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As international electronic commerce company in the United States, Amazon has become a huge and exciting place for people who own an online business who wants to boost their sales and make more customer networks. eBay is also an e-commerce company that provides a “consumer to consumer” sales service online – “a place to buy and a great place to sell” as some people dub it .

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The two companies have been two of the world’s most famous attractions for online marketers nowadays. The downside of the sites being so popular is the competition among people that has been so dense that new comers find it hard to enter and be at par with others. This article will help you on getting started with selling at Amazon and eBay and become successful in the process! Amazon and eBay are somewhat different in their approach and so I will introduce different tips on how to get started with selling in the particular sites.

When it comes to eBay, there are several ways for you get started and make a big impact as a new entrepreneur. The first thing you need to consider is having professional quality photographs of your products. Remember that a picture is really worth a thousand words, so take this as an advantage for you to make high-quality pictures of your products so that people will be able to see vividly as to what you are selling. Customers are drawn to good pictures.

A high quality picture means a high quality listing. This means that for you to start selling in eBay, you need to have a powerful listing. These include combining all search engine friendly phrasing and at the same time provide concrete details about your product.

Another thing you need to consider is to know the real worth of your product. In order for you to be competitive, you need first to do a little research on similar products on eBay and follow the process of bidding and know the price of your competitors.

You should also learn everything about shipping. It’s not enough to rely on simple methods of shipping. You must find the best shipping method so that you can stand out among others. Consider expense and reliability of the shipping and then specify your method in your eBay listing.

amazonAfter figuring out the best shipping options, you should also provide potential bidders with a full slate of payment options. Yes, this includes credit cards and the like. The more payment options you can offer to your prospective bidders, the more bidders will be attracted to your selling, thus making you stand out among your competitors.

The most important thing you need to do is to be business-like. This means that you should act professionally and provide supreme customer service that can really satisfy buyers. In this way, you will be able to build your reputation and become more successful.

Amazon on the other hand, also contains great competition among sellers. For you to get started, you must strive to stand out. You can also apply some of the tips provided in the eBay portion and incorporate them as a seller on Amazon.

When you sell on Amazon, you should first make sure that your product must be listed. Be guided that Amazon determines the order of the seller offers list by how competing offers there are and how competitive the pricing is.

As a starter, you first need to start by selling in a low-competition item in order for you to boost your ranking as a seller. This is an important step because generally, the more sellers there are the harder it is to climb on top. This happens on high-competition products, thus you need to work first in low competition. If not, then try offering a very competitive price on a popular product. Be lower as much as possible than your competitors’ pricing.

Communication is also one of the keys for you build reputation on Amazon. This includes delivering your product in a timely manner and giving your customers updates. Always work this way so that you will have a long and positive selling history with Amazon which will pave way for more customers and the potential to obtain one of the top spots.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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