CPM Traffic VS PPC Traffic – Which Paid Traffic Source Is Better?

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Regardless of whichever internet marketing business you are running, traffic is paramount and the determining factor on how your online success progresses.

As internet marketers and webmasters who are always digging up to get the best converting web traffic, we always find ourselves comparing two or more traffic sources. For long the debate on CPM and PPC has been trending and in this post, we hope to make some points clear and highlight the difference so as to make an informed decision on which one to use.

CPM At A Glance

CPM is a web traffic module which is measured per impressions (usually 1,000 impressions). An advertiser pays when the number of purchased impressions are delivered. An impression is the number of times the advert has been viewed and doesn’t necessarily have to be a click. To get a clear picture on how this works, one usually purchases CPM web traffic package and then when traffic flows to their website, a certain amount is paid for a particular number of impressions. So if you were to purchase a CPM ad, you will just go to an advertiser and make your bid based on how your niche is competitive and other targeting factors.

It is important to also keep in mind that the number of clicks received through a CPM advertisement does not affect the cost. CPM ads are usually cheaply priced and one can start with very small amount of investment. This is perhaps one of the best things that some marketers love with this kind of advertising model.

PPC (Pay Per click)

This is yet another award winning paid traffic model that has been around for quite a long time. And over the years, PPC has emerged to be among the best paid traffic source for many webmasters. In fact, there are many online businesses that completely depend on this web traffic model for all their website operations and income. So what is PPC and how does it work? PPC like its name suggests is an advertising model that involves bidding on ad campaigns and being charged when a visitor clicks on the advert. Let’s say for instance you are marketing your pet blog and you visit an advertising platform like Google adwords and place your ads. You will get a recommended build which you should be charged whenever someone clicks on it. You need to understand that the lower the cost of the advertisement, the higher the amount of traffic that you stand to get.

One of the best things that makes PPC lovable is the fact that you have the chance to do laser targeting much more than any other paid traffic sources out there. Below is the comparison between PPC traffic and CPM which will also help you to make an informed decision on which one to use where.

Comparing CPM and PPC

CPM and PPC have both being one of the best paid traffic sources and many people have used them and built online empires. The question however is which one should you use and when should you be using one of these? If you have used these two approaches and being in the internet marketing game for a while then you must have seen that both vary much depending on things such as niche and optimization.

The first notable difference when one is considering the two traffic strategies is the mode in which these traffic is served. This is definitely something that doesn’t work for any website and much has been tested to ascertain this.

Something else worth noting is that PPC tends to be an expensive mode of advertisement for some niches. Some niches like auto insurance and legal have a huge demand and there are lots of advertisers scramming for keywords. Such niches need to do something else other than PPC and there is room to try CPM. On the other end, you also need to have some experience with CPM since most people who use it tend to have good experience and have also tested the advertisements to determine how they work. CPM is for advanced marketers who understand how to scale up and make the best out of the input. A lot of testing has to come in play when you are considering CPM ads although it is also necessary when running PPC ads.

Running PPC ads requires one to have a sizable budget as compared to CMP where you can pay as little as $1 for a thousand impressions. Although the performance of your impression based ad campaigns will depend on how effective that ad is, still you get a chance to start small as you scale your way up. With PPC you might find a keyword bid that goes as high as a few dollars and if you are not armed with a good investment, you might want to try out CPM first.

To conclude on which one to go with really depends on your niche and other factors. It is up to you to do some testing as this is the only way to determine how your advertisements will work and how to tweak them for better performance.

Final Word:

Traffic is everything to an online business and as much as we would like to drive these visitors to our website, marketers also need to compare and weigh which approach will give them better yields for a good input. CPM and Pc being among the best paid traffic sources is a topic worth debating on and hopefully the information shared above are substantial to help you gauge which one is worth delving into.

If you would however prefer a hands-free web traffic source that gets you results, then you should check out our high quality converting web traffic packages. We have been working with clients from across the globe in many niches and we are certain that you will also enjoy some high quality returns from the use of this traffic. And if you need help optimizing and setting up targeting, we are always here. We will not stop till we see that you are getting the bets out of this traffic.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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