How to Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Online Forums

One of the most difficult challenges for a website owner is traffic generation. A website is useless if it does not have a constant stream of visitors. One of the ways used by website owners to increase traffic is forums posting. It is an easy to implement, inexpensive and effective strategy that can help generate hits.

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Getting forums that complement your website will allow you to let others know of your online presence and assimilate you into established communities.

How it works

Look for forums that closely match your website’s subject. To maximize the effectiveness of this tactic, try finding three or more forums. Sign up in all the forums you have chosen. At this point, you will have to get your signature in place. A signature can be defined as the message that will appear underneath each of your posting on forums. It allows you to include a hyperlink or your website URL. For example, if you deal with baby toys, you can add your name as well as a line stating �Click here for the best selection of affordable baby toys’.

The next step involves positing on the forums. Post messages that will add value to your audience. A lot of people in forums will be looking for solutions to their problems. With your knowledge, helping them is the best way to earn their respect and ultimately their interest in the service or product that you are trying to sell. Avoid posting messages that urge people to click your links. Such a move will make people assume that selling your products is more important than building a relationship with them.

Instead, strive to befriend other people and also try to know members of the different forums. Find out how you can help. Do not hesitate to ask questions, but those that do not encourage people to visit your website. Your activity and interest on the forum sites will generate a lot of traffic with time. The traffic will only be significant if you follow the steps listed above.

forumsStart becoming active in all threads you have posted. It is a big mistake to post a question or message and never go back to the thread. If you leave your posts unattended, you will be missing opportunities to interact with other forum members. Taking the time to add remarks to other members’ posts or answer questions and follow threads will ensure your website URL and signature will appear again and again. This will in turn increase the probability of people clicking on it and finding out more about you and your website. The more you become popular in forums, the more people will be receptive to your messages. In turn, they will click your link and check out your website. This simply equates to more traffic.

Warnings and tips

Make sure your primary objective is providing value. Work to build relationships and become well known in forums. Ensure that your signature has a call to action that encourages visitors to go to your website. Become a regular active member of the forums by posting often.

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