How To Effectively Use Email Marketing To Get Traffic In 2017

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Email marketing has been around since the internet was still young and gaining traction. It has however continued to show impressive progress over the years and up to date, it still is one of the most important internet marketing arsenals that one can have. As the guru marketers say “the money is in the list”, there is a reason. Once you have a good list of targeted prospects, half the job of making sales has been done and the rest is super easy.

To help you get the ball rolling and make email marketing work for you, here are some of the best actionable strategies to use.

Make the Subscription Process A Painless One

Among some of the biggest mistakes that many internet marketers do when they are capturing subscribers to their email marketing funnel is how they present their landing pages. The landing page or splash page need to be as simple as possible and you need to use the best call to action to capture more subscribers. You should also consider using some valuable products in you niche to bait in more people. Doing this will increase the subscription rate and speed the growth of your list.

Consider Email Swaps With Other Industry Leaders

Among some of the best kept email marketing secrets that you will come across is email swaps. An email swap is when you exchange sharing or sending newsletters with experts in your niche. To explain this in detail, you will share a newsletter belonging to another internet marketer with your list and they will do the same on their end as well. This will help you both reach out to new prospects that you haven’t come across before.

You can do as many email swaps with as many experts as you can, but make sure to maintain a realistic schedule.

Avoid Spam – Give Subscribers What They Want

The reason why you got the subscribers to your list is because they needed something that you offered them, and you should stick to providing them exactly that. If you have ever subscribed to an email list, then you must have come across those that mean nothing to you and you probably just sent them to spam box. Now that you are on the serving end, you need to make sure that your subscribers do not rubbish your newsletters and send them to the spam. A good email marketing strategy comprises of a legit system that keeps their subscribers engaged with good quality content.

Stick To A Regular But Realistic Newsletter Routine

Email marketing, just like any other marketing strategy should be implemented and run equally. Most people despise email marketing and think of it as a lesser marketing approach. The truth of the matter is, you will get results based on the effort and input that you put into your marketing. Already many people are using email marketing as their primary means of getting traffic and leads.

Building a huge list is also not everything and is just part of the work. To get the best results, you need to create a realistic time schedule that you will be following and sending your newsletters. Without a good routine, you could as well end up losing many subscribers as many will find it too much or too little than they expected.

Make The Newsletter Sharable

Again, if you are a subscriber of some of the major gurus in you niche, you will realize some things and among them is the social media icons which lets you share the newsletter with your friends. This is a must have feature in today’s world of email marketing. It could easily send your newsletter to go viral and get you a lot of website traffic that you didn’t even expect. You should therefore consider adding shareable icons of the top social media sites.

You need to also become a subscriber to some of you competitors so that you can borrow their approaches and spy on how they are running their email marketing. Being on their email list is one good way of doing this since you can see everything they do to their subscribers.

Allow Subscribers To Respond To Your Newsletters And Respond To Them

The best way to capture the attention of other people is to communicate and interact with them. Although most of us never think of communicating with their subscribers, it is a proven fact that keeping your customers close boosts the trust that you have which translates to better conversion rates.

You can always ask your subscribers to get in touch with you and also enable the reply functionality so that you can get to hear what they have to say and you can respond to their concerns. Allowing them to air their voices will also let you know what you need to stress and put across so that they can understand and increase the chances of them buying from you.

Always Track Your Findings And Performance Analysis

What is internet marketing without tracking? To know what to do and set everything rolling, you need to make analytical and result oriented strategies which guide you in decision making. There are dozens of tools which you can use to easily monitor and track your email marketing. Most email marketing softwares such as Aweber and Getresponse have these extra features.

Final Word:

It is a known fact that a very minimal among of first time web traffic will end up converting. This means that you need to have return visitors to your website. Email marketing is one of the best when it comes to getting back your traffic and having them reconsider the product. With a good sales funnel, you can make bank easily. With the strategies discussed in this post, you can easily build a traffic empire that will skyrocket your business.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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