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There is no doubt that e-commerce sales are exploding and that’s just how the world is tilting. More people are turning to a more convenient shopping experience where they prefer to shop at the comfort of their living room. This presents a good opportunity for many e-commerce stores to dive right in and make big bucks. However, it isn’t as easy as many people think. Most marketers fail because they do not have enough budget to run their advertisements which is something that has led to many Ecommerce sites failing. However, there are many ways to generate Ecommerce traffic without spending a dime on advertisements, and that is what we will go through on this post. Here we go!

Can You Really Get Ecommerce Traffic Without Advertising?

The Ecommerce market has seen a sharp rise in the past which is estimated to be a staggering 25% increase annually. The sharp skyrocketing has been attributed to the technology and internet of things where almost every smart device is interlinked, letting people do more. It is further expected to increase by billions to the margin in the coming years which is why this is the market that you need to be in. Although it is hard to beat the competition without a good budget, you don’t have to spend a fortune doing it. 

Big Ecommerce sites pump money to kick out their competitors and this can be a big problem if you are still getting started because you will run out of money to keep up with the competition. The good news however, is that there are plenty of strategies that one can adopt, and they really work against the big boys. 

Referral Traffic

One of the best ways that one can get tons of Ecommerce traffic to their website is by referrals. Research has it that most people buying stuff from a website are referrals from either family or friends who have shopped there before. It is therefore important for any Ecommerce website to have a system where people can rate the products they have bought and also easily share the link with their friends and families with ease. Research also shows that it is much easier to retain a customer that is gotten from referrals than usual customers. Creating a system that is easy for customers to recommend your products is a good way that will get you good success. 

Besides been a very effective and proven strategy, it is also a free one where one doesn’t have to spend a dime to et the traffic. Even better, it has been proven that there are 25% more chances of having referral traffic sticking more as compared to any other type of traffic. 

Besides just getting referrals from friends and family, one should also think of it from a growth point. Family and friends will no send thousands of referral traffic, so one needs to come up with a strategy to get lots of traffic though referral. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do this and among them is to use special plugins that will capture the attention of visitors. One of the plugins to use is exit pop which pops up when a user tries to leave the website. Here you can give visitors discounts for referring people or when they have already bought something from your Ecommerce website. It is an approach that many expert marketers are using, and many of those who have used it would swear by it. 

Social Media

ecommerce traffic social media

Social media is undeniably one of the best internet marketing strategies there has ever been. Perhaps one of the best things about it is that it comes free and only takes a short while for any beginner to learn and come up with a strategy to start generating high quality traffic from it. There are billions of users flocking social media sites every month and the only way that you can get hold of them is by strategizing and coming up with an approach to generate qualified leads from these sites. 

The best ways to approach social media marketing is by focusing on a few top visited social media sites. You may want to consider going with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest in that case. One should also focus on building strong relationship with the users rather than trying to push for hard sells and doing aggressive marketing. Although you can sell uprightly, it is always recommended to build a follower base first. This will not only give you a bigger market to concentrate on but also become more trustworthy in the eyes of the audiences. And this will lead to better conversion rate on the traffic that you get.

You can also consider installing social media plugins on your site which will make it easier for people to share and refer other people. Social media can be a powerful approach that one will love but it needs one to have a straightforward strategy in order to succeed doing it. 

Site Speed & On-Page Optimization

Among the most ignored yet important things that one should always keep in mind is the site speed. Nobody is going to stand there waiting a whole minute for the website to load. So, would you rather wait to see audiences and traffic leave and shop elsewhere or would you fix the issue? Of course it is something that you need to fix, unless you want to fail with your Ecommerce marketing. Many people may start asking themselves the relationship between speed and getting more Ecommerce traffic, and the answer lies with the big search engines who are always looking for something good for their customers. Search engines like Google are always looking to give users the best experience and that means serving them with the best results. This includes pages that loads up fast without taking away their time and energy. This is yet another reason why you should always focus on getting your pages to load up fast. 

There are several ways that one can use to sped up their website and load up much faster. First, you have to host it somewhere there is enough resource allocation. This way you can always be sure that you have recurring customers and audiences who are ready to trust you and in most cases will always buy products and services from you. 

Optimizing and cleaning up your site code is also very important when it comes to achieving good speed for your website. You also need to compress images to speed the loading time and make your site more easy to access and navigate by the visitors. Lastly, but most importantly, you need to use website caching technology which ensures that the pages are also well stored on the browser so that they can load up when they are needed. This ensures that little resources are used and this is something that has been proven to work over and over in increasing site speed. 

Search Engines

Search engines like Google can present a good opportunity for anyone who is willing to grab that chance. As long as people still use search engines like Google and Bing o find products and services online, optimizing your website for these search engines is something that you need to continuously do to achieve your goals. It does not cost a dime to rank your website and start generating high quality Ecommerce traffic. In fact, most traffic that Ecommerce websites get are mostly sourced from search engines. People go to the search engines, put in the keyword and get results that they need. If your Ecommerce website happens to be among the top, then you are selling big and you stand to crash tons of your competitors on your way.

The only downside with search engine as a means of Ecommerce traffic is that it can take a long time trying to rank for the right keywords which means that relying on it demands one to have that patience. You will also have to master a thing or two about search engine algorithms and stick only to the strict rules of optimization, lest you get penalized for whatever goes against the rules.

Upsells & Recommendation Plugins

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If you are looking to make tons of sales on your Ecommerce website, then perhaps the ingredient you need most lies just on your site optimization. Upsells have proven to be among the most important ways to market your site to more people and push more products. So, what exactly are upsells? Upsells are recommended products which are usually bought together with the product that the buyer seeks. Every major online retail store has implemented this an has proven to work so effectively that it would be a mistake to not have it on the site. 

Recommendation extensions and plugins are similar to upsells, only that they are specifically for recommending various products based on different parameters such as the popularity of the product been bought. It has also proven to be very effective in increasing Ecommerce website conversions. If that sounds like something that you want to have, then you probably should. 

The good thing about implement in an upsell or recommendation plugins on the site is that it is very easy and anyone can do it regardless of their experience. Installing them is as easy as installing any other plugin and you are good to go. There are tons of plugins and addons that are fee to use which offer this kind of integration an this is a surefire way of getting your  Ecommerce traffic to convert well. 

Final Verdict

E-commerce is taking over and it is revolutionizing the way people do their shopping. But only a few Ecommerce sites with good strategies will survive and get the best results out of their marketing. Shared above are some for the ways to win in the online game where there are lots of competition scramming for customers. The strategies are a testament that you don”t have to spend big bucks to win the Ecommerce game.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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