Guest Blogging Traffic Steps & Best Practices For Beginners

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If you have been in the online marketing game then Guest blogging, which is otherwise known as guest posting is a common term that you come across every time. If you are however a newbie and just getting started and don’t know much about it, then this post is for you. Guest posting is one of the best ways to market an online business, website or brand online, and you can almost be certain of the results later. It is basically the process of writing a blog post on someone else blog or website, hence the term “guest blogging”

So what do you need to succeed with guest blogging and where do you start? Here are some of the steps and best practices that every beginner in online marketing should follow to boost their site traffic which will lead to more sales.

Find Guest Post Targets (Outreach)

the first step is to find guest posting targets. These are the websites and blogs that you believe are the best fit to write for. There are a number of known ways that one can use to find the right sites. First, you can start with searching on the search engines like Google and Bing using specific keywords that better defines your niche. You can learn of certain search strings that usually come in handy when using search engines.

The other option you have is to use social media to find out the best trending sites in your niche and reach out to their owners.

When you have these sites, list them down along with the corresponding contacts of the owners. Next, you need to start contacting the site owners. This process if called outreach and it involves pitching the owners and asking them if you can write a post on their site about a specific topic that you think the audiences of that site will enjoy and find informative. You should repeat this with all the sites and eventually you will get some responding positively accepting your pitch.

Get Your Guest Post Ready

Once you have been accepted, the blog owners might specify a topic for you or give you the freedom to write your own the way you like it. While writing the post, be sure to sound authoritative and knowledgeable of the topic and this will make the readers believe and trust you as a solid source of information. The content written should however be up to date and very accurate.

Adding a little humor and making the whole post interesting to read is also something that you may want to consider. People love reading funny side of things and that is your chance.

When it comes to ending the post, finish with a bang and ask the readers to share the post. This will get more people to read the post.

Follow Back & Respond to Every Comment

Depending on the size of the blog that you have posted on, be sure to expect some good responses from the reader through the comments on that site. It is always a good idea to always respond to these comments as it helps the readers understand and get answers to questions they have pertaining the topic. It is also the best chance for you to prove your prowess in the area. This will help you hook them and win them as your followers and they will eventually land on yr site and hopefully end up buying and becoming your regular customers.

Guest Posting Best Practices

Here are some of the things that will help you boost your guest posting and ensure that you are getting the bets from it.

Stick to your niche – It is always very important to ensure that you are working with sites that are strictly in your niche. You don’t want to go marketing your pet products in an automotive blog because there wont be anyone interested.

Give it your best – The next thing you want to do is to give it your best. From reaching out to more blogs to writing the guest posts to your best knowledge, everything needs to be spot on.

Don’t forget to link – the primary purpose of guest posting is to give you traffic and this is usually done thorough the link you use on the content. Some blogs might not allow you to link on the body of the content but they give you the chance to link through the author byline, in whichever case, do not forget to link you your website or blog.

Focus on authority blogs with lots of traffic – The other thing that you must keep in mind is that the traffic you generate will depend on the authority of the blog you have posted on. Authority blogs have more traffic than newer ones and this should be in your mind when reaching out.

Final word:

We all need web traffic to be successful online and there are hundreds of ways that one can start using to generate the much needed traffic. Unfortunately, not all traffic sources bring good results and only a few are proven to work. Guest blogging is one of these proven techniques and this posts contains all you need to know as a beginner on how to get started and start generating traffic easily using the strategy. We’ve made it easy to understand and follow making it easy peasy for every newbies out there. Internet marketing pros can also borrow some few pointers to enhance their guest posting strategies.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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