serps).

2) Social Media Traffic

Social media traffic is yet another free gift that webmasters should take full advantage of. There are over one billion people who are in one social media or another. The undying fact is that they are the same people who need to buy one or two things by the end of the day. If you are looking for the best ways on how to get more traffic to your website, then you would not like to miss out in the social media traffic craze.

How to harness traffic from the social media the easy way
First of all, one ought to know which social media sites are the best in terms of traffic. An amazing fact that one will find is that the top 5 social media sites alone has accumulated one billion users across the globe. This fact makes it easy to target and focus on where the real traffic is. The 5 top social media sites today include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus . These 5 are enough to focus on and the best way to get through is to get a working strategy on them. One will also realize that their performance will vary differently simply because they have different ways of content interactions. Despite Pinterest being the newest of them all, it has stunned marketers and media experts alike in the way it works better than its preceding competitors. It is now a proven fact that over 70% of users who use the newcomer use it for inspiration on what they want to but.
Mastering a strategy in each is a goldmine and something that everyone who is serious about getting leads and sales should be working on.

3) Press Release syndication

What better are websites without fresh content? Everyone who visits the Internet always want to get information on the latest happenings. The press release sites are the hotspots that people seek to get new information and marketers should see a good opportunity to divert traffic from these sites. Contrary to what many people may be thinking that press release sites are only for news rich sites, keeping your site content updated daily is something that has various benefits which guarantees regular and stable traffic flow to your website. Some of the top press release sites like Pr-web also syndicate their content to top sites such as Huffington-post which is good news to webmasters who seek to get high quality traffic from the press release sites.

Here is a sneak peak on what you need to know to leverage untapped traffic from press release sites;
First of all one needs to be aware that there are hundreds of press release sites out there but one should only prioritize and focus on those that have high traffic volume. However the rest may also become very important when it comes to search engine optimization since it is a way to build high quality backlinks which makes it also an indirect traffic source.

When choosing a high traffic press release, web traffic tools such as Alexa rank checker will come in handy and even help one to get a geographical analysis if they are targeting a certain location. After finalizing on the sites to focus and feed the press releases, one should get working on their content. Press release content writing is very crucial in this stage since it is the selling point that will trigger the visitors to visit your website. If you do not have enough experience in writing press releases, then hiring an experienced writer is worthy the course. Quality is the key ingredient to harnessing press release traffic and this is a crucial thing to do. Another thing that one needs to focus on is to submit to as many press release websites as possible. The more one creates a buzz in the press release sites, the better the traffic volume to the website. Press release websites are also known to be of great importance by providing quality link juice which are taken into much consideration for SEO purposes. Seeking press release traffic is a path worth trailing.

4) Purchase traffic

Purchasing website traffic is another way that is a must mention in this guide on how to get more traffic to your website. If you are not willing to spend time toiling with the SEO stuffs and social media, then you may want to consider purchasing some traffic. It is considered one of the fastest way to get traffic and conversions despite the caveat that you will have to pay for it. It should however not be a problem if you have enough to invest. There are plenty of ways that one can purchase traffic for their website and all of them vary differently in the way they perform. One important thing that one should be keen on with the use of purchased traffic is a positive conversion ratio to ensure that the return on investment (ROI) is in your favor. Some of the most common means of purchasing traffic includes; PPC (Pay Per Click), PPV (Pay Per View) and Media Buy.

How to ensure that you are getting better ROI with purchased traffic

buy traffic

If you ever want to get the best out of your purchased visitors then you should dig deep to learn and master the whole grid. Things like click through ratio and conversion ratios should be on your fingertips and you should be scaling up things working on improving every bit of it. Creating killer landing pages for the offers and products being promoted should be in your nerve and one should know how to test them and how to make them convert better. The first step with the landing pages is usually to split test them on a product or an offer before deciding on the perfect one to choose. The next thing that one will want to do is to ensure that the budget is realistic enough to yield profits in terms of conversion ratios. The earnings per click (EPC) should also outperform the cost per click (CPC) which is the money spent on advertising clicks. All these factors should be kept in mind regardless of the type of traffic purchase being employed. Doing this will ensure that one is getting a positive ROI making the whole traffic purchase a successful course.

5) Guest Posting for Traffic

If there is one old golden traffic method that is often assumed by many Internet marketers it has to be the guest posting. This should not be a new thing to Internet marketers who have been in the industry for a while but for the sake of novice marketers, here is a sneak peak of what guest posting is all about. Guest posting is a publishing strategy which involves posting an article in another person’s blog. It has not only been seen as a way to get visitors but also a way to build strong relationship with the website audience and other marketers. The idea behind this strategy is to post a quality blog post and in the end hope to hook up some readers to your website.

How to get more traffic to your website using guest posting
The most amazing thing with guest posting is that regardless of the site age the traffic can flow in without any limits. Whether you have just five posts on your blog, writing a good guest post will see your blog flood into a buzz of jammed traffic. The whole idea of legally stealing traffic lies with the way the articles appeals to the readers and if they fall in love with it, they will be inclined to follow the author link where they will land on your site. One of the most important thing that you should consider before even going ahead to focus on guest posting is to first identify the blogs that accept guest posting within your niche. It is always crucial to focus on the authority sites which receive high amount of traffic. It is like hitting a jackpot when one makes it to submit a guest post to authority sites and regardless of the age of your blog, you are already in the traffic holy grail.

Guest posting should however should not be used as a way of gaining backlinks for search engine optimization. The use of this method for search engine activities was ruled out because of the abuse that people used it. Although guest posting is a poor baklinking method, it still hasn’t lost its razor efficiency when it comes to traffic.

The above methods are the most essential ones that one should be looking forward to an answer to their quest of how to get more traffic to your website. They are what many successful authority websites use to get hold of their competition. There is no magic touch or golden secrets that they use to get on top. The only important thing is to ensure that you are doing them right and perfectly. Mastering each at a time is a good approach that will see one build an authority site without any complications.

One should also be warned to shun from any black hat techniques in any approach that they choose. Black hat techniques cost people a lot and traffic such as the ones from search engine should not be something to play around with since one can be banned and risk having their website outperformed. If you ever wanted to get on top with a good authority site that guarantees conversions, then avoid any shortcuts and just play the game as it should be played. As long as the above traffic methods are used well a traffic holy grail should be flowing like a natural mystic.

Why Conversion Optimization Improves Traffic Performance

Are you struggling to get traffic for your website? If so, that is not the only thing that you should be putting your focus and attention on. You need to make sure that the traffic will also get you the conversion that you need. That said, you need to come up with actionable strategies that will ensure that you are not only getting traffic but also making good use of it.

In this guide, we will go through the different ways that one can use to optimize their websites and increase their conversion rate. These are the same strategies that the experts and professional internet marketers are using to gain an edge in the marketing world. Implementing and using it on your site will help you to get better results. But before delving onto the nitty-gritty of conversion optimization, below are some of the reasons why you really need conversion optimization.

Why Conversion Optimization Is Important

web traffic

Here are some of the best reasons as to why you should focus on conversion optimization for your website.

Not All Traffic Works – Perhaps one of the first things that one needs to understand when they are getting started with their internet marketing. Strategies that work for some websites might not work for some others, and with that in mind, it is always important to make changes and see which approaches works best for your website. Only this way can one see something good and positive for their website.

Tweaks Are Important – Nothing is perfect, and that includes websites and blogs. With that in mind, you need to keep mending and always striving to make the website become better. Website codes and other parts can break which means that they need fixing and checking once in a while. This tweaking can change the site and ensure that there is continual conversion.

Compliance to latest algorithms – The other reason why you would want to make sure that you tweak your website, you need to ensure that it complies with the latest algorithm changes. This is because platforms like Google another search engines keep changing their algorithms and considering that these are among the best places to get traffic, tweaking your site to comply with the latest updates is a very crucial approach.

Conversion Optimization Strategies To Boost Performance

Here are some of the best things that you can always do to improve your website’s conversion rate and performance.

Split Testing

Split testing is a strategy that has been around for a very long time and has shown dramatic success to whoever uses it. The process of split testing simply involves the use of two or more versions of landing page and ads. This is intended to help come up with a more actionable approach that gets more results. One should pick the one that gives them the best results that they need.

Implementing split testing on a website isn’t really that hard and although it needs some expertise and follow up. It may not be very easy for beginners as it involves a lot of setting up and testing stuff. Mastering the marketing approach however, doesn’t take a lot of time and is really worth it. The other reason why you need to consider split testing as a way of boosting your site’s conversion is because there are plenty of split testing tools available to be used. One can easily implement and keep track of their site’s performance and the different ads which makes it easy to make actionable decisions.

Optimize The Content

As they always say, content is King, and that is something that will remain that way for ages to come. The quality of the content is very important since it is the words that will bring in the results in terms of leads and sales. That said, you need to make sure that the content used on the website is of the best possible quality. It has to be convective and ensures that the reader gets all the information and details that they need. Even if you cannot create the content, you should make sure that the article is written by a copywriter or a professional who knows what it takes to craft connective articles that will bring a change to the website.

Besides just optimizing the content for the readers, you also should make sure that it is well created for the search engines. This will ensure that you are getting good quality content from the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO can take some time to optimize and make it work and can be a good source of traffic if well used. And although it takes time, it is well worth it. It is therefore crucial to customize and optimize the site to give you the much needed results.

Optimize Content For Social Media

Generating web traffic to your website could be much easier if your content was easy to share on the social media traffic. With the plain fact that there are thousands of visitors in the social media, it’s a field worth focusing on. But you need to give your content the magic touch to go viral. How does one make share-able content? Among some of the best ways that one can easily optimize and get more from their social media traffic includes;

Focusing on viral content – Viral content is what the social media feeds on. People love interesting things and this ensures that it is shared more often which sends it to go into a ripple effect that leads to more web traffic to your website.
Solve problems – You need to write content that solves a people’s daily problems. When people come to the internet, they are mostly looking to solve problems and have something that they are curious about. Whether it is a student looking for answers, a buyer looking to shop, you need to provide the necessary information to do this. Also adding a little humor in the article won’t hurt, but instead help to make it even better to the readers.

Use the right share triggers – Sharing triggers which is mostly in the form of buttons and other triggers on the website. That said, you should always invest and install the necessary scripts and plugins to have them running on your website. Asking people to share if they liked reading your article is also another option that you can always consider.

The above are just a few proven ways to optimize your content and increase the chances of it being shared. You should try one at a time and see how it works for you.

Optimize Your Advertisements

getting better traffic

Are you optimizing and getting the best out of your advertisements? If not, then you aren’t getting the best ROI (Return On Investment). Advertisements has been one of the leading ways that websites generate traffic. From big blue chip corporations, E-commerce sites to small blogs, traffic is paramount. There are hundreds of advertisement platforms that one can always use on their website. And regardless of which one you use, you have to make sure that it is giving you a good return on your investment. Different platforms will also have different optimization options which means that you have to do what it takes to achieve that. Experts always advise that one start with little budgets and test their advertisements in smaller bits to ensure that they do not overspend on something that will not give them the results that they expect.

That said, you need to make sure that you have optimized the advertisements to get the best results. Advertising is one of the trickiest parts of internet marketing and considering that you are spending money, you could find yourself in trouble. It is simply something that you can’t gamble on.

Final Verdict

Web traffic is very important to any online website. However, that is only half the battle. For you to get the best out of the traffic, you need to make it work by optimizing it for better conversions. The conversion optimization strategies outlined above are some of the best that have shown impressive results from thousands of marketers over the years. If it is well done, they are sure to work for you and get you solid results. Although some of these strategies require time and skills, the good thing is that they pay off and are worth the time and investment.

But if you are also willing to use a surefire hands-free approach and get the same high quality traffic, you may want to check out our high quality web traffic. You don’t need to have any special skills to use this traffic and your website will start getting tons of high quality web traffic almost immediately. It is the traffic that you can always love to have on your site because it gives you high quality leans and conversions. So, you do not have to go through the customization stuff yourself.

5 Ways To Build A High Authority Website And Increase Organic Traffic

Are you ready to learn how to increase your organic website traffic while at the same time building a high authority website?

Like content, backlinks is also a high ranking factor to get to the top of the search engines and it is always important to know how to get them. There are many ways to get links to your site but the big question is, does Google algorithm and other search engines approve the approach?

Marketers have turned to spammy options to get rankings fast, but the truth of the matter is that they don’t hang around long enough. In this post, you will learn how to build an authority site that gets organic traffic without much fuss. Let’s get the ball rolling;

Don’t Forget The Content

Content is the skeleton of your backlinking strategy and the first thing that needs to be checked. Content acts as bait to build links and no matter how you plan to get links to increase your website visibility, this is something you should never ignore.

As long as you are going to sell or market stuff online, you need to ensure that your words spur your audiences. Whether you are purring up a sales page or just writing an informative blog post, you need to make sure that it adds value to them and is on point. You should also focus on creating lengthy masterpieces which cover the subject comprehensively. Such lengthy content have been proven to get a lot of attention and they are also loved by search engines.

Buddy Up with Niche Leaders And Offer Them Content

Healthy backlinking demands that one does it naturally and that is what Google and other search engines love. One of the best and little known se crets that SEO experts use is reaching out to fellow industry influencers. This is something that has been proven to work for a long time and the good thing with it is that it’s easy to do and anyone regardless of their time in the industry can do it.

You already know some of the industry experts in your niche. Go ahead and reach out to them and offer them content. This could be either an offer to blog post on their website, a detailed infographic or a video that you would like to share with their audience. Again, make sure that your content is your best and addresses a problem in your niche. This will guarantee you better response from these influences.

Use Round-Up Posts and Questions & Answers In Your Posts

You must have come across those blog posts which have a list of posts such as “Top 10 blog posts for the month”. Such blog posts which are usually a collection from your niche are called round up posts. Everybody loves to read the best content and summarizing it in one post will get the attention of many readers. It will also receive a lot of social media sharing which not only gets you increased traffic but also helps you build your brand.

“Question and Answer” posts are also some of the things that you will want to put in effort. Make a collection of some of the most crucial questions and discuss them in a blog post. You will be creating a helpful resource which will get the attention of many people. Doing this regularly every month and your website will get the attention of many reads and influencers.

Become A Publicist And Get Interviewed By A Top Blogger

Getting noticed can’t get easier than getting interviewed by one of the most influential blogger in your niche. It may sound a bit complicated for anyone who is getting started but surprisingly, there are hundreds of such opportunities to exploit in every niche. So how does one go about getting an interview?

If you are serious about getting high quality backlinks from top authority sites then you should focus on using tools such as HARO (Help A Reporter Out) which many marketers are using. HARO is a tool which links bloggers and writers across the globe. When you have an account as a publisher, you will need to set up notifications to get informed about bloggers who are looking for content.
Go ahead and create your publisher account and start reaching out to authority blog owners on HARO.

Whether your website is still new or you have been blogging under the shadows, this is a surefire way to get your brand known and get lots of high quality traffic to your website.

Make A Free Resource On Your Website For Your Niche

Resource pages are slowly becoming known among marketers in almost every niche. However, despite being a simple page that can be crafted in less than an hour, there are people who are not taking advantage of them. It captures the attention of everyone who comes across it and they also get viral share-ability.

If you don’t have a resource page and just wondering what to put there, here are some ideas that you can easily implement.

• A list of “Must Read Ebooks” in you niche
• Your Favorite Tools Of Trade
• Top Websites For Everyone In You Niche
• Your Quality Gust Posts On Top Authority sites

There is no limit to whatever you can put in your resource page and it’s all up to you. You will get lots of backlinks to your page using this approach and the more informative and resourceful that pages it, the more attention it gets.

Final Word:

It doesn’t matter whether you are a rookie or a guru in your niche; these strategies have stood the test of time and will continue to yield results. The only thing that you need to do is take action and get ready to reap the results.

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Why You Get Good Website Traffic Without Sales

Everyone who has been in the online marketing game must at some point come across that moment when they have lots of website traffic but can’t make a dime from it. Although most of us are meant to believe that once traffic is flowing, sales will then start showing, this might not be the case for many websites.

One is usually required to take the next step which is conversion ratio optimization. Conversion ration optimization (CRO) involves actions done on your website to ensure that it maximizes the traffic potential to achieve sales. Below are some of the things that one can do to optimize their web traffic and get more sales.

Utilize Heatmaps And Click Monitoring

This could be something that is new to newbies but it has been tested over and over that it works. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know the behavior of your website visitors and keep an eye on what they are focusing on when they visit your website? It is definitely something that many website owners would like. The good news is that you can do that, thanks to a number of scripts and online tools that takes visitor tracking to the next level.

Heatmaps will let you see where visitors concentrate and where they decide to quit viewing the page. You can also see where they are clicking most. This enables you to know where you need to make corrections and tweaks to get better results.

Ensure That The Content Is Of The Best Quality

How quality and catchy is the content on your website? For audiences to buy or take an action from you, the content needs to be top notch and convincing enough to make them buy from you. You need to make every single word count in your sales copy or landing page where your visitors will be visiting.

If the copy doesn’t bring enough conviction then the audiences will not make the decision that you intend them to. Sometimes hiring a copywriter to improve the wording on your landing page is a good way to ensure better conversion on your offers.

Try A-B split Testing

Something else worth giving a shot is doing A/B split testing. This is basically testing out different versions of the landing page or a lead form. It might be a bit complicated for beginners but it is a process worth learning and using.

The first step of split testing is to draft down the different pages that you are going to use. Make sure they are different but every feature is intact and fully functional. When you have made the design of the pages, the next step is to do the actual testing. You should use one landing page for a certain period of time (say 3 weeks), then after that you switch to the next landing page. You should do these keeping records and statistics of the performance of each landing page. Alternatively you can measure this by sending traffic of the same volume to each page.

It is a process that could take time depending on the number of pages that you are going to test. The results are however revealing and will help you decide on a high converting landing page.

If you find it a bit stress to come up with different versions of a single landing page, you can find lots of them out there on sale which you can use in your tests. You should however make sure that they fit perfectly on your niche.

Ensure That Your Page Loads Faster

Have you ever visited a website and before it loads you are already tired and just can’t stand waiting any longer? This is a problem that many website owners suffer and it is a factor that leads to loss of business. Gone are the ages if first generation computers where a person would wait for a page to load for 4 minutes so that they can read the content.

Nobody is willing to spend more than a few seconds waiting for a page to load and as such, you need to make sure that your website is hosted under speedy servers and gets enough resources. Checking the website bandwidth and transfer speed is something that must be done. Some of the most helpful tools that you can use includes Pingdom Speed test tool. You can also consider using the cache technology and lazy load to ensure that the page speed is optimized to its best.

Ensure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Since everyone browsing the net has at least an alternative smart device that they can use to access the internet wherever they are at any time, it is time you considered this fact keenly. There are still websites that aren’t optimized and build to load properly on mobile phones and other smart devices. Accessing these websites using devices could cause some errors and poor navigation. This makes customers confused and undecided on what to do making them leave the site without buying from you.

So how do you make your website responsive? You need to have some coding skills to make the necessary tweaks. If you cannot handle this by yourself, then you should give much thought to hiring a freelance coder to handle the job. Doing this will enable everyone accessing your website using different devices to easily navigate the site without issues and complications.


If you thought that driving traffic to a website is all you needed, then you are wrong. Making sales and getting conversion requires one to do more. Although the strategies described above are on a higher level, they have stood the test of time and proven to be invaluable strategies.

If you are still struggling with traffic and need some high quality visitors to your website, then we highly recommend that you check out our traffic packages. We use the same traffic on thousands of clients sites across the web. As if that wasn’t enough, we can help you out by giving you advice on how to optimize your page to get the best out of that traffic.

Tips & Tricks To Get High Converting Blog Traffic

Traffic is paramount to every website on the internet. Even if you are in it for the fun, you need people to read what you are writing about. Otherwise, you will just be writing for nobody and your voice will only be left to the web bots to read. Often at at times, we find ourselves wasting time with traffic strategies that do not work. Or get some traffic that won’t be helpful to any website. So, how does one get through this and how can one get high converting traffic to their blog? In this guide, we will cover some of the most crucial tips and tricks that professional bloggers are using to generate recurring traffic without having to lift a finger.

The good thing with these tips and tricks is that they are easy to execute and anyone regardless of their prior marketing experience can easily get started with them. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get more traffic to your blog and get tons of sales in the process.

Getting Established & Better Branding

The first step to conquer every niche is to always establish yourself as the expert that you are. Once you have established yourself, you will get the attention of many people in the niche. Getting the attention of many people through banding isn’t an overnight approach to marketing, but a long term one that will take sometime before one starts to see some results. So how does one get established on their niche? 

There are a number ways that one can brand themselves, but the fits one that one should consider is to use the power of social media. Many people always start their online journey with social media. This not only gives people a chance to generate tons of traffic but to also build relationships with other bloggers and interact while gaining their trust. Regardless of whether you are getting started or have an established online presence, social media remains a crucial pat of growth of any website. 

You may also want to consider advertising your blog to reach out to more prospects. When advertising, you need to look for high quality traffic providers out there since not every web traffic provider will deliver the much needed quality. Some of the web traffic sources to consider includes Google Adwords PPC, Social media advertisements or you could opt for our very own high quality traffic packages

Squeeze Traffic To The Email List

Email marketing has been around for many decades and it is as old as the internet is if you ask many professionals. It is also considered one of the most effective and dependable blog traffic generation strategy that one can use. If well executed email marketing is a great traffic magnet that one can use over and over as their website grows. If you visit any professional blog that has been established, you will not fail to come across an email subscription box if at all you will get past a pop up triggering users to subscribe to an email list. There are a number of things that you need to know when you are getting started with email marketing, among them being the fact that you need to have a product to use to hook people into the email list. Usually an e-book or a guide does the work for most bloggers. When you have a unique product, you can always give it away to people who get into the email list and doing this over and over helps to build your email list over time.

One of the best advantages of having a larger email list is that you will get more sales whenever you send out newsletters with links to products on offer. To get the best, you also need to craft the bets sales pitch and even if you have to hire an expert in that field, it is a well worthy approach that will give you returns based on the number of people you have in your email list. With this in mind, it is always important to set up an email marketing system in place to keep building your email list for long term strategies. One can run a sustainable email marketing strategy without ever having to deal with any other kind of traffic again. 

Go Viral

Among some of the best ways that people can use to boost their blog traffic is to employ viral sharing techniques. Viral techniques are simply those strategies that will help give the content a ripple effect where it is shared over and over through social media and other platforms. Basically, a user creates content, which in this case should be a blog post and shares it. After sharing it with users, the users who find it interesting shares them more with other people making the post go viral and spread over many other people. The first step is to pick a trendy topic that is sure to attract a lot of traffic. With a number of tools such as Google trends at your disposal, this is a step that one can get through easily. When you pick a dull topic then you may have problems creating content that people will love, simply because it is a boring topic and there aren’t much to talk about. 

The trick with viral traffic is to create high quality and interesting content that captures the eye. From the heading to the last word on the content, everything should be crispy and interesting to avoid losing the reader. The traffic that one can get depends with the impact that is brought by the viral content. There sky is the limit and anyone can achieve as much as they wish to. The more viral content you create, the more the traffic you can drive to your blog. 

Automate Recurring Tasks

increase traffic to blog

Automation is the new super-tool in today’s marketing and you can always do most of the recurring tasks such as sharing content on social media among other things which are pretty easy to do yet can be time consuming when done manually. If you ask any expert internet marketer on what they think about automation, they will all tell you that they use it in one way or they other. It has become a ritual to always post updates on social media because if you don’t, you could soon get irrelevant to the users and start losing them in the process. 

So, how does one get started with automation and what are some of the automation tools that one can find? Most of the automation tools in the internet marketing world are intended to help users complete tasks fast without actually been there. Among some of the tools that are common includes the likes of Hootsuite which is a highly effective when it comes to automating most social media tasks such as posting on Facebook, updating tweets among other things. some of the other tools that you will come across in the market are those that helps you to determine the kind of content that users want as well as give you some topical ideas. There are almost any kind of tool that one would think of. 

Interact & Use Influencers

Another great approach to marketing your blog and generating more web traffic is by using the power of influencers. Many top brands are focusing and majoring into the influencer world ans changing their traffic and site performance through this approach. Basically, influencer marketing is all about using the power of influential people and experts in a particular niche to help you spread the word out about your brand or product. Using influencer marketing has a direct effect and guarantees incredible performance and traffic to a blog or website. 

To get started with influencer marketing, you should  firs seek to get the bets sites in you niche. The influencers should be within your niche to ensure that you are getting only highly targeted traffic which will bring a positive impact on your website. Once you have established the kind of influencers that you would like to get involved with, you need to reach out to them and pitch them to help you spread out the word. This kind of advertising is very effective since it is highly targeted and you only get to market yourself in front of people who already trust the influencer. It is so powerful that big brands are also tapping into the gems that it comes with. One of the best things with this kind of traffic is that it doesn’t matter how old your site is. You can start a website today and have it full of traffic the next day which is an amazing thing since most of the other traffic strategies that you will come across will always depend on the age and authority of a website.

Important Tips Help You Get Better Conversions On Your Blog

traffic tips

Work on building relationships – Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to winning the online game is to build a relationship with your users and fellow bloggers. Although you may have the option to hard-sell products, it isn’t always the wise move to make and would be better off working to build user’s trust. 

Know Your competition – Making it big online also means know your competitors and understanding the strategies that they are using. Without this, you will not get the desired results especially if they know more about your site. 

Do research & keep testing – The internet marketing game keeps changing and to get the right kind of traffic, you need to also keep up with the changes. Keep testing new strategies and implementing approaches to get better results. 

Final Word:

If you are killing yourself trying to make the best out of every blog post and wondering how to get more people to read it, then the strategies shared above will help you achieve your goals. They are not only effective and time proven but they are also easy to execute making it perfect for both beginners and pro internet marketers. 

If you are looking for a high quality web traffic source, then you may want to consider checking out some of our high quality web packages. Our web traffic packages have been proven to work and are regularly used by many sites across multiple niches. You can therefore use it with confidence knowing that you are getting reliable and high quality traffic.

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