Top Ten Tips on How to Increase Page Views Per Visit

Attracting targeted traffic to a website can be a daunting task. It is even more challenging compelling your readers to stay on your website and peruse through other pages. But why is it that internet users spend hours on certain websites but barely peruse through others? Here are ways to increase page views on your website.
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Well, it all boils down to your site’s ability to pique visitors’ interest. In fact, websites that are well structured, interactive and easy to read are more likely to compel readers to linger on the site for longer. This translates to increased page views, higher ranking on search engine results pages and even attracting advertisers. That’s why it’s essential to develop a solid plan that guarantees increased page views per visit. But how exactly do you attain this feat? Here are six great tips on how to increase page views per visit.

1. Optimize your site’s content.
The number of page views that your site registers are entirely dependent on how your site’s pages are formatted. This entails inclusion of the right keywords that have the potential of generating traffic. Conversely, formatting of the title tags, and headers is also paramount. Landing pages should have long tail keywords to increase their chances of being located through organic searches.

2. Interlink your site’s content.
If your website specializes in a given niche, there’s every chance that multiple posts will have related content. Linking such posts makes it easy for your visitors bridge over to the linked posts. Inter linking is especially important for show casing older post on your website and blog as it minimizes the bounce rate.

3. Only include relevant, engaging and detailed content.
Including only the most relevant, engaging and detailed content in your website is just as critical as it is to market the site. Unless the content of your website resonate well with users needs, your chances of generating many page views are minimal. For this reason, you should make certain that posts and articles are of the ideal length, easy to read through and encourages users to post discussion threads.

4. Add a sitemap.
Online readers are 50 percent less patient in comparison to print leaders. They are less likely to peruse through your bulky website searching for a specific information. That’s why you need to add a sitemap to guide your visitors. Basically, a sitemap acts as the index of your website. They increase your site’s usability and visibility online.

5. Include a search box in your site’s pages.
Including a search box in your entire site makes it convenient for readers to search for particular topics that may be interested in. Search boxes noticeably increase page views as users can navigate to specific topics of interest conveniently.

6. Work on your website’s load time.
increase page viewsHow fast your site’s pages load determines how long visitors stay on your website. No matter how useful the content of your website is, readers will abandon it if it’s slow in loading. In fact, Google factors in a website’s load time when determining its rank on search pages. That’s why you should ensure your site’s load time is significantly low so as to improve your users experience and resultant page views.

7. List related posts at the end of each blog post.
Older posts are just as important as the new ones. As such, it’s vital to list down such posts at the end of each blog so as to draw your readers attention to them. While some website development platforms such as WordPress do list older posts automatically, it’s up to you to do it manually if your site’s platform doesn’t.

8. Include a freebie page.
Do you have several eBooks you can offer to your readers for free? If so, you can increase page views by rewarding any visitors who signs up for such free resources. The seemingly simple process of a customer signing up for an email has a great impact your site’s page views.

9. Create FAQ page.
This a most resourceful strategy to attract more page views. People like freebies and, as such, will spend significant time perusing through an effective resource center such as frequently asked questions page. Strive to include downloadable materials in this section to prompt them to take an action.

10. Use excerpts on your home page.
Excerpts act as link baits to the underlying content. By including excerpts in the landing page, you raise the probability of your visitors clicking on the excerpts in a bid to read the contents therein.

Page views are the life blood of any website. It is utmost vital then to ensure that your website increase page views so as to increase its visibility and authority online. The tips above will prove valuable in your efforts to make your site successful and get more traffic.

How To Get High Quality Social Media traffic Instantly

How much traffic are you getting from social media sites? If you are looking for ways on how to boost your website traffic then social media is definitely one that you need to consider. Many websites including big corporations and news publisher sites use social media to get traffic every single day. But how do they do it? What different approach are they using that other makers are not using? In this guide we will go through some actionable social media traffic strategies that you can easily implement and have the site generate tons of high quality traffic without any hassles. They are also easy to get started, so any beginner can get started with them easily.

Use The Right Social Media Triggers

There are many ways that you can engage your visitors and make them be a part of your website growth. Even if a visitor isn’t buying a service from you, they can lead to your success in one way or the other. How you set social media triggers on your site will make a difference and can boost the rate at which social media sites sends in traffic to your website. Social media triggers start from how you optimize and place sharing buttons on your website. They should be placed in a way that will entice the audience to click and share content easily. This means placement location is important and you need to put much consideration and testing to see which location is best to do this. The type of button also matters and you need to test how different social sharing buttons work. Also asking the visitors to share the content could increase the visibility of your content easily.

Trade Social Media Reactions For Content

Locking content with social media is yet another thing that internet marketers have adopted and used to increase their social media traffic easily. In the past, people used to lock content for email opt-ins but there is even better results and opt-in rate with the use of social media lockers. So how does the social media lockers work? There are a number of plugins and applications that you can access online which will help you create these social media lockers. When you lock content, it doesn’t get revealed to the reader until they either share it or follow you though social media. This is a way to boost your social media following and content visibility, and you will see lots of reaction and traffic coming to your site depending on the demand of the content that you are locking. If it is a rare type of content such as market research, or a study that is relevant in your niche, then people will do anything to access it and sharing it or following you on social media is something that is easy for you to do.

You can try different twists on this marketing strategy and you can come up with tons of ways to woo people into sharing and following your site on social media which also means that you will have long term traffic.

Host Contests & Competitions

Social media contests are on the rise and becoming common than ever before. This is because many webmasters are realizing that there is a lot of social media traffic to harness from the effortless marketing. Imagine thousands of people competing for a single product that is highly demanded and only one of them will get it. Wouldn’t that create a buzz? Of course it will, and this is the idea of creating these competitions. So how does social media contests and competitions work? The idea is to create competitions that will get shared by more and more people and in return you award the person sharing the most. This way, you will be using the help of your audience to create tons of traffic from the viral effect.

And creating these contests isn’t as hard as most people might think. It just takes a few minutes to set up an online contest, thanks to many applications that makes work easier. Some applications such as rafflecopter which are embedded on social media platforms like Facebook makes the process of creating contests much easier.

Use Influencer Marketing

social media trafficIf you are not using influencer marketing then you are missing a lot. Among the best internet marketing strategies that are gaining traction is influencer marketing which is used by both small businesses and also big sites. Influencers are all over in every niche and they are a very effective marketing medium if you reach the right ones to help you share your content with their followers. If you still don’t know what is influencer marketing or how it works then it is simply a process of reaching out to industry leaders asking them to help you share content or product with their followers. Since these influential people have a huge follower base, your content or product will be put in front of thousands of people who could end up being potential buyers and leads. One of the most important thing to keep in mind with influencer marketing is to make sure that you are reaching out to people on your niche and those who have lots of followers.

Final Word:

Social media remains one of the bets sources of high quality traffic, but that can only happen when you know what you are doing. Picking the right strategy and implementing it is usually the big challenge that most people have a problem with. With the strategies outlined above, you can easily implement and start getting tons of traffic instantly, depending on your efforts. Any beginner can also implement them since they are easy and require no prior experience.

If you are looking for a high quality traffic source and don’t want to spend a lot, then you should check out our web traffic packages that are sourced from a number of sources. We have been helping hundreds of businesses get started and grow online and we can help you too get this traffic.

5 Strategies To Boost Your Niche Site Traffic

Creating and running marketing using niche sites is something that has been growing for a while and can really help you create a business of your own. Many people have made it a full time business to manage and make money from niche sites. However, to get the ball rolling and results coming through, one needs to get solid traffic that brings in sales. Most beginners do not know how to get started and send high quality traffic to their sites. In this write-up, we have listed some of the best ways to get niche traffic to your website and get good sales. Here they are;

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Among the most effective web traffic generation methods is the search engines. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are good sources of traffic in which most niche site owners use to get tons of sales. Getting traffic from the search engines is free and only needs you to rank for the right keywords.

The first step of search engine optimization s to find the right keywords that are worth ranking for. For beginners, it is advisable to go for low competitive keywords which are easy to rank for.  Next, you need to create good quality content that are optimized towards the keyword. Lastly, you need to do off-page optimization, which mainly involves backlink acquisition. SEO is regarded as one of the best for being highly targeted since the people searching know exactly what they are looking for.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of online marketing that uses social media sites to drive traffic to websites and blogs. There are lots of social media sites these days and with millions upon millions of users every single day who are active on social media, there is a huge potential to make a lot by taking advantage of this.

Social media is good for every niche because different people have different needs and hobbies. Different social media platforms work differently and could also need one to study and come up with a marketing strategy for each. You should however consider to focus on the top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram where there are lots of users.

Question/Answer Sites & Groups

niche site trafficDid you know that you can get tons of traffic by just using question/answer sites as well as groups? These are among the most visited sites on the web simply because they help solve daily issues that people go through. A good example of such a site is Quora. So, how does one get traffic from these sites? One thing that webmasters need to know when seeking traffic from these sites is to build a relationship first. This will let people know more about you as you establish yourself as a professional in your niche. With this, people will trust you and will also buy a recommendation from your site and this is where you make money.

Like forums, the use of question/answer sites and groups have proven to be a good source of traffic for niche site owners. One thing that you have to sacrifice with this strategy is time. You will need  a lot of time to answer more questions and interact with people on groups.

Paid Traffic

Are you paying for traffic to your website? If not, then you have been missing a lot. Paid traffic is yet another approach that many expert marketers are using to make sales on their niche sites. Most beginner markets could ask themselves why they should pay for traffic when they could get it for free. The difference is that with paid traffic, it is more of a hands-on approach where you get lots of traffic which you cannot get with free strategies.

One thing that one needs to understand with paid traffic is that some sources work better for some sites while some don’t. This calls for split testing where you need to test the right traffic that works for your site. Paid traffic is at a more advanced level and could need you to do some research and basic marketing skills to understand the tricks and terms used.

Influencer Marketing and Social Shoutouts

Another form of marketing which is still new but rocking the web is influence marketing. With influencer marketing and social media shoutouts, you have to reach out to top influential people in your niche and ask them to support you by sharing your content either through their social media or their website. For shoutouts, they are shared on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Some may charge for that while others will do it for free. Whichever the case, this is a significant way of getting high quality traffic that gets you good results. This is because the influencers are already known by their audience and with that trust, you can expect some good sales.

You just have to make sure that you stick to your niche and work with influencers who have more followers to get more exposure. You can do this as many times as you can to get more shares and exposure.

Final Word:

Whether you have an Amazon, Clickbank or a Google adsense niche site, you need traffic to get sales. With the strategies outlined above one can easily get tons of traffic to their niche website and make more money doing it. some of them like SEO could need one to have a good understanding of marketing but taking time to learn them is worth it as it is beneficial in the long term.

You can also check out our dedicated traffic packages that works perfect for niche sites. We’ve helped many niche site owners get tons of sales and you can reap the benefits too. Getting started on our platform is also easy and all you need is to sign up, pick the appropriate package and set the niche and keywords and start seeing traffic flow to your site.

7 Paid Traffic Sources You Should Use In 2017

Want to set up ad campaigns swiftly and get high ROI (Return On Investment)? To get results for your web you will need to acquire high quality traffic from high end sources. There is no question that paid search traffic has been one of the best methods to get results fast. Unlike the free traffic sources such as Search Engine Optimization which could take a lot of time to yield results, paid traffic can give you instant sales and leads.

However, not all of the paid traffic sources will give you the expected results. With 80% of web traffic vendors online being spammy and serving low quality traffic, it’s not worth the investment. In this post, we have covered some for the best methods that guarantees you a good bid for your money in 2017 and beyond.

Google Adwords

With a market search domination of 75.5%, Google stands tall among all other search engines. With billions in monthly searches from any niche, marketers can take advantage and set up advertisements easily through Google’s Adwords program.

The platform is easy to use and doesn’t require much skill to get started with setting up ad campaigns. They also have a variety of tools inside the program which will help an advertiser to know the volume of searches and also how competitive a keyword is. The mode of traffic serving is on a per click basis. You are then to bid for a keyword which Google always provides a recommended bid.

The only downside with Google Adwords is that the program is a flooded with advertisers and to make your way through, you would need to have mastered some of the completion analysis techniques.

Bing Ads

Bing is also a top search engine and although it isn’t as popular as Google, it ranks second and also enjoys a huge search serving across the globe. Traffic bidding is done through a PPC (Pay Per Click) module just like with Google Adwords. Although Bing has a lower amount of traffic as compared to Google, they also have fewer competitors. This has made bidding through Bing Ads less costly as compared to Google and a good place to start for some medium level marketers.

Also a downside is that amateur marketers may find it hard to get started with bidding and may require one to master some bidding skills. If you have more to spare and targeting high volume keywords, you can hire an expert to help you manage your bidding. It might be costly, but it will eventually pay off depending on the target yield.

Yahoo Gemini

Gemini is Yahoo’s advertising network which it uses to reach out over a billion of its users. Yahoo resembles Bing in many ways including their advertisement serving. Yahoo has however gone further to serve their advertisements through publisher websites which opens up a wider avenue to many marketers.With a clean and easy to use interface, setting up ad campaigns is a walk in the park.

Although Bing offers cheap bidding, Yahoo also seems to have gone a mile ahead and their bidding is even lower to Bing. Although this has attracted many marketers and made competition a bit stiffer recently, it still is a good opportunity for those marketers who know a bit of PPC bidding.


Yandex is a search engine headquartered in Russia where it has a huge following. It however doesn’t matter whether you speak Russian or not. There is an English version of the search engine and it is slowly getting popular across other countries as well.

If you are planning on targeting Russian market largely, this is the best ad networks that you should be looking at. Its platform is also user friendly and has everything you need to target visitors. It is also not very flooded with advertisers and their bidding is fairly low. The only downside with Yandex is that it is not popular in many countries and limits you if you are trying to reach some places across the globe. Still it is a search engine worth giving a try.

7 Search

This is yet another search engine that serves audiences across the globe. Although its audiences aren’t as much as Google, Yahoo and Bing, it has a sizable amount of traffic which also comes with lower competition. Like the other search engines the mode of advertisement is pay per click although advertisers will enjoy a much lower bidding rate since there are fewer competitors.

Setting up campaigns on 7 Search is easy and doesn’t demand a lot of experience to get started. The use of tools and features of the platform is also easy.

And Web Traffic

And Web Traffic has grown over the years and today w rank among the best web traffic providers online. This is simply because we serve high quality traffic that converts.

We consider ourselves to be one of the best web traffic providers across the globe. With a team of highly skilled professionals and an arsenal of sophisticated tools that helps us to serve over 1,000 regular marketers with millions of traffic every month, we are clearly a top vendor.

Given the high quality and laser targeted traffic that we offer through our network, many marketers consider us to be among the best online traffic providers.


If you are a serious advertise that needs results, then you must ensure that you are getting good results from your investment. Used well, the above traffic strategies are the best that you can come across online.

If you feel a little confused and don’t know how to set up your ad campaigns then And Web Traffic is your best bet because we not only give you the traffic platform to use, but instead we help you set up your campaigns and make sure that you will get the best out of them. So regardless of whether you are an amateur or an expert who is seriously looking for a traffic vendor who understands the art of traffic acquisition, we are your best bet. Hop in and take advantage of our low rates today.

How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

To make money in affiliate marketing, all you need is a huge traffic that you can easily convert into sales later on. What about those without websites or blogs; where should they add affiliate links to boost their income?

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Well, for those still learning web designing or are simply not interested in building their own websites, there’re a number of ways to get your affiliate links posted right in front of your target audience and make money easily.

With that in mind, here are some of the never-failing methods to try out:

Post the links on forums and blogs

For novice marketers, the best way to get your feet wet in affiliate marketing is to start using your own signature to post the links on forums and blogs. But remember, you are only supposed to post the links in forums and blogs where the respective viewers are somehow interested in the products you promote. Otherwise you risk being banned from some of the forums or get some of the links deleted if you continue spamming them with unnecessary posts and links.

Create a viral product

If you can come up with a viral product online, then you’re only a step away from making a pretty penny in affiliate marketing. This can include a short e-book or a short guest article that talks about a particular subject, with affiliate links injected at strategic points to direct viewers to corresponding websites.

Create a YouTube channelabstract-1233873_640

YouTube is another possible alternative for marketers that want to take advantage of the over one billion unique visitors, recorded monthly on this video hosting website. As a matter of fact, all you need is a webcam and some quirky ideas—all laced with consistency—and you’re set to earn a tremendous amount from affiliate marketing.

But before you get your adrenaline all rushed up on this idea, here are some quick rules to abide by while creating a YouTube series:

Create valuable content for your viewers

If the videos you post on YouTube have no value for viewers, you not only risk being reported as SPAM, but losing potential customers as well. Because of that, it’s always best to come up with something worthwhile to grab the attention of online customers and, at the same time, manage to win their trust.

Don’t mislead your viewers

The video you post must have a direct connection with the affiliate link you want your viewers to check. Otherwise, you risk violating YouTube policies and, at this point, this is something you should be trying your level best to avoid.

Write reviews and ads for classified websites

Many people flock to classified websites, such as craigslist, to search for old car, furniture or any other product they need. If you can, consider writing reviews and ads for affiliate products, and then post them on such websites for the interested audience to see. This way you could make money than ever before.

Tips on How to Make Money with Commission Junction

Commission junction is the most popular online affiliate program for publishers and advertisers. To participate and make money with commission junction, you post advertisers’ links on your blog or website. If someone clicks on the advertisers’ links and purchases a good or service, you earn a percentage of the sale value.

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You also earn a commission for attracting sales leads if they click on the link and fill out the forms. If they revisit the website and fill out the forms or buy something, you are still entitled to a certain commission since the cookies stay on the computer. As such, this article educates on how to make money with commission junction. Read on.

Create a Website or Blog

In case you have no website or blog of your own, it is easy to create one. To do so, you can purchase a domain and a web host for your website or blog. For instance, Hostgator and GoDaddy are some of the hosts offering reasonable prices. This is the first step—getting a website or blog up and running.

Create Account

Once you have your website or blog created, move to sign up on the Commission Junction website. Creating a CJ account is not an arduous process. You just need to follow the steps offered and you will be good to go.

Browse the Advertiserscj

Once you get signed up, sleuth through the various advertisers who are out to market goods and services from different manufacturers and companies. Commission junction has more than 1,000 companies from which you can choose. Be careful to browse by categories which relate to your website’s or your blog’s audience. Click on the category you find relevant in order to have a view of the advertiser list. To get refined details about a specific program, select the advertiser that attracts you.

Select Relevant Advertiser

Shop for the advertisers who sell a product or service that is pertinent to your website or blog, as so you better your chance to earn money. Moreover, if you are interested in a certain advertiser, click the “join program” icon, but be careful to read the terms and conditions before you agree. If you are approved for the program(s), the link is added to your link relationship list, a list of all the advertisers who approved you. You thus can post their links on your blog or website.

Source for Links

To get the links for the advertisers who approved you, you should click on the “Get links” tab on the Commission Junction’s home page. If you want to post a link from advertisers that are inactive or haven’t yet approved you, you don’t get commission on the sales made or the sales leads. Thus, to maximize your earnings, stick to posting links for the companies that have approved you to do so.

Choose a Link or Banner

If you click on “View links” button, a list displaying all the links that you can choose to post on your blog or site pops up. Click on the link you are interested in, and thus you are free to copy JAVA or HTML for the link and paste it on your blog or website.


Click “Publish” and the link will appear on your website. Now you are good to go. Your site is monetized by CJ (Commission Junction). Every time viewers of your blog or website click on the link and fill out forms or buy goods or services, you get commission—you make money with Commission Junction. Publish as many links as you can. Don’t forget to check out our amazing traffic packages for your CJ campaigns.

Amazon Affiliate Traffic – How To Easily Drive Traffic To Amazon Affiliate Site

Do you have an amazon affiliate website and can’t get enough traffic and conversion from your product reviews? Amazon has become one of the best ways that one can get passive income online, thanks to the fact that it is served by one of the most trusted brands which hosts almost every product. Be it mattresses, toys or scooters that you are an expert in, Amazon gives you a chance to make bank with your experience by reviewing the product of your choice on your website. However, after reviewing, the next big challenge is to get traffic to that site. It doesn’t however have to be that hard. In this post, we will go through some of the best and easiest ways that you can follow to drive massive amount of targeted traffic to your amazon affiliate site. Here they are;

Focus On Profitable And High Volume Keywords

Search engines have been among the best ways to get high quality traffic to any website regardless of the niche that it is on. Be it a gambling casino site or an affiliate site, SEO has in the past shown that it is one of the best ways that one can rely on for traffic. However, to get the best out of the search engines, you have to have the right keywords that people are seating for. You cannot just presume that people will be searching for certain keywords but you have to dig deep and use some of the keyword research tools to determine whether the keywords are worth targeting.

You should keep in mind that there are those keywords that are buyer intended and those that have high number of searches. These are the keywords that you should be targeting because they have higher potential of bringing in good income. To do this, you need to line up keyword research tools that will help you do the research.

Make Your Website Load Fast

Speed is something that you cannot argue about when it comes to conversion and every experienced internet marketer knows that.

Assume that you have a website that loads for a minute before a particular page opens, then a customer hops in to shop. Rest assured that before the page loads half of the people visiting your website will have left and opted to use another site instead. On the other side of the line, assume that there is a website that loads speedily and the customer opens the pages in pop-speed. While someone enjoys the experience on the website they also get to shop and navigate with ease without leaving the site due to the frustrations of page load delays. This is the same reason why you need to make sure that your website loads fast and easy to navigate around it.

To speed-up your site, you should first ensure that the host you are working with has allocated the necessary resources and bandwidth enough to make your site load fast.

Test Different Aspects On Your Review Pages

If there is something that many internet marketers have been failing at, is testing. Different pages will vary because there is no measure on how people will react to different wording. As such, it is necessary to test different variations of content and reviews on the site. This is a process called split testing where one uses different versions of a page to see how they vary and determine which one works better than the other so that they can use the best.

The first thing that you’d want to do is to ensure that the content on your site is top notch and has been written to the best standard possible. This is an approach that has been used for many years within the internet marketing world and there is no reason why it should not work for you too. So if you are looking to make the best out of your site and maximize returns, be sure to optimize the page by running split testing and also testing small tweaks such as changing buttons and positioning of the call to actions.

Create Viral Linkable Assets

classifieds trafficSocial media has been one of the best ways to get traffic online, but many Amazon affiliates have never leveraged full potential in these sites. Why? Because they do not create viral linkable assets that gets them traffic and links that will give them good search engine juice for a lengthy period of time. If you have been following recent threads on traffic, you already know that getting links these days has become tougher especially with tougher restrictions that have been imposed by the search engines in an effort to maintain quality. But you really don’t have to worry much if you know how to create content that will go viral.

You need to find unique content that is both informative and exciting to the readers and then present t in a manner that they cannot resist; that is through humor. This is an approach that has been working for many internet marketers. After that, all you need to do is just give it the extra social media kick that it needs to reach the right audience. Depending on how catchy and informative you content s, you can get tons of traffic to your website, not to mention links from many sites.

Final Word

Amazon remains one of the true affiliate marketing opportunities in the web marketing world. Having yourself a well-established site that gets handsome amount of traffic will keep you on a passive payroll and that is exactly what many people are enjoying without having to work their 9 to 5 jobs. However, you need to have quality traffic to get those conversions.

If you need quality traffic for your amazon affiliate site then why not check out our high converting traffic from some of the best web traffic sources. The traffic is also targeted and you can set your targeting prospects once you purchase the traffic from our high end platform. Hop in and check out for yourself today.

Secrets To Increasing Your Sales Instantly By Buying Traffic

Chances are that you may have had a bad experience buying traffic for your website. The good news is that this does not mean that purchasing traffic doesn’t work. Actually it works like magic as long as you know precisely what you are doing. Buying traffic, adult traffic, non-adult traffic and casino traffic can prove to be hugely profitable for any website owner who starts out with clear objectives and the right knowledge.

Buying Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Why buying traffic fails

There are numerous instances where purchasing traffic can fail to work in enabling a webmaster make sales. For instance you may have a highly specialized product and then you make the mistake of purchasing generalized traffic. Or perhaps you excitedly rush to purchase traffic without having clear objectives of what you want to achieve. You will be surprised at how many people just buy traffic blindly and hope for the best.

It is also true that there are cases where some webmasters have purchased traffic working on the assumption that the more traffic they can generate to their websites the higher the sales they will end up making. This is a credible assumption and a few have managed to achieve some decent sales from traffic that is not targeted. However in most cases the sales revenue received has not justified the money that was spent purchasing the traffic. This is hardly the kind of success you would be looking for by reading this article.

Decide what you want to achieve

Assuming that you have had your website for some time you will already have some useful stats. For example you will know on average how many unique visitors on average it takes for you to make a single sale. You should also be able to have a fairly god profile of your hottest lead, the kind of prospect most likely to convert into a paying customer. You will also have a fairly good idea of what age they are. All this information is invaluable in helping you determine what kind of traffic you need to purchase to get the best results. More importantly you can be able to project the kind of results you are looking for so that every single investment you make in purchasing traffic has an excellent chance of giving you a profit.

What if you have a brand new website? You can still be able to get stats that would enable you make the right decisions when buying traffic. The way to do this is to take a closer look at competing websites, specifically the most successful in your industry. Which are their most popular pages? What does their successful landing page look like? Carefully analyze everything before you set up the pages on your website where you want to drive you paid traffic.

Test, test and test again

buying traffic

Everybody recommends that you buy targeted traffic where you carefully narrow down the kind of visitors most likely to buy from your website. You have numerous options including gender, age and even a specific zip code. However there are instances where general traffic will give you better results. It just depends on what kind of website you have and what you are selling. But how will you know if you do not track your results? For instance you may find that although your targeted traffic gives better results the cost for purchasing this kind of traffic is high. In sharp contrast cheaper general traffic while giving you less sales actually gives you more profit when you do your sums at the end of it all.

Sadly most busy webmasters feel that it is too much work analyzing their site traffic. Actually it is well worth the trouble and time spent because it will give you invaluable information to help you increase your sales very quickly.

Tracking your results and constantly testing is actually the biggest secret to rapidly increasing your sales.

Numerous other benefits

There are plenty of other benefits that you will enjoy by purchasing traffic. For starters more traffic will mean higher chances of others linking to your site and this is one of the reasons why most folks who buy traffic find that their search engine rankings with leading search engines like Google dramatically improve within a short space of time. This opens the door for you to receive free highly targeted traffic directly from search engines.


Adult traffic, Casino traffic and certain categories of non-adult traffic is usually a very engaging kind of audience and purchasing this traffic can help any website climb quickly out of oblivion to dizzying heights of success.

Getting Better ROI From Social Media Traffic

Any webmaster or website owner that is not taking advantage of the social media is really mission gout on big opportunities which their competitors ate using to crush them. Social media is one of the best ways to bolster a website’s performance and reap big. However, this will only happen if you know what you are doing. Very few people make it on the internet with their marketing simply because there is a certain approach to doing things and without following it, you are doomed and will find it hard to make a dime.
In this article, we will go through the various social media traffic strategies that anyone regardless for their marketing experience can learn and implement to get a good return on investment and turn things around to make a big buck out of their website. Here are the strategies and steps to follow;

Niche Targeting

Targeting is a very crucial approach in any marketing and you need to be extra cautious on how you handle your targeting. Most of the failed online businesses are because of poor targeting which is something that anyone can deal with. to give you a practical example of how targeting is so important, imagine having a website that sells kid shoes. Without targeting, you could end up with your adverts and website links on a pet food social media forum. It is obvious that you are not going to get a single sale, unless by little chance. This is because people in the social media are categorized based on their interests an hobbies and to find the ones that will work for your site, you need o focus on reaching and targeting social media enthusiasts in your niche which will give out a very good positive ROI.

Work On Building Trust

Relationship building is a very important aspect of marketing and this is more crucial if you are in the social media scene. the main purpose and reason why the social media sites exist is to have people interacting. This is why direct selling doesn’t always work and anyone who has tried doing it always fails because the nature and setting of the social media sites doesn’t support and welcome direct selling. Professional marketers have however cracked the code in making sales from social media and that is usually by first establishing yourself and making social media site a good interaction platform where you can build relationship and socialize with other people. Once you have won people’s trust, getting sales and leads from social media becomes an easy task which anyone can do. So, to get the bets out of social media, start with places such as discussion groups which you will find in almost all top social media platforms. Facebook groups is just an example of this where you can join as many as you can and start interaction and building a reputation among members.

Try Social Media Buying (Sponsored Ads)

Many people have always made bank by using social media for free without having to chuck in a dime. However, with the rise in competition and as the web grows, this is becoming more of a challenge every single day. It is therefore important for one to always think of other social media traffic techniques. Sponsored ads is one that you can always consider since they have proven to be effective in yielding more sales and leads. Furthermore, one can always expect it to work since mos of the social media providers always offer targeting option which improves the return on investment. although many would like to consider social media as a free source of web traffic, there are many experts who are edging ahead and paying to get even better traffic and to get the best, you should also follow on their footsteps.

Work Closely and Follow Social Media Influencers

An influencer is someone that is been looked upon as an expert in a particular niche and these folks always have a large follower base which makes them good people to stay close to. Any expert will tell you that there is need to follow them and keep them close. This is because they will always have a strategy to work things out and being close to them will also help you to edge and stay afloat in the game. The other advantage of following thee influencers is that they can follow you back if they love the content that you are providing. Although this doesn’t happen more often, this will be a major breakthrough if it happen and you will stand a chance to get a lot of web traffic.

Besides following these social media influencers, it is always good to know who the marketing experts are since they will always give you good pointers and tips on how to get through stuff and get more traffic on social media and even through other strategies that will help your site grow.

Final Word:

Getting web traffic is something hat has been boggling many webmasters and the tactics keep changing every-time because there is an increase and rise in competition. So, as it gets harder and harder, you need to diversify and be more creative to survive. With social media, there are lots of opportunities that one can always use to boost their traffic and increase their leads and sales. With the strategies shared above, you can make your site come to life and stay ahead of your competitors. The good news is that they are so easy to implement and anyone, even with little experience can do them. Whether you have a budget or not, you can succeed and get good traffic and sales.

If you however find it hard, you may consider getting some high quality web traffic packages from us. These traffic have been channeled through various authority sites and can be targeted based on the keywords and niche that you specify. Consider it as an easy way to get tons of high converting traffic.

How To Increase Affiliate Earnings

Most people don’t signup with affiliate program, because they think that Amazon is different from most affiliate program and very hard to beat. With its low commission structure, people think that it will not worth their time to promote products from Amazon.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

However, you shouldn’t think the same thought. is a big company and their affiliate is one of the best and most reliable ways to build residual source of income. Amazon is profitable. All you need is clear understanding of the program and how you can promote products and services for complete optimization.

How to Increase Affiliate Earnings.

1; Popular and Best Selling Products

Why you need to promote popular and best selling products? The reason is simple. Popular and best selling products on Amazon and any other website are the products that enjoy the highest patronage. They are the have the highest numbers of positive feedbacks. By promoting such items on, you can never go wrong.

2.  Relevant Product

Marketing products and services that are not relevant to your niche will be of no help to your affiliate business. This will not have any positive effect on your CTR. if you have a blog or website about dog, you should promote products related to your topics, like dog toys, dog food, e-book about training of dog /puppy, ETC. Don’t make the mistake of promoting baby food processor on your dog blog. 90% of people visiting your blog will not be interested in such things and they will not bother to click on your link.

3.  Product with High Numbers of Good Reviews

dropshippingThis is dropshipping another important thing to consider in before promoting a product on Most people look at customer feedbacks before making purchase on Amazon. As you know, feedback can either be Negative or Positive. If you promote a product with bad reviews, it is the same as promoting product with low-converting landing page. On the contrary, if you promote a product with good reviews, it is the same as promoting product with high-converting landing page. So, it is easy to choose between the two.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media network sites have evolved from a quirky tool people use to communicate and share information with families and friends to a massive marketing platform, capable of delivering ultra targeted ads to a global audience. Face book with over 500 millions of users worldwide is probably one of the highest traffic hubs on internet. Others like Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace can also deliver great results. If properly harness, these social media sites, can help open up a massive sales funnel for your affiliate business. By setting up your business page of these platforms and displaying your products and service, you can never go wrong.

5. Article Marketing

This is non interruption marketing. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your buyer more intelligent. Article marketing is the method of creating and publishing well written, information in form of articles of strong keywords for your blogs or website, which tells people what your affiliates products and services is all about.

6 Content Marketing

Similar to article marketing. Content marketing is white hat SEO techniques that focus on the questions and needs of consumers of your affiliate products and making an acceptable unique SEO content that will address to those needs and questions, and promoting the content to make them accessible to those in needs of them. The beauty of this marketing technique is that once visitors found your content, and they found it useful to them, they will always want to come back visiting your site/blogs for more. You can make use of this opportunity to build endless list. You subscribe the visitors to your list and delivers wonderful content about your product to them consistently.

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