How To Get Traffic On A Website Via White Hat SEO?

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White hat SEO means search engine optimization strategies you can implement that are search engines friendly for getting your site to be ranked on to search engine results. So, how to get traffic on a website via white hat SEO?

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Well the below listed tactics will best answer this question. These tactics are approved by Google and preferred as they don’t try to game the system.


Keyword usage can be part of white hat SEO, and it is usually determined by how you plan to use it. Make sure the keywords in appear in posts, titles, image and image tags. On the hand, effective keyword SEO should be your first order of business before you attempt to carry any other real SEO in your website.

Guest Blogging

seo-1603927_640Guest blogging is another type of white hat SEO that involves contacting other bloggers, and offering to post a guest post for their blog, It is effective for networking and makes sure your writing and point of view before a new audience. Generally you are given permission to link some sort back to your website so as to allow important link juice to flow to your site.

Natural Inbound Links

Having natural inbound links is always the key. Building your own links to your website is not hard, but Google is not really happy at your ability to do this as there is no vote of quality that takes place.

Interior Linking

Do not forget to make use of interior links any time you can link to useful content anywhere in your site. This spreads the link juice around your website and also assist Google to recognize your content and which keywords to go with which pages. This also keeps traffic on your site to stay longer and minimizes your SEO bounce rate which is a plus and one of those less effective but still important Google ranking factors.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting can be overused depending on how you use it. For it to qualify to be a white SEO, it would mean leaving stock comments without going through them and commenting just for the sake of the link. You will g far if you target important blogs, be on top of their new post updates, and have well thought inducing comments which will attract more traffic to your website.

Quality Content

Regularly update quality content is crucial in white hat SEO. Google prefers fresh and updated content which one of the major reasons why WordPress assist your site to be ranked better, but they prefer quality content to be place on top of their serps as this links in the natural inbound link point and gets other webmasters to link to your content easily.

The above techniques are the most commonly applied. Note that the web has an evolutionary path. Probably in future, these techniques will change to other new techniques .But before this changes take place you have to implement the techniques that are available for your business to become successful just like other major and established online businesses.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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