What Are the Differences Between AdWords and AdCenter?

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The major difference between AdWords and AdCenter programs is that the former is an application of the Google and the later is an application of Microsoft. In other words, they are search engines used by Google and Microsoft.

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When user behavior and functionality are taken into consideration, three key differences emerge:

Keywords Match and Phrase Match Types

The modified broad match type of Google, according to Google, lets users to generate keywords which reach a wider audience compared to phrase match. In addition, keywords command more control than broad match types. Many advertisers find the match types of AdWords useful as it helps in reducing unqualified traffic and impressions, leading to improved rates of conversion and click-through. Unfortunately, no such comparable match type actually exists in adCenter.

How are negative Keywords Treated?

Another key difference between AdWords and AdCenter programs is the manner in which match types and negative keywords are treated. Once more, Google AdWords offers extensive, phrase, as well as exact negative match types. With this platform users have a lot of flexibility particularly in directing searches in order to trigger an advert from the appropriate site. In contrast, in adCenter negative keywords are rephrased to phrase match which is not as effective as keyword match.


Although there is a significant difference in the way each platform treats capitalization, both Microsoft’s adCenter and Google’s AdWords have the capability for dynamic keyword insertion (DKI). In AdWords, there is capitalization of the Keyword. For instance, any search matching to the keyword “holiday makers” would appear as “Holiday Makers” when used in an ad. This functionality is lacking in AdCenter, meaning that keywords words are just inserted in ad as they appear. For example, “holiday makers” would just appear as “holiday makers, however, this may not provide the appearance that is desired.

User Interfaces

modern-analyst-1316900_640AdWords is considered by users to be much more intuitive, as well as user friendly, with more features and tools. This is in relation to display ads and content advertising. In as much as AdWords beats AdCenter in terms of overall traffic, on a smaller level, the effort spent on AdCenter may actually yield higher return on investments.

At the end of the day, it is always advisable to as many tools of advertisement as possible to effectively grow your business, as well as protect your brand. You may choose depending on the affordability when you want use just one or both AdWords and AdCenter platforms.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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