How To Get Traffic From Facebook in 2016

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There is no debate on whether Facebook is the real deal or not when it comes to social media. With hundreds of millions of active uses, you could be right to assume that almost everyone is on the social media. This gives marketers a golden chance to leverage high quality web visitors. In this post, we will cover 5 techniques that will help you use Facebook for the good of your business. However, before we focus on how to get traffic from Facebook, here are some important things to keep in mind.

a) Know your target audience
Regardless of whatever marketing path you take, knowing who to target is very important. You shouldn’t gamble or just seek for any kind of traffic especially if you are spending money. Making precise targets saves time and money since you will be spending on people who will most likely end up as qualified leads.

b) Build an email list
Do you want to make passive income from the traffic that you get? Well, the secret to doing this is to build an email list. Most visitors won’t buy from you from the first day, and that is a proven marketing fact. Getting your visitors to your email list, keeps them close to your and you can easily tame them and get them through you marketing funnel to become actual buyers.

c) Be persistent
If you are the kind of get rich quick kind of person, then you surely will be disappointed with many top marketing strategies, Facebook marketing included. Most marketing strategies won’t get you results in a single day or even a week. You need patience, testing and scale up before you focus on a strategy.

Getting traffic from Facebook could however be a goldmine if done right. Below are 4 killer ways to harvest traffic from Facebook in 2016 and beyond.

1. Sponsored Posts

Recent case studies have shown that getting organic traffic from Facebook has become a pain. The changes in Facebook’s algorithms have reduced the amount of traffic that webmasters get from the site. But why should you keep scratching to get little free traffic when you can buy cheap gargantuan loads of them? although not many marketers are aware of the gems from Facebook sponsored posts, it is something worth investing on. There are many advantages on taking this path. One of them is that you can purchase traffic depending on your budget which you can always start with as low as $10. And it goes without saying that every penny spent is a worthy investment.

For the best results, be sure to make the necessary targeting and settings to ensure that you are getting better leads and traffic that will convert.

2. Create Viral Posts

Nothing works better on social media than viral posts. It’s like setting fire on a sleeping lake of petrol and watching it burn. If you want to get free traffic from Facebook without spending a dime, then this could be your golden basket. But what does it take to create viral posts? There are three things that you need to do to get your content more sharable.

-Adding Humor
Who doesn’t like to laugh? Social media researchers have has shown that adding a little humor does have a positive impact on the share-ability of the content.

-Creative & Helpful
Humor alone won’t work. You need to make sure that whatever you are sharing has vital information to the end user and has been presented well.

-Write on trending topics
How better do you bait visitors that are dying for something? You simply give them what they need. Trending topics are free no-question guarantee to get solid traffic. They are in demand and if you are always keen to check out what is hot, you are in a hotbed of traffic.

3. Facebook Groups

eye-1553789_640Yet another Facebook tool that many marketers don’t give much attention is Facebook groups. There is only one downside with using Facebook groups. It’s time consuming and demands more time than any other Facebook marketing approach. However, the results are incredible and the more time you have to post on groups, the more traffic that you will get. More-so, getting traffic from niche related group is an assurance that you are getting targeted traffic. The super-trick here is to join as much groups as you can and you will get more. If you really need some quality traffic without trading your kidney, this is something worth giving a shot.

4. Optimize Your Posts

There is one thing that webmasters never adhere to when submitting posts on Facebook. The notion shouldn’t always be for the readers to see but it should also be on how they find the posts. One needs to make necessary post tweaks to let the visitors find you easily. Optimizing Facebook posts is a good way of harnessing traffic if you know how to do it. Here is a brush-up on some of the things to adhere to when posting.

-Make the post short and catchy – Long story like posts get boring most of the time and above that you spill too much information to the audience who should be getting it from your site.

-Use hash-tags (#) – People love to use hash-tags to track or find posts on a specific topic and they could easily find yours this way.

-Make them timely and newsworthy – People love fresh content, Period.

-Take advantage by publishing at non-peak times – The trick with this is that during peak hours, there are lots of posts that are posted on Facebook, and posting at non-peak hours gives you a chance to make it to the top of the feed easily.

Final Word:

Getting traffic from Facebook doesn’t have to sound like rocket science. The above strategies are all proven, although they may need some expertise and time. with a good leads funnel in place, these strategies should take you to a higher level. If you need help getting into the grind, we can help with channeling high converting traffic to your site. Check out more on our traffic packages or get in touch with us.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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