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Running an ecommerce store isn’t that easy especially if you don’t have prior experience in running it. That alone makes it almost impossible for many internet marketers to make quantifiable sales and leads from their store, ending up with piles of losses and unpaid bills. But this kind of marketing requires more than just basic strategies and you’ll be better off with some Ecommerce tools.

In this write-up, we will cover some of the most crucial tools that will help you to give your Ecommerce marketing the much needed boost. Here they are;

CMS Catalogue Platform

Times have changed and technology keeps getting better and better improving how website owners interact with their customers. Among the things that have seen a tremendous change are the Ecommerce platforms that online shopping stores have. Gone are the days that internet marketers would depend on static HTML websites that had less interactive features for customers. In today’s Ecommerce, you need to use a more advanced CMS platform that keeps everything sleek and easy to manage. And if your website is still based on traditional Ecommerce platforms, then you are losing tons of customers who can’t navigate your website. Among some of the best platforms that you should consider using as your Ecommerce platform includes;

  • Woo commerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Volusion

These four platforms are among the best that one can find in the industry today. Buoyed by their easy to use interfaces, advanced features and fully fledged metrics systems in place, choosing to go with one of them could turn out to be one of the best investments that you would have ever turned to.

Analytics and Monitoring Tool

One crucial thing that most Ecommerce site owners fail to implement is an analytics tracking system where they can see the performance based on their visitors. Without knowing where your customers come from or which page they are visiting, you will not be able to make decisions that will improve your Ecommerce business. Implementing and using these tools is much easier than what most of us think. Here are some of the best analytics tools in the market;

Google Analytics – This is product from Google which is the most popular tracking tools that works on every platform.  The tools has an easy to use platform that tracks almost everything including traffic visits, region, traffic sources, bounce rates and even conversion rates. You may however need to have some basic analytic tracking skills to set up some advanced tracking such as those of conversion rates.

KissMetrics – This is yet another fantastic tracking tool that one can use to propel their Ecommerce website to the next level. It comes featured with dozens of features that one can use to create measurable data and make actionable moves based on the data.

Clicky analytics – Now when it comes to analyzing data from different angles, you may want to try out Clicky. Ecommerce being a very sensitive business needs customer centric analysis and addressing common issues is something that can change everything. Clicky has a number of unique features that you won’t find with any other analytics tool.

Customer Support and Loyalty Tools

Without being close to your customers, your business has minimal chances of living for long. You need to implement ways in which you can communicate with your customers, answer their questions and whatever queries they may have. Most of these questions are important when making purchases and most of them won’t buy unless these queries are clear. Below are some of the tools that you should consider using to improve your customer experiences and offer them the necessary support;

Zopim Chat Tool – when you present yourself in front of your customers who are on your website and be available to take their queries then you can increase your sales dramatically. Zopim is one of those chat tools that you can use to capture your reads attention and answer them any questions they might have. Amazingly, you don’t have to be on the website full time. This tool can still take messages and send directly to your email in case you are not online.

Lead Chat – Just like Zopim, this is another tool that you can use to capture real time leads from your customers. It is however different in the sense that it focuses more on converting the customers based on their website behavior.

Referral Candy – When your brand has grown enough and gotten a little popular, then why not get on the big boys wagon? Big Ecommerce websites like Amazon reap a lot by allowing internet marketers to become their affiliates. Referral Candy gives you the same opportunity to invite people and become affiliates on your Ecommerce website. This Ecommerce tool gives you every feature that you need to run a complete referral system including statistic and affiliate’s cut of the revenue they bring. It’s the ultimate tool that one must implement to increase their sales.

Product Management Tools

An Ecommerce business growth is influenced by your efforts and strides you make to push your products to the prospective buyers. But sometimes managing all that demands more time which most of us don’t have. Here are tools that you can use to manage your time, finances and the multi0ple channels that you could be running;

Kin – This is a tool that helps Ecommerce website owners to manage their HR tasks with a lot of ease. It is excellent for a growing Ecommerce business which has a team of employees under different departments. It makes things such as data analysis, onboarding and performance tracking all under the cloud.

Zirtual – Sometimes scheduling and running back end office tasks such as email box management and handling customers could get crazy especially on those busy seasons. This is a tool that you should give a shot to help you with all that.


These are amazing tools that we’ve seen working for dozens of sites that we have worked with. We are certain that they will also bring the necessary change to you Ecommerce website.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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