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How To Get More Visitors On YouTube

There is no denying that YouTube is one of the best ways to get sales and make bank online. With videos taking the center-stage as the next big thing on the internet, webmasters and internet marketers should also be shifting their focus and using YouTube and other video sites to harness the full profit potential. However, getting started with video marketing might not give you good results especially if you are still beginner and don’t have much experience with it.

You should however not worry much about this since we cover all you need to know to use YouTube successfully. Below we share some of the best ways to get more people to see your video in which you market your products and services.

Naming The Video Should Be Accurate

While we can just name videos any fancy name that we think of, you should also consider giving it an eye catching title that will captivate and make people want to watch it. YouTube videos greatly rely on click throughs and the better your title is, the more clicks and visitors you get to your videos. However, be sure to not over-exaggerate as this would piss people off which could in turn earn your video thumbs downs. Some people never even care to label their videos but instead just upload them the way they were originally recorded.

Do Keyword Research

Most of us create videos and expect to start getting tons of people to see it overnight. While this can happen, it is only for people who have built their subscriber list over time. If you are still new and struggling then you should consider doing a thorough keyword research so that you can know what many people are searching for.

Instead of just guessing keywords, using keyword research tools will help you to dig up low competition keywords as well as the highly searched ones, therefore giving you a chance to harness tons of traffic to your videos.

Optimize Your Videos For Better Search

We all know how it works to find a video on YouTube. You input the search term on the YouTube search engine and you get a list of results related to the term that you searched. The order used in displaying these results is based on the relevance and how well that video has been optimized. To get the best results and reach out to many audiences, there are several things that you need to ensure are checked.

To start with, the keyword should appear in the title and the description of the video. You should however not overstuff it with keywords but ensure that keywords are naturally used in context. Next, you should make sure that the tagging is well optimized with the right keywords. The use of annotations is a must if you are looking to increase more views on your video. Also the more tags you use, the higher the ranking potential of your video. You should consider checking how your competing videos are optimized so that you can do better.

Create Playlists

When it comes to capturing the attention of people, you have to do it smartly and when it comes to YouTube marketing, you can effectively use the power of playlists to keep your audiences engaged.

This approach also increases the chances of getting more people to subscribe to your channel which is good for the long term. YouTube allows people to create playlists from videos on the platform even if you do not own them. This makes it the perfect opportunity for one to capture more audiences by listing some of the most relevant and related videos. The fact that it takes just a few mouse clicks is something that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Share Your Videos On Social Media

YouTube is a huge platform and launching your video on the site will attract a lot of people. Although you can get even thousands in a short span depending on how viral your video is, giving it an extra kick will get you better results. The good thing is that you need no initial investment to share your videos in the social media sites. Within just a few mouse clicks you are up and your videos are sending you tons of traffic.

You can also ask influencers to share your video if it is an informative one and can be relied as a resource. Depending on the quality and how informative the video is, you can get lots of influencers sharing it with their readers either on social media or through their blogs.

Comment On Other Channels And Videos

Yet another approach that you can employ to get more views to your own video is to comment on other videos that are related to yours. YouTube also allows you to drop another video link on the comments which makes it easy for you to get more traffic to your clips.

Among the best practices to get the best out of this strategy is to focus on bigger channels and those that are within your niche and gets updated regularly. This ensures that you will be getting both quality traffic that are interested in your video as well as those that translate to better conversions.

Ask Viewers To Like, Share And Subscribe

Sometimes your own audiences can help you get more traffic to your videos and the only thing that you need to do is to ask them. Anyone who has owned a YouTube channel and amassed a huge subscriber list will tell you that asking viewers to like and subscribe at the end of the video is something that works all the time. You will also realize that videos that have lots of views usually have a note asking the viewers to subscribe or share the video.

Final Word:

Videos are slowly taking over the internet and marketers are realizing that there is huge potential with them. Staring at the camera for a few minutes could be very lucrative than the old fashioned content writing that could take you hours to write. The above tips are effective in boosting your YouTube traffic.

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