7 Facebook Advertising Tricks That Will Boost Your Website Traffic

Boost Your Website Traffic

If you are a marketer and don’t recognize Facebook as one of the best traffic sources then you must have been living under a rock for a decade. With close to a billion active users who roam the social media site, the opportunities for marketers to hop in and make a killing is just perfect. You should however have some experience with internet marketing to make some strategies work for you.

Without good skills of this, it could be a challenge to boost your website traffic and make a sale. We have however created a list of 7 things that you can do to drive streams of traffic to your website without having to do much. Here they are:

Avoid Spending Your Campaigns On Page Likes

If you’ve used Facebook advertisement, then you know what there is an option to promote you page based on the likes received. When Facebook just launched, having lots of page likes on your page could mean some huge potential of organic traffic flowing you way. But today, this seems to have changed a lot. Research shows that there has been a consistent decrease in how pages can be relied on for organic traffic.

If you are therefore going to launch campaigns, it is advisable that you avoid spending too much advertising the page for it to get likes.

Consider Using Facebook Advertising For Retargeting

If there is one superior marketing approach that marketers are keen about in the new era of internet marketing, it has to be retargeting. Almost every major advertising agency today is forging towards retargeting. With the proven fact that only a few customers and clients make it to the checkout the first time they visit a website, it simply means that one should device a way so getting them back. There have been great results from remarketing and this is something that every serious marketer ought to know.

When you start targeting people that are on your newsletter, you are bringing them closer to you and giving them a chance to reconsider the offer that you gave to them on their first visit. On an advanced level, you should also consider leading them to a custom landing page that gives them a better offer such as a special discount to them. This is an approach that has proven to have tremendous results.

Segment Your Data Analysis

No serious internet marketer ever leaves their data scattered or just buys traffic with the hope of making a sale without minding to make necessary tweaks wherever needed. Unless if you are willing to spend countless figures without minding the profits and losses, which of course isn’t the case, making necessary data tracking and analysis is important.

You need to keep track of your campaigns, know the costs incurred versus the income and see whether it makes quantifiable metrics. This way, you will be able to control losses and even amplify your marketing approach. Tools such as Google analytics and Kissmetrics should be your best friend when you are managing your Facebook campaigns.

Split Test And Make Priority Campaigns

Every marketing has a different approach, but some of the things that are common with them all is the fact that conversion will depend mostly with how the landing page has been optimized or designed. Users and audiences will see the page and react differently. Some will buy, others will leave. To come up with the best fit page that captures more people, you have to make tests to see which one appeals more and which one you should dump.

To do split testing, you will have to create different landing page variants and test them over different periods or under different but similar campaigns. Take notes on how each landing page performs and sooner or later you will end up with the finest one that you should use. The split testing approach has been known to sometimes be costly but super effective with great results to show for.

Apart from this, you also need to make priority campaign lists. Know which campaign or which kind of audiences matter more to you. If age is more significant to you product than the way gender is, then you should make age a more precise targeting factor.

Don’t forget To Make Good Targeting

Facebook only becomes an awesome traffic source if you do it right. Among some of the things that you should do right to reap the best benefits of Facebook advertising includes making precise targeting on your campaigns. You cannot expect to start getting clients to enroll as students in your online course or webinar when you are actually reaching out to general audiences. These general audiences could be people who have no clue or interest in your online course. You’ll just be wasting money reaching out to people who have no interest. This is why targeted traffic is the key to making it in the internet marketing world.

The good news is that Facebook has some inbuilt features that lets internet marketers who advertise through their network to create precise targeting and reach out to users based on their interests, geographical location, age, gender, hobbies among other things. Now if that isn’t some slobber knocker marketing, then nothing is.

Final Thoughts

Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites around, and by far the one with the most amount of active users. There has however gear shifts in how Facebook marketing should be done to make the best out of it. Following the strategies highlighted above should give you clear ideas on how to approach Facebook marketing for increased traffic.

If used well, Facebook can bring some tremendous effect to you website and see your sales and conversion increase. If you feel that the Facebook marketing is something that you aren’t ready to delve into, why not consider getting traffic by buying our ready highly targeted traffic? It’s easy to get started and setting up campaigns could never be easier. You can join hundreds of other marketers who are getting the traffic from our highly sophisticated network backed by thousands of publisher websites from all niches.

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