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How To Use Guest Blogging To Generate High Quality Traffic

It is almost impossible to imagine a world without blogs given the fact that most of the information that people seek are found in blogs. From an internet marketer’s perspective, blogs serve as traffic magnets which hook and engage audience. Every marketer knows that traffic is the backbone of any online business and without it, a business will fail. Besides being a traffic acquisition method, guest blogging also helps build online brand and authority really fast.

In this guide, we will look at guest blogging and how to use it perfectly to build an online empire using it.

Focus on High Quality Authority Blogs

When you want to build an authority website, you should first start by focusing your attention on the big blogs that are already rated top. But how do you know which ones are quality blogs? Although it is easy for most people to point out an authority website, here are some of the things that you can check out to determine a website’s authenticity and authority.

Age of the website— Good authority websites always have the age factor and the best way to do this is to analyze the domain.

The content quality – You can as well peruse through the front page of a website and you will get an idea on how a reliable a website is.

Social media activeness – with social media taking the center-stage engaging every niche online, it is obvious that a good authority site will have a good social media following enough to create a buzz.

Using online analysis tools – there are plenty of web tools which you can use to gauge a website’s authority to determine whether it is worthy or not.

With these few authority factors in your checklist, you can be rest assure that you will be getting some high quality traffic from the websites.

Stay Within Your Own Niche

There is one big mistake that almost every newbie marketer does, and that is focusing on general niche for guest posting. Although one can easily get blogs accepting them for guest posts, it is important to note that it isn’t only about getting just any kind of traffic but high quality ones that is targeted. Getting targeted traffic from related website will increase the conversion rate of your leads and sales.

By way of example; assuming that you run a website that markets gift cards and you target a general niche blog to publish your post. People with different interests frequent the general site, each with a specific interest. Although you may find a few people who might be interested in gift cards, they rarely end up buying them. In simple terms, targeting a general niche is a gamble that won’t give impressive results. The results won’t be compared with someone who would have focused on a gift blog where most audiences are interested in gift ideas and such.

Ensure That the Quality Of The Articles Are Excellent

Everybody wants their blog to be informative and not to be filled with junky crap which is meaningless to the end user. Just as you would like to post great content on your website, you should also craft high quality posts for your guest blogging campaigns. Every blog also have their writing style which you should adopt and get inspiration on how the content should be. While this can be a bit tricky, most blog owners do offer to write the blog post on your behalf and post it for you. This is the best option, though it will cost you more. You can also opt to find your own writer and give them instructions on how the post should appear.

Doing this will ensure that your post not only gets published but it will also attract more attention from that website’s users. You will also enjoy the social advantage and depending on the quality of the post, you stand a chance of drawing in lots of traffic from the social media sites.

Think Company Blogs

blog-1513528_640Depending on the niche that you are in, company blogs could be the perfect place to build relationships. Company blogs aren’t so flooded and overused by many markets making it a good spot to start. Why does this work? Most companies do not have time to keep updating their blog and if you step in and tell them the importance of regularly updating their blog, you can stand a chance to write for them. This gives you the golden chance to reach out to the company’s audiences and woo them by channeling them to your site.

Since you will be focusing on niche related company blogs, the quality of traffic will be perfect and of the right quality.

Reach Out To As Many Blogs As Possible

Perhaps the most interesting thing with guest blogging is that it has no limit and your efforts determine how far you will go and how much traffic will flow to your website. You are the boss and your efforts will determine your success with guest blogging. Every niche is wide on its own having thousands of websites to exploit and reach out to.

Another thing that you may want to do is to regularly post on blogs that you have been accepted before. It is much easier to submit to a blog that you have posted to earlier and there is no harm in doing that. You can always try out different keywords and twists to increase the chances of landing on many more blogs.


With the above tips in mind, it is now time to take action and reach out to high trafficked blogs. Guest blogging is a powerful traffic acquisition method and if used well, it can generate thousands of traffic. Regardless of whether your website is new, guest blogging is something that you should give a try.

If you feel that guest blogging is too much and need a quick traffic formula that gets you results instantly, then why not check out web traffic packages. With many professional marketers on board, you can start making sales and conversions from your website today.

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