How to Drive Traffic to Your Podcasts

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Are you doing podcasts and wondering how to get exposure to your content? Podcasts are among the little known untapped traffic sources that only a fraction of webmasters are using successfully. Like every other web traffic generation strategy, there are certain approaches that you can use podcasts to successfully market your products and services online. Most people do not use it because they are not familiar on how to get people to get their podcasts but the truth of the matter is that it is easier than most people think.

In this guide, we’ve compiled some of the best ways to get more traffic to your podcasts. Whether you are a beginner in the internet marketing world or a professional, these tips are crucial to your podcast marketing success.

Optimize Your RSS feed

Most people have forgotten or don’t know the power of using RSS feed. While today you can have your posts easily indexed on the search engines and have people reading them from other platforms, it is always important to remember that many people subscribe to RSS feeds which makes it a very good source to start syndicating your podcasts and other content. when people subscribe to content online, the best way to do that besides joining an email subscription list is through rss feeds.

Depending on how your RSS feed is designed to pick up content, you need to make sure that it can pick up podcasts. his could need some tweaks to ensure that it can pick up all types of content. This will ensure high success rate of delivery to many readers.

Recycle Your Best Content

We’ve all see it. Marketers recycling content over and over wither through blog posts or even videos. Among one of the most guided secrets that professional internet marketers are using today is to reuse content that has gotten tons of traffic. Every webmaster who has a blog knows that one post that made an impact on their site and drove the most traffic that any other post they have ever posted. Recycling content has shown great results even with other media formats and there is no reason why this wont work as well.

Why does this work? Because not everyone loves to read written materials and putting it on podcasts will open up a new avenue and get you tons of new visitors that will end up being customers.

Tease The Audience

For most of us who use podcasts to market their online products and services, publishing the podcast is usually the first thing. Before you create your podcast, the first thing you need to do is tease your audience. This is something that has been proven to work over and over again because people not only prepare to see the podcast but they will also share with others about the new podcast that you are about to release. Depending on the demand of the content, your podcast can go a long way in terms of exposure.

Teasing the audience gives them a taste of what yo are about to unleash and avail to them before you do and that is something hat you do not want to miss out on.

Share The Podcasts On As Many Platforms As Possible

The secret to succeeding in online marketing is to get as much exposure as possible and that means you have to use all known avenues to distribute your content. Once you have published your podcast, the next step is to get people to get it. There are lots of platforms where you can share the podcast. From social media groups, to forums, you have to do everything that is needed for people to get it. Probably the first place that you will start with is your social media accounts and this is where it all starts. Be sure to sue the best captions to captivate people into clicking and getting your podcast.

Next, you need to join as many groups if you aren’t in any of them. There are plenty of social media groups such as Facebook groups, :LinkedIn groups and such. You can also consider joining others like Subreddits where you can share your content with as many people in a particular niche as possible. The more you push your content the better exposure and traffic that you could get.

Ask Influencers To Help Boost Visibility

If there is one superior marketing technique that professional marketers are loving, it has to be influencer marketing. It has quickly become one of the most sort after source of traffic and it works for almost every niche. If you don’t know what influencer marketing is, then it is basically marketing that involves pitching influential people in a particular niche and asking them to share content, product or service with their followers or readers. Since they already have their trust and lots of followers the product or service will receive lots of viewers and you could make bank with that.

Since there aren’t many people doing podcasts, you can easily have many influencers accepting to help you share your podcasts and this is a surefire way to get tons of traffic.

Final Word:

Podcasts isn’t the most popular marketing tool, but it surely packs a punch and could end up getting you tons of traffic if you use it carefully and strategically. With the strategies shared above, you can share your podcasts to get more exposure and also build your site to a higher level much easily. The best thing with these strategies is that they are easy to learn and execute and doesn’t require one to be an expert to get things done.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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