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Today over half a billion internet users are familiar with Facebook which for the longest time has been a resourceful and effective advertising tool. With time, however, the charge per click has increased leaving many businesses with no choice other than to look for cheaper and probably more effective alternatives to Facebook advertising

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Another reason why Facebook fails to meet the typical advertisers’ needs is that it is still viewed as a fun page to connect with friends and family. Very few people will actually access the social site with the aim of making any purchase. In fact there are users who will find the advertisements destructive and invasive. Some will even go as far as blocking a business or company which obviously has a negative effect on the business. Some of the cheaper alternatives to Facebook advertising include:


With a record 1 billion users it is safe to say that You Tube is an excellent platform to advertise on. The most popular ads are those that appear just before the selected video otherwise known as pre-roll ads. There are also in-video overlays and traditional banner options which are minimally intrusive yet very effective.


Another good option that could work wonders for your business is Twitter. Twitter has 243 million users who could establish a reliable and long term client base for your business. It also has a wide range of effective options ranging from sponsored hashtags to promoted tweets which come at an affordable cost per engagement. For instance, interaction with a promoted tweet by following or retweeting is chargeable yet very cheap.



Though not as popular as You Tube or Twitter, Reddit does the trick as well and can yield high amount of quality traffic. It is the perfect place post those ads which need to be seen. Despite engaging an enormously male demographic, one can target specific categories in the site that have a different and probably wider audience. Ads on Reddit are comparatively cheap and have some campaigns starting from as low as $5.

Content discovery platforms

Taboola and Outbrain fall in this category and could make perfect alternatives to Facebook advertising. Though relatively new, these two have already carved out a name for themselves following their creative approach where they’ve recruited extremely high quality content sites to post their ads. Even more exciting is how they are able to make recommendations across a large number of websites related to what one is reading on. An excellent choice for those who wish to promote a content rich page.


A highly interactive tool that gives users the opportunity to discover new and informative content by simply indicating what they like or dislike at every stumble. StumbleUpon receives an average 2.2 million submissions monthly hence it guarantees accurate findings that will leave the user satisfied.


AdWords offers an amazing chance to small companies which may not afford top level key words. This is by allowing them to use alternative yet creative keywords to advertise which is also effective in drawing potential customers to buying the product.

Rather than run the risk of having your advertisements ignored on a social platform like Facebook, it would be wise to try other more reliable and effective tools that stand a higher chance of succeeding.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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