How Can I Get More Traffic to My Site Without Focusing on SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is an amazing and tricky formula to get traffic over time, some know how to work it out legitimately, others know how to bend the rules and even abuse it. With the internet loaded with an unimaginable amount of information and many amazing sites that deserve traffic don’t usually get to pull the right traffic. Here’s how to get more traffic without SEO mastery.

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So here are some helpful tips that will answer the questions: How can I get more traffic to my site without focusing on SEO?

Blog Commenting
We start with the idea of blog commenting, which works smoothly outside the SEO way of gaining traffic and build a simpler tone in building a traffic. There are numerous blogs on the internet that are in your niche which get thousands of visitors daily. This involves real people sharing ideas or tips about something they know and love, so the best way to do blog commenting is to carefully read the blog post. After reading you can simply add to the conversation with something meaningful or helpful, and then you can also drop your link. Drop a link relating to the post and based on your added comment you redirect some traffic to your site.

The Derek Halpern’s Technique
traffic without seoThere is a certain technique popularly called Derek Halpern Technique, which is so effective in pulling traffic it is nicknamed a social trigger. What happens is that this technique takes advantage of your competitions traffic success just like in sports that involves racing. In racing the competitor gets to stay right behind the best just so they get to deal with less air friction. Using this technique to gain traffic is very simple. Find a highly successful competitor in your niche and see where they made a post that attracted massive traffic, or where their popular post is online. Find out if that site accepts guest posts and the topics they are looking for. Become a guest blogger and pitch in a similar idea as your competition, that’s less friction and more traffic without SEO.

Another way to gain traffic without SEO is by using the site Reddit. First, do a simple research for subreddit to see the various options you have based on the types of posts, historically that get voted up to the front page. Understand the pattern that works and then create something similar using the pattern you’ve outlined and let the traffic grow. The main focus is to create useful content that is relevant to the subreddit. A high percentage of users will get to read your content and go to your website. It is also important to know and follow the rules as well as leave comments for others too.

Link to Bloggers in Your Posts
Lastly, you can simply link up to bloggers in your niche. Make sure this blogger was already popular and have a worthy number of traffic. By doing what seems like almost a charitable act of linking out to others, they will take notice of that and some would tweet about you or link back to you. It’s as simple as that and really effective, make the best of what you have and in time you will gain the right traffic you need and deserve.

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