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Why You Get Good Website Traffic Without Sales

Everyone who has been in the online marketing game must at some point come across that moment when they have lots of website traffic but can’t make a dime from it. Although most of us are meant to believe that once traffic is flowing, sales will then start showing, this might not be the case for many websites.

One is usually required to take the next step which is conversion ratio optimization. Conversion ration optimization (CRO) involves actions done on your website to ensure that it maximizes the traffic potential to achieve sales. Below are some of the things that one can do to optimize their web traffic and get more sales.

Utilize Heatmaps And Click Monitoring

This could be something that is new to newbies but it has been tested over and over that it works. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know the behavior of your website visitors and keep an eye on what they are focusing on when they visit your website? It is definitely something that many website owners would like. The good news is that you can do that, thanks to a number of scripts and online tools that takes visitor tracking to the next level.

Heatmaps will let you see where visitors concentrate and where they decide to quit viewing the page. You can also see where they are clicking most. This enables you to know where you need to make corrections and tweaks to get better results.

Ensure That The Content Is Of The Best Quality

How quality and catchy is the content on your website? For audiences to buy or take an action from you, the content needs to be top notch and convincing enough to make them buy from you. You need to make every single word count in your sales copy or landing page where your visitors will be visiting.

If the copy doesn’t bring enough conviction then the audiences will not make the decision that you intend them to. Sometimes hiring a copywriter to improve the wording on your landing page is a good way to ensure better conversion on your offers.

Try A-B split Testing

Something else worth giving a shot is doing A/B split testing. This is basically testing out different versions of the landing page or a lead form. It might be a bit complicated for beginners but it is a process worth learning and using.

The first step of split testing is to draft down the different pages that you are going to use. Make sure they are different but every feature is intact and fully functional. When you have made the design of the pages, the next step is to do the actual testing. You should use one landing page for a certain period of time (say 3 weeks), then after that you switch to the next landing page. You should do these keeping records and statistics of the performance of each landing page. Alternatively you can measure this by sending traffic of the same volume to each page.

It is a process that could take time depending on the number of pages that you are going to test. The results are however revealing and will help you decide on a high converting landing page.

If you find it a bit stress to come up with different versions of a single landing page, you can find lots of them out there on sale which you can use in your tests. You should however make sure that they fit perfectly on your niche.

Ensure That Your Page Loads Faster

Have you ever visited a website and before it loads you are already tired and just can’t stand waiting any longer? This is a problem that many website owners suffer and it is a factor that leads to loss of business. Gone are the ages if first generation computers where a person would wait for a page to load for 4 minutes so that they can read the content.

Nobody is willing to spend more than a few seconds waiting for a page to load and as such, you need to make sure that your website is hosted under speedy servers and gets enough resources. Checking the website bandwidth and transfer speed is something that must be done. Some of the most helpful tools that you can use includes Pingdom Speed test tool. You can also consider using the cache technology and lazy load to ensure that the page speed is optimized to its best.

Ensure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Since everyone browsing the net has at least an alternative smart device that they can use to access the internet wherever they are at any time, it is time you considered this fact keenly. There are still websites that aren’t optimized and build to load properly on mobile phones and other smart devices. Accessing these websites using devices could cause some errors and poor navigation. This makes customers confused and undecided on what to do making them leave the site without buying from you.

So how do you make your website responsive? You need to have some coding skills to make the necessary tweaks. If you cannot handle this by yourself, then you should give much thought to hiring a freelance coder to handle the job. Doing this will enable everyone accessing your website using different devices to easily navigate the site without issues and complications.


If you thought that driving traffic to a website is all you needed, then you are wrong. Making sales and getting conversion requires one to do more. Although the strategies described above are on a higher level, they have stood the test of time and proven to be invaluable strategies.

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