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5 Actionable Ways to Get More Traffic To Your Website

Without website traffic, there would be no profitable online business running. It is also useless to have a website if you are not going to be getting any traffic flowing in. So the big deal has always been how to get more traffic to your website in order to make more leads and conversions.

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In this article write-up we will focus on 5 modern actionable strategies to generate high quality traffic to your website. These are the same strategies that have been used by top performing authority sites to garner daily hits and sales. If you are up to getting leads and sales on your website then this is exactly the best ways that you should be focusing to get massive swarm of traffic;

1) Optimizing websites for better visibility in the search engines
Search engine optimization (SEO) is by far the best known traffic avalanche method that has been used by Internet marketers. The best thing with the organic traffic that one gets from the search engines is that it is all free which makes it the best above any other. Another reason why many people would fall for search engine traffic is because one can optimize as much as they want which translates to more traffic opportunities, more lead generation and more money.

What does the whole optimization process entail?

If you are new to the new search engine optimization grind then you still have a long way to go and there is much that you need to learn if you want to survive the razor sharp competition. Basically, the search engine optimization revolves around two phases; the on-page optimization and the off-page optimization. On-page optimization deals with the website layout and content standardization in accordance to the required rules by the search engines. The off-page optimization phase deals with the website’s relationship with other websites on the Internet. The better the relationship, the more considerable it is in the eyes of the search engines. The more authority links (backlincks) that a website gets, the better it is in the eyes of the search engines. The backlinking is the most crucial step in the whole SEO process and can be analytically translated in terms of trust flow, citation flow, anchor diversification and other metrics. These should not make it all look complicated as it is something that one can learn and it is all worthy the time and the effort. Every serious website owner should be on the edge to drilling and finding a way to get to the top of the search results. The only thing that one should keep in mind when optimizing their website is to use only the white-hat SEO techniques since anything fishy is usually flagged and may result to a search engine penalty which may see your site disappear forever in the search engine pages (serps).

2) Social Media Traffic

Social media traffic is yet another free gift that webmasters should take full advantage of. There are over one billion people who are in one social media or another. The undying fact is that they are the same people who need to buy one or two things by the end of the day. If you are looking for the best ways on how to get more traffic to your website, then you would not like to miss out in the social media traffic craze.

How to harness traffic from the social media the easy way
First of all, one ought to know which social media sites are the best in terms of traffic. An amazing fact that one will find is that the top 5 social media sites alone has accumulated one billion users across the globe. This fact makes it easy to target and focus on where the real traffic is. The 5 top social media sites today include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus . These 5 are enough to focus on and the best way to get through is to get a working strategy on them. One will also realize that their performance will vary differently simply because they have different ways of content interactions. Despite Pinterest being the newest of them all, it has stunned marketers and media experts alike in the way it works better than its preceding competitors. It is now a proven fact that over 70% of users who use the newcomer use it for inspiration on what they want to but.
Mastering a strategy in each is a goldmine and something that everyone who is serious about getting leads and sales should be working on.

3) Press Release syndication

What better are websites without fresh content? Everyone who visits the Internet always want to get information on the latest happenings. The press release sites are the hotspots that people seek to get new information and marketers should see a good opportunity to divert traffic from these sites. Contrary to what many people may be thinking that press release sites are only for news rich sites, keeping your site content updated daily is something that has various benefits which guarantees regular and stable traffic flow to your website. Some of the top press release sites like Pr-web also syndicate their content to top sites such as Huffington-post which is good news to webmasters who seek to get high quality traffic from the press release sites.

Here is a sneak peak on what you need to know to leverage untapped traffic from press release sites;
First of all one needs to be aware that there are hundreds of press release sites out there but one should only prioritize and focus on those that have high traffic volume. However the rest may also become very important when it comes to search engine optimization since it is a way to build high quality backlinks which makes it also an indirect traffic source.

When choosing a high traffic press release, web traffic tools such as Alexa rank checker will come in handy and even help one to get a geographical analysis if they are targeting a certain location. After finalizing on the sites to focus and feed the press releases, one should get working on their content. Press release content writing is very crucial in this stage since it is the selling point that will trigger the visitors to visit your website. If you do not have enough experience in writing press releases, then hiring an experienced writer is worthy the course. Quality is the key ingredient to harnessing press release traffic and this is a crucial thing to do. Another thing that one needs to focus on is to submit to as many press release websites as possible. The more one creates a buzz in the press release sites, the better the traffic volume to the website. Press release websites are also known to be of great importance by providing quality link juice which are taken into much consideration for SEO purposes. Seeking press release traffic is a path worth trailing.

4) Purchase traffic

Purchasing website traffic is another way that is a must mention in this guide on how to get more traffic to your website. If you are not willing to spend time toiling with the SEO stuffs and social media, then you may want to consider purchasing some traffic. It is considered one of the fastest way to get traffic and conversions despite the caveat that you will have to pay for it. It should however not be a problem if you have enough to invest. There are plenty of ways that one can purchase traffic for their website and all of them vary differently in the way they perform. One important thing that one should be keen on with the use of purchased traffic is a positive conversion ratio to ensure that the return on investment (ROI) is in your favor. Some of the most common means of purchasing traffic includes; PPC (Pay Per Click), PPV (Pay Per View) and Media Buy.

How to ensure that you are getting better ROI with purchased traffic

buy traffic

If you ever want to get the best out of your purchased visitors then you should dig deep to learn and master the whole grid. Things like click through ratio and conversion ratios should be on your fingertips and you should be scaling up things working on improving every bit of it. Creating killer landing pages for the offers and products being promoted should be in your nerve and one should know how to test them and how to make them convert better. The first step with the landing pages is usually to split test them on a product or an offer before deciding on the perfect one to choose. The next thing that one will want to do is to ensure that the budget is realistic enough to yield profits in terms of conversion ratios. The earnings per click (EPC) should also outperform the cost per click (CPC) which is the money spent on advertising clicks. All these factors should be kept in mind regardless of the type of traffic purchase being employed. Doing this will ensure that one is getting a positive ROI making the whole traffic purchase a successful course.

5) Guest Posting for Traffic

If there is one old golden traffic method that is often assumed by many Internet marketers it has to be the guest posting. This should not be a new thing to Internet marketers who have been in the industry for a while but for the sake of novice marketers, here is a sneak peak of what guest posting is all about. Guest posting is a publishing strategy which involves posting an article in another person’s blog. It has not only been seen as a way to get visitors but also a way to build strong relationship with the website audience and other marketers. The idea behind this strategy is to post a quality blog post and in the end hope to hook up some readers to your website.

How to get more traffic to your website using guest posting
The most amazing thing with guest posting is that regardless of the site age the traffic can flow in without any limits. Whether you have just five posts on your blog, writing a good guest post will see your blog flood into a buzz of jammed traffic. The whole idea of legally stealing traffic lies with the way the articles appeals to the readers and if they fall in love with it, they will be inclined to follow the author link where they will land on your site. One of the most important thing that you should consider before even going ahead to focus on guest posting is to first identify the blogs that accept guest posting within your niche. It is always crucial to focus on the authority sites which receive high amount of traffic. It is like hitting a jackpot when one makes it to submit a guest post to authority sites and regardless of the age of your blog, you are already in the traffic holy grail.

Guest posting should however should not be used as a way of gaining backlinks for search engine optimization. The use of this method for search engine activities was ruled out because of the abuse that people used it. Although guest posting is a poor baklinking method, it still hasn’t lost its razor efficiency when it comes to traffic.

The above methods are the most essential ones that one should be looking forward to an answer to their quest of how to get more traffic to your website. They are what many successful authority websites use to get hold of their competition. There is no magic touch or golden secrets that they use to get on top. The only important thing is to ensure that you are doing them right and perfectly. Mastering each at a time is a good approach that will see one build an authority site without any complications.

One should also be warned to shun from any black hat techniques in any approach that they choose. Black hat techniques cost people a lot and traffic such as the ones from search engine should not be something to play around with since one can be banned and risk having their website outperformed. If you ever wanted to get on top with a good authority site that guarantees conversions, then avoid any shortcuts and just play the game as it should be played. As long as the above traffic methods are used well a traffic holy grail should be flowing like a natural mystic.

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