Domains and web traffic – what you need to know

What is domains and web traffic? If you have a website, then you will want to drive traffic to the page. However, this requires that you have the proper domain in which to gain viewers. Understanding how to go about choosing and implementing the domain into your overall design is critical for the success of your site. This article will explain some of the key considerations you should take when setting up your domain and hosting for your website. Read on to find out more.

What should Domains and web traffic do to help you with your  target market? It is all in the name association.

Why does a domain matter?

Your domain is how all traffic will come to know your page. Think of it as the phone number for your site. If you have your site unlisted, or too private, they will never find it. When you pick a domain name, try to find something which will identify your specific products, goods, or services. You do not want to have a generic domain. These are forgettable. For example, if you have a store which sells glasses, you do not want to say but have it oriented to the type of glasses such as

By giving your site a domain which is specific to your products, goods, or services, you create a shareable and memorable address for your site. It is strongly suggested that you do not use any domain which has affiliations with the creation site. These are too long to remember and have multiple parts to remember (such as If using WordPress, Wix, Weebly, or another online web builder, opt for an original domain name if you wish to increase your website traffic.

HTTP is a must for Domains and web traffic

Google algorithms are tightening down on the HTTP part of the domain name. Https ensures the security of the domain and the site that is being visited. As security on the web continues to increase, look to your hosting provider to provide the certificates to allow for the Https association. The google algorithmic system will penalize sites which do not have the Https at the beginning of the domain name and placed further back in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The further back that you are in the SERPs, the less traffic that you will have to your site. Studies have shown that you are 80% more likely to have traffic if you are on the first page. The traffic to a site drops dramatically per page.

HTTP is the bare minimum security that you should have associated with your site. The more security that you can add to your domain, the better you will do when people search for your particular goods, products, or services on the web. What you do not want is to have a shortage of safety features and be deemed as a site which is possibly malicious.  Get HTTP security for your site before you go live.

Picking a domain's extension can be difficult. Focus on one which will showcase your site well.
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What domain extension should I use?

TLDs (top-level domains) are in abundance. Currently, there are over 280 in the world. This poses the question which domain extension you should use. The most popular is still .com, but you can also opt for one of the other top 5 domain extensions. These five are .net, .edu, .gov, .org, and .co. Keep in mind that there are over 1200 lower level domain extensions which are suggested by domain name providers. These could include .info, .club. .us, .uk and such.

When picking your extension, you want to ask yourself which one memorable and which extension is forgettable. Remember that the most common is .com. This would be the best solution for your domain name. If your domain name is taken with the .com, opt for another TLD. However, it may be best to choose another domain name rather than try to fit the name into the web through another TLD.

When you should use non .com domains

.com is the king of domains and should be used as your primary domain name for your site if you wish to see any traffic. However, this is not to say that the other TLDs do not have their place. You should consider having consider having multiple domain name purchased for your site. Ensure that all the domain names forward to the correct page. You do not want to have any 402 errors associated with the domain names. If you have a business, have the .com, .biz, .co, and the country in which your business is mainly focused such as .us or .uk. By doing this, you increase the amount of traffic which sees your site. Again, think of it as a telephone number for the web. The more numbers that you have listed in the phone book, the more calls you will get to your site.

Once you have gained your domains, you must register them with all the primary search engines. Search engines do not automatically know when a website goes live. If nothing else, make sure that you have the top engines (Bing, MSN, Yahoo, Google) covered if you wish to see any traffic to your site.

A note about domains and web traffic

Purchasing a domain is critical to the functionality of your site. For web traffic, it is critical that you have the right name associated with your business. When you purchase your domain name, look at how popular the name is. Do this by conducting an audit on the sites which are like the content that you provide. If you find that you have a popular domain, you will do well in the SERPs if your SEO and content are properly formatted.

Popular web names will increase in their price once the duration of the domain lease has expired. Most domain hosting and domain names are on a year-to-year basis. You may can purchase multiple years of a domain. This is the preferred method as it secures your webpages address for some time. What you do not want to happen is for your domain lease to expire and someone to grab up the addresses, forcing you to come up with another domain. Monitor the domain’s expiration date in order to minimize this risk.