How To Get More Traffic With Facebook Ads

In the internet marketing arena where competition is growing stiffer and stiffer every day from almost every niche, webmasters need to find ways and tricks to make it. Among some of the best known web traffic approaches is using social media ads and Facebook is arguably the best to do this. But there is  a lot of competition too. So how does one make it big with Facebook ads? In this guide, we will go through some of the best ways to advertise on Facebook and get swarms of traffic without breaking the bank.

Use Shoutouts More

Shout outs is perhaps the best way to advertise especially if you are getting started with advertising. There is lower competition on Shoutouts because you can reach out to specific page owners and you can pay them based on their follower base and how much they are social. Different influencer will quote different pricing which means that you can find good deals and a variety to compare. You also have a chance to negotiate with the influencer which is something that doesn’t come by in online advertising.

Another reason why you would want to do Shoutouts is because they are laser targeted as you can reach to niche specific people. This means you will get more sales and conversions and the good thing with all that is you don’t have to break the bank. Shoutouts is recommended to anyone who is still new to online advertisements.

Bid On Long Term Keywords

Facebook search is increasingly becoming popular and as people grow, the use of the Facebook search engine is also gaining traction among internet marketers. The biding game in almost every paid platform is a tricky one and you need to be extra cautious or you could end up blowing your budget in no time.

To get an easy way around it, you should focus on keywords that are less competitive and those are long tail keywords. They will be more cheaper to bid for and although it may not have a lot of traffic, you can gather tons of them and get swarms of traffic easily.

Focus On Pay Per Click Basis

There are various ways of advertising online and one of the best known is pay per click. Here you only pay when people click on the advertisement and visit your landing page. Unlike pay per impression which can end without getting you any traffic to your page, this is a good approach. Facebook offers pay per click which you should hop into if you need a quicker and high performing traffic. Just be sure to set you targeting right and also not to overbid.

You can choose to either go with the per click basis or impression based advertising module when advertising with Facebook. However, you need

Adopt Engagement Based Module

There is also a newer way of advertising on Facebook which is the engagement module. With this, you will be charged based on how your advertisement is shared and how people interact with it. It is usually a much affordable option and a good recommendation for beginners. Although it isn’t as good as pay per click, you will surely be getting a good return on your investment since it tends to be more affordable.

Video adverts are something that has shown dramatic results when used in the engagement module. This is something that you should consider using

Just be sure to create irresistible videos that will capture the attention of the users. This will make your video go viral and will even continue after your advertisement has ended. This means that you will spend less and get tons of visitors to your site with just that simple video advertisement.

More Facebook Advertising Tips

social mediaWhichever advertising option you opt to use, be sure to always stay within your niche. Targeting is the key to succeeding in online advertising and without proper targeting you might end up with poor results and end up spending too much money without anything to show for it.

Keep track of your ad performance and know how you ads are doing. You should see a positive graph on your sales in relation to the ad spend. If you are not getting good results from the ad, you should stop it and focus on another that is converting.

Focus on building your brand rather than getting instant sales. Getting sales instantly from your first advert aren’t going to come by easily. Instead, you should put more focus on building brand and following so that people can come back again. It is a known fact that repeat traffic are those that end up buying.

Be sure to use captivating titles and wordings on you adverts to get better results. Call to action says a lot and might in some cases reduce the cost of the ad spending when done right.

Another thing worth considering is to divert the traffic to a landing page and capture them on your email list. This way you can pitch them and send them sales letters later which will increase the rate of returns.

Final word:

Facebook is one of the bets platforms and the most visited site on the globe and internet marketers should use it as a tool to tap traffic to their website. Many webmasters are already using it, but not to its full potential. Only a fraction of internet marketers are using paid ads on Facebook for their marketing. Surprisingly and unlike what many people think, Facebook marketing isn’t expensive and it has impressive return on investment if you do it right.

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