5 Tricks To increase Traffic With Email Marketing

Any internet marketing will tell you that email marketing is a solid strategy that one can use to boost their web traffic and increase their sales and leads dramatically. However, that doesn’t usually come easy. It only works out if you know what you are doing and do the best email marketing strategies. Many people fail because they do not have o use the right channels. This leads to collapsing of their online marketing strategies and lead to a conclusion that email marketing does not work. But one needs to ask themselves why it works for other people. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will go through some of the best email marketing strategies that are both easy to implement and actionable to help you generate high quality traffic to your site. 

The Basics: What is Email Marketing? 

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The first thing that you need to understand before you get into email marketing is what it is and what it entails. So what exactly is email marketing? Email marketing, just as the name sounds is a strategic marketing approach that involves the use of emails to reach out to potential clients and customers. Basically, it involves the process of collecting the prospect’s emails and storing it in an email list for later usage. Depending on whatever niche that you are in, you can reach out to your prospects on your schedule and at your best convenient time. There is no standard limit on how you will reach out to your prospects. And this is why it is always seen as a passive and long term revenue earner. 

One of the best perks of email marketing is that once you have the emails collected, you can reach out to the users with multiple emails, marketing to them. And this is why it is highly coveted and loved by many internet marketers. From amateurs to professionals who have been in the industry for a long time, this is an approach that is guaranteed to work . Some online businesses solely depend on email marketing as the driving force to their online business. 

Getting More From Email Marketing

Now that you have a good understanding of email marketing, what it entails and why you need it in your marketing recipe, here are some of the solid strategies to use it to win more web traffic to your site. 

Focus On A Healthy Subscriber List

One of the first things that one needs to be cautious about is how they can build their email list. Otherwise, it is all going down and will not deliver the much needed results. You must ensure that you have a healthy subscriber list. And that can be done by ensuring that you are attracting people within your niche and that they are really interested in subscribing to your email list. Most people do the mistake of just pulling people without even wanting to know if they are interested. Some people even employ shady practices like scrapping people’s emails and blasting them with emails of sales. Such practices don’t usually work, especially in a web that if full to the brim with spammers all over. 

As much as the money is in the list, you have to be sure that whoever you get into your subscription lit will add value, other than just filling the list. It is better to have fewer healthy people in your email list than having an endless list of subscribers that will never buy or make an action towards your campaigns. Building your email list with this perception from the beginning will ensure cost effectiveness and value in your online business. 

Ensure You Have The Best Landing Pages

One of the big mistakes hat people fail to adhere to when they are doing their email marketing is failing to optimize their landing page. Landing page is like the face of the campaign, where you have very little time to impress anyone who comes across it. First, after enuring that it is perfectly synced to the email campaign and the marketing software, you have to adhere to every little detail to make sure hat everything i spot on. To start with, you have to make sure that the hosting is the best you can get. This is because the last thing you would want is to have people flock in and find an error page that is not accessible. It will be a waste of time and effort to find yourself in such a spot. 

From the copy and written content, you have to make sure that it is good enough to capture the attention of the visitors. This includes putting catchy call to actions and ensuring that the email box is easy to see and access. This not only makes it easy for readers to sign up, but also subscribe to something that they really want hence leading to building a healthy email list that will get you good results over time. It is the first rule to winning the email marketing game. 

Avoid Spamming At all Costs

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If you are serious about building a long term email marketing strategy, then you have to avoid email spamming and sending people emails that they are not interested in. Spamming does not only work, but it spoils one’s online reputation. And soon, your legit emails will always be flagged as spam, which in the need leads your business to a hole and killing even your hard earned efforts and your online marketing in general. 

Spamming might sound like a nice idea for amateurs who have no idea what email marketing and online reputation is all about. The fact that you can have a software scrapping thousands of email addresses every second might sound like a quick way to get to the top, but as it has always been, it doesn’t always lead to great things. Instead the opposite is true and doing such spamming will only see your online marketing go through an endless downward spiral. And if you ask any experience email marketing guru, they will always advise you against such practices. 

Segment And Classify Your Subscribers

In an effort to weed out the unwanted subscribers in a list and ensure that you only have people who are really into your kind of marketing, you have to classify them into categories an also regularly weed out the non-performing in your list. Email marketing, just like any other type of marketing doesn’t come with guarantees and you have to make sure that whatever you do is the right thing for your business. The step to sort and segment the subscribers is one that will help you ensure that you are marketing to the right people. This will not only improve the conversion rate, but will ensure ensure that you are not wasting any resources, keeping in mind that the email marketing software you are using is paid for. 

So how does one classify their email subscribers? There are many ways of doing it, and it all depends with the one you choose to use. You can use different landing pages for different categories and classification, and you can also opt to set up the subscriber box in a way that visitors can choose their categories and offers that they would like to get. This is the most commonly used, and easier method as opposed to the use of multiple pages since it tends to be more complicated and time consuming. Whichever you choose, the results are incredible and definitely worth it. 

Keep Track Of Your Campaigns

Yet another mistake that many people doing email marketing often find themselves in is failing to keep track and monitor their campaigns and performance. Although it is not a must, it is an approach that can help you to yield and get better results. Most successful email marketers will tell you that the secret to improving your campaigns is by testing and keeping track on how they perform. Imagine sending out email campaigns and you do not know how they are received by the subscribers. This will help you make tweaks and fixes which will see better performance in your campaigns. 

One of the best ways that one can use to monitor and keep track of their email campaigns is to use some of the latest email marketing softwares. When you have the right email marketing software, you will have plenty of tools and features that will help you get better in what you do. Among some of the best email marketing platforms that offer good tracking includes Aweber, GetResponse and Mailchimp which is a free platform. these are some of the best that have won the hearts of many people and how they do their marketing. It will also help you by keeping track of things like open rate, click through rate and some of the advanced features such a heatmaps to help you understand subscriber’s behaviors. 

Final Verdict

Now that you have mastered the art of email marketing and all that you need to know to be a successful email marketer, the ball is in your court. The way you choose to play is all up to you. The tricks and strategies hared above are some of the bets that internet marketing professionals often use to win the email marketing game. You too can jump onto the wagon and start reaping good fruits by following these steps. 

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