Difference Between Robot.txt file or Sitemap File in SEO

The most smart and preferred way of preventing your site from getting indexed is to use a robot.txt file. It is very easy to use such files but requires access to website’s server root location. This file informs search engines what to index and what not to index in order to make it available to other persons. Here is a guide on the difference between robot.txt and sitemap

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Robots Meta tag can only be used if you have access to your server’s domain and in case you don’t have, you can restrict access to it. For proper setting of WebPages and indexing of web content it is mandatory to apply Robot.txt file.
Suppose you have an important data in your website and you don’t want others to see it, in that case you need to protect your content by making it offline for users by using robots.txt files. Search engine optimization (SEO) services are the best way to target people who are searching for what you have and it is an important factor in search engine optimization. For having good ranking on search engines you must go for robots. Txt files. These simple text files have a major scope in web development and SEO since a long time.
Foe enhancing SEO services through websites, it is necessary to have robot.txt files attached with your website.

You can create these files using a simple text editor. Also you can use robot files in that case when you are unable to verify your sites XML Sitemap. You may also use it to publish your blogs and posts but before that you need to take special care of password protection and firewalls that should be used with such files. These files works by blocking access to spammers.

There are some options which you can use in Robot.txt file to deny or allow specific search boots index certain folders and files. This files use basically uses rules as user agent and disallow. You can also use multiple user agents as well as disallow lines in a single entry for creating robot.txt files. You just need to create a basic html file within your hosting account. To upload you can use file transfer protocol (FTP) client. These files work on all major search engines.
Proper use of robots.txt can help to bring larger traffic to your website content. One this file gets uploaded; you can recheck it by opening your website. Other things which you can do with such files using sub domain of websites is that you can prevent any duplicate pages with similar content from being crawled. Secondly you can prevent landing pages connected to your email wizard from being indexed by SEO Services.

XML Sitemaps: An Ignored Tool For Website Owners

A sitemap is usually an often ignored archive which usually allows cutting-edge search engines catalog websites much better. Google had been the first to release sitemaps with the Google XML sitemap data format in 2005. A little more than a year later, Google left behind his own sitemap format and joined some other search companies to generate an XML sitemap standard. This brand new standard has replaced the previous Google XML format and is used currently by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and several other search corporations. As the internet evolves, the standard advances with it and the search engines look toward the standard to get guidance on the best way to accomplish their web-site indexing and web-site crawling.

difference between robot.txt and sitemapEssentially an XML sitemap is simply an XML archive placed in a directory of a web-site that contains URLs as well as some information regarding those URLs. An internet site can have multiple sitemaps stored in multiple folders. To help search engines discover the various sitemaps a company may have, the locations of the XML files are detailed at the bottom of a web site’s robots.txt file.

An XML sitemap is useful for web sites at which some pages are changed more often or where some webpages are more crucial than others. As an example, a nearby company might update its hours frequently while never updating the webpage describing the history of its organization. In that case, the webmaster would want to notify search engines to use a greater priority on the hours web page when it does its regular web site indexing. Similarly, the webmaster can place a higher focus on the hours pages or perhaps on some other pages with distinctive content, so that the search engine’s website crawling rates those webpages higher.

Sitemaps should contain the date a page was last changed, how frequently that web page changes and the page’s priority. The last edited date is merely the calendar date the webpage last changed. The frequency that a webpage can be modified may be hourly, daily, every month or some other values. The priority can be a value from zero to one having a default of 0.5.

Hopefully this guide has answered you on the difference between robot.txt and sitemap.

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