Understanding The Difference In Free Traffic And Paid Traffic

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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Traffic is something that is paramount to every online business. Any business that runs its operations online must forge up ways to get traffic and visitors so that they can record sales. Without that, you can forget being in the internet marketing arena. There are plenty of ways that one can use to get traffic to their website and they could be classified into two major classes of free traffic and paid traffic. In this post, we will go through the ins and out of both the free traffic and paid traffic, citing merits and demerits of each of the two.

Free Traffic At A Glance

Don’t we all just love free stuff? Of course we all do. Think about being able to get free visitors to you website where you are selling your products and services. It is the same as getting that corner shop in the midst of a busy town. All you expect is more sales and profits. The internet world is much like the offline world and you need people to come to your website so that you can make more sales. There are many free ways to get traffic to your website and although some of these will require you to do some tasks, moist of them are easy to do and execute even with little internet marketing experience. Below are just a ew of these free web traffic strategies you should know about.

  • SEO (Search engine Optimization)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Forum Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing

These are some of the best internet marketing strategies that anyone can get started with without spending a dime. If you have some money to spare, you could as well see some quick results since you can outsource most of these tasks and get a helper who is more experienced.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free Traffic

The bets advantage to getting free traffic is simply because you are not paying anything. Search Engine Optimization also leverages the power of the search engine which apart from being free, gives one the best targeted traffic which also means that you will get good return on investment. This is something that we all want to see and being free, will help many amateur marketers get started.

However, everything has its disadvantages, even free stuffs like free web traffic. Some of these free web traffic strategies could be time consuming and some could even have lots of repetition which makes it tiresome to execute. Search engine optimization for example could take you months to rank websites.

Understanding Paid Web Traffic

The other alternative to getting website traffic is by opting to buy. Buying web traffic has been a trend that has been around for many years and still is an effective way of getting traffic fast. There are many forms of buying web traffic and it could prove to be a bit tricky for someone who is still new to the internet marketing game. You need to gather some basic knowledge before you go ahead and invest in online traffic. This is because there are lots of fake scams online which will lure you into buying automated traffic that are generated by softwares. This traffic tends to mimic human behaviors and may as well be recorded as visitors but will definitely not lead to sales and leads.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Paid Traffic

quick trafficOne of the bets reasons why many people are scramming for paid traffic is that you have full control of the traffic to your website. But that is when you know what you are doing. When you get traffic form good sources you could get unlimited traffic with the only limitation being your budget. Otherwise, you have continuous flow of traffic without fearing or worrying about it fluctuating. Unlike the free traffic methods that will take a lot of time, you can be up and running in minutes and start getting sales after launching your advertisement campaigns.

Some major disadvantages with paid traffic however is the fact that some of these traffic sources are expensive and without proper balancing and advertisement customization, one could end up losing a lot of money. The paid traffic arena is also full of fake traffic providers which do not make it newbie friendly as they could end up being lured into buying low quality traffic.

Whichever approach you should opt for depends with you but will mostly be dictated by your dedicated budget for the project as well as you time dedication. If you are a bit experienced with internet marketing and have the time to run some online errands, you could settle well with the free traffic. However, of you don’t have time but have some funds that you could spare up for internet marketing, you could as well settle for the speedy paid traffic that will give you results sooner. You may however have to learn some ins and out of optimizing your site and making sure that you are getting the best ROI.

Final Word:

If buying web traffic is something that you are going to consider, we recommend that you only purchase from trusted web traffic vendors. This will help you to ensure quality and that you do not lose your time and money investing on things that will not yield or bear any fruits. Take some time to go through some of our best performing traffic packages that we have been serving thousands of clients with. We source our traffic from high quality authority sites from almost all niches and we have seen great results from our clients website. We are certain that we have set a good competitive edge to ensure that our clients and traffic buyers continue to get the best quality traffic at the best prices. So why not join the wagon and get more sales on your website? We will also help you set up your ad campaigns and make sure that you are getting the best bet for your money. We will stop at nothing to see that you are getting good results.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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