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Free Viral Traffic Strategies To Use in 2016

If you have been closely watching the web, then you must have realized of the new traffic craze that is getting traction with many webmasters. The thing with free viral traffic is that you don’t have to worry about optimizing your site for search engines. It is also much faster as compared to SEO.

But does this traffic really work? And if it does, how do you get free viral traffic to your website? Although it seems many webmasters just had a wake up call on viral traffic, it isn’t anything new. Many big firms have adopted this traffic approach for a while and it has always worked for them. So undoubtedly, it is pure gold. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the various proven free viral traffic strategies that are worth diving into.

Social Media

Most of us might have used social media to get traffic but are you doing it correctly? Although social media is a honey pot, there are ways to fetch the honey inside. Most marketers spend little time on social media sites pasting their website links hoping that it magically goes viral.

Social media is all about sharing and interacting with people. Over-doing anything else apart from that could render it useless and you can forget about traffic. You need to build a relationship with your followers and those you follow before you start marketing yourself.

When you do this, the people whom you have interacted with will share your information, which will then share to others in their network. This is how the viral effect builds up and the relationship tying will keep growing and sending you traffic.

Use Traffic Exchange Programs

Although the paid option of this traffic model works better, you could always start small without any investment. With traffic exchange, you share other people’s content ion your site and other people share your content also on their websites. But what is the essence of this? If people love the content on your website, they will consider you a favorite source. This could make them to either bookmark you or come back for more later which means more traffic to your website. And that’s not all. It only gets better since your post gets lots of chances of being shared to other people.

Use Viral Baits

social-media-640543__340There are lots of tricks to use to get your website to get that viral boost. Among the most effective one is using viral baits to get people to share your content. It is like bribing people to share you content in exchange for something they need desperately. Below are two killer approaches that you can use as bait for your visitors and get them to share your posts more.

E-books – Writing an e-book guide isn’t that difficult if you know your niche well. E-books works perfect if you would like to bait visitors and ask them to do something to get it. Here you can ask them to share your post or the book itself. This is a surefire way to get more exposure.

Use viral plugins and scripts – since viral traffic has gotten so much attention, there are lots of plugins created to help webmasters with this. There are social media locker plugins that allows visibility of certain content only when it is shared. In simple terms, a user shares the content and the content becomes visible to them.

Use Forums to Spread the Word

Are you still leveraging the old Forum marketing strategy to get traffic? Many people have abandoned forum marketing with the claim that they are dead. Surprisingly, there are many people getting swarms of traffic from forums alone. Forums didn’t die, but the approach used could be dead.

Forums are communities with people who are serious about discussing about specific matters. In a similar way, you should blend in and build a relationship. Most people make the silly mistake of entering a forum and starting to post links to their websites. Doing this could lead to being banned or failing to meet the expected target.

You need to share relevant high quality information and get to know how things are done in the forum. This hints you when and where to place your website links.

Run contests

Yet another powerful viral marketing approach is running contests. But where do you start from? It may sound complicated to code a contests script. Surprisingly, you wouldn’t be needing any coding skills to run contests. You can find dozens of ready made scripts and apps which can be set up in a few minutes.

What do you need to get started? You need to ready the ultimate gift for the winning contestant. This gift has to be a special one and not free to find elsewhere. You also need to make sure that the contest page can be easily shared.

When you have your contest running, people many people will share it and many more gets to visit your website.

Things to Keep in Mind while seeking Viral Traffic

Here are some of the tings that you need to keep in mind when focusing on getting free viral traffic.

1) Make sure your content is top-notch
People won’t share crap that doesn’t make sense to them. So make sure that what you are sharing stands out and is interesting to read.

2) You need to be patient and persistent – Although viral marketing could get you instant traffic, you should also be ready to go through some obstacles. You need to keep trying and using different twists to see how it works for you. This is because some strategies work better in other niches than in others.

Final Word:

If taken seriously, viral marketing is a high quality source of free viral traffic that anyone can use. The above strategies should be enough to get massive amount of visitors to your site.

Also, if you need more traffic to your website, the hassle-free way, be sure to check out our packages. You can as well get in touch with us for more information on how we can help you get more traffic to your site.

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