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Do you have an eCommerce website that you have been running? If you have been running the website for some time, then you might have already understood the traffic and how it works. Of course, it is not what many of use have always thought it for the and that s why most of the amateur marketers end up failing without anything to show for it. In fact, research has it that over 75% of eCommerce websites and businesses fail due to lack of knowledge on how to approach the marketing for these sites.

On the other side of the scale, getting eCommerce traffic doesn’t always have to be hard as many would put it. With the right approach, you can reap all the benefits and lean the secrets that many successful eCommerce marketers are using to crash their competition and make big bucks online. In this comprehensive guide, we have covered some of the best Ecommerce traffic strategies that one can implement and get good results from it.

Site Performance Is Crucial

Perhaps the first thing that you need to ensure is spot on before you even think about anything else is the site performance and this includes the site speed, navigation and many things that will ease the customer’s experience while they are shopping or going through the site. Imagine having to deal with a site that takes 3 minutes to load. Wouldn’t that be a nightmare to your users? Ecommerce sites are not like the normal websites and blogs, and they need to be extra fast, or else you are going to lose a lot in the end. Nobody is willing to wait for the page to load so that they can buy and they could just end up on another competitor site instead.

Below are some of the steps and measures that you can always take to ensure that your site has a good performance.

Good Hosting – Hosting is always the first thing that you should always look into when you are looking to improve the performance of your website. If the server is slow or has little resource allocation, then you shouldn’t expect high experience from it.  No customer would ever want to visit a site that loads long or end up on an error page.

Page Caching Is A Must – Of course an eCommerce website will have lots of images and most of the images will be huge which could take a lot of time to load as it slows the site. Caching technology is one of the well-known approach that helps improves the user experiences by utilizing the browser’s temporary storage. One can use plugins or scripts to implement page caching on their website.

Always Work On Improving Page Speed– There are many other factors that can slow down the page speed and how the website loads in general and as such, you should always ensure that you check and optimize the site to run fast and improve the user’s experience. Switching to a responsive page is also something that you ought to consider as it will help improve how one easily navigates through the pages and make a sale easily.

Use Social Media Wisely

Social media can make or break your website, depending on how you strategize and make use of it. There are plenty of marketing  opportunities hidden in the top social media sites and only the marketers that have a good strategy can reap them and get results from it. One thing that we all have to agree is that social media keeps changing and the one we have today isn’t the same that was in the past 5 years. Lots of things have changed including the way targeting is done. Also, one should understand that apart from having billions of active users, the social media sites have the details of the users which plays a big role in reaching out to targeted customers. You need to check out and get some of the best working and actionable social media strategies to get the best out of it.

Media Buying Has Proven To Work

Media buying is yet another thing that no eCommerce marketer should miss out on. It has stood the test of time and proven to be excellent in every way. Every experience marketer will always tell you that running an eCommerce website without putting in a realistic amount of money to spend can be considered useless and a waste of time. While many people who start are always low on budget, you need to understand that you are competing with big giants like Amazon, Ebay and Wal-Mart who spend a lot of money for the top spot. With that in mind, you need to have something substantial, otherwise, your chances of succeeding online are very slim.

Media buying is the way to go if you are still getting started and do not know much about marketing strategies like the PPC and other forms of advertising.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

traffic without seoSEO is the prime marketing approach that is used by over 80% of successful internet marketers today and that is for many reasons. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have been sending traffic to millions of sites every single day and you too can be among them. It is considered to be one of the best ways to get traffic, especially if you a marketer that is looking for long term, free and highly targeted traffic. It however doesn’t come easy as we like to say it. A lot of effort is required to make this approach work and without that, you will be surprised with how easy it is to fail in the SEO game. With the right strategies like white hat approach, you are sure to get some solid long term results.

Final Word:

Above are some of the crucial and handy strategies that anyone can use to win int he eCommerce game. It has been used by many and has proven to work time and time again.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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