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Does The Name Of A Website Make A Difference In Search Results?

Having a good website name is very important since it has a huge impact in how both humans as well as search spiders perceive it. The choice of the website name will have an impact on the success of the website in nearly every area, including social media marketing and search engine optimization.

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You should never underestimate its importance. The following are tips that will help you come up with a brandable website name that is friendly to both humans and search engines.

Choose a Memorable Name

The best website name is the one that people can easily remember. If the people that visit your website can remember its name, chances of them coming back are high. You can only have a lasting influence on the people that visit your website if they are actually able to remember its name as well as the products and services that you are offering in your organization.

Choose a Name that is Relevant

Words have implicit meanings as well as connotations, so it is very important to do a little research and make sure that the website name you have chosen communicates your desired message. When someone looks at the name, they should be in a position to guess the purpose of the company immediately. Even though it should simple, the name should be able to provide valuable insight about what products and services you are offering in your company.

Choose a Name that is Easy to Spell

Your website name should be easy to spell if you want people to have an easy time locating the website on the internet. Avoid intentional hyphens and misspellings as well as commonly misspelled words in your website name. If you buy a name that has numerals, for instance, make sure that the number is spelled out. In this case it should be Using numbers to replace words may end up confusing people who want to find your site by looking it up in search engines.

Choose a Name that Sounds Authoritative

com-659090_640You will need to choose a website name that sounds like a trustworthy authority. It will also be advantageous in long term  search engine optimization. When someone looks at the name, they should have an idea that it is for a credible company that offers credible products and services. When you have a name that sounds authoritative, people will take you seriously. You should also remember to keep the name short if you want it to sound professional also make it easy for people to easily remember it.

Choose a Unique Name

Marketing your website as well as the products and services that you are offering will be easier if you choose a website name that stands out from your competitors. Names such as and sound unique, so if you are able to come up with a distinctive name such as those ones for your website, you can be sure of reaching your search engine optimization goals with ease. Do not choose a name that is too generic since people may end up confusing it with other company names.

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