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Pinterest used to be an underrated search engine with so many advanced features, but more people started using it day by day. And don’t be surprised because it indeed is a search engine since many people think of it as social media. A lot of different industry widely uses it and it’s hugely beneficial for eCommerce. We’re here to talk about how this amazing site works and how to get more Pinterest traffic through your site.

How To Get Started

If you’re looking for ways to get vast traffic for your website through Pinterest, you’ve come to the right place. Similar to any search engine on the internet, Pinterest has the same simple goal and that is to provide the users to find content and other resources as well. Of course, even the goal is simple, Pinterest does more than just pointing out the resources users want. You can pretty much share content on Pinterest and that’s another plus point for this amazing search engine. There are multiple strategies you can take to grow the traffics for your website through Pinterest and one of the most used strategies is using hashtags. Now, this is the easiest and smallest strategy as well but it sure does work properly, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. When you post content using your brand hashtag, anyone can follow everything your brand has to offer on the content you post. And that’s how anyone can dig deeper without any issues making it very user-friendly as well. But we’ll talk more about how to get more Pinterest traffic through your website right below.

Make Resourceful Pins

The old Pinterest was a bit different in how they showed the pinned feed to the users but that all changed since 2016. Back then, they created a different type of algorithm which pretty much changed the entire Pinterest pin showing methods and that’s not all. The algorithm pretty much redirects more pins that are related to blog posts with better resources. And that became the main focal point of the new Pinterest algorithm which changed it for the better of the users. Even if your pin consists of attractive pictures but it doesn’t redirect the users to relevant resources, it won’t get any traffic. And users won’t even find those pins and that’s why it’s extremely recommended that you create resourceful blog content for your website.

Gain Followers

You’ll have to target for gaining new followers and that should be one of the most important strategies you’ll have to take. Having a huge amount of followers won’t necessarily increase your web traffic but it’ll certainly help a lot. Your main goal here should be creating resourceful pins so that it can attract new followers to follow. You can always create relevant pins for your target audience so that it can attract the audience more easily. And by doing that, Pinterest itself will suggest your pins to your target audience helping you to gain followers faster than usual.

Proper Keywords

You’ll have to provide relevant and well-researched keywords to your pins so that it gets suggested by the Pinterest algorithm to your target audience. When you use proper board names and keywords, it’ll start showing up to non-followers in the “Picked For You” and they’ll start noticing it pretty soon. Remember that choosing the right board and using relevant titles are the main key area you should use to reach more people. Using creative board names or titles won’t exactly help you get more traffic, it’ll do the complete opposite of what we’re trying to achieve here. That’s why using relevancy should be your main focus on getting non-followers to follow you.

And as we already know that Pinterest is not a social media and more of a search engine, that’s why you also have to treat is as one. This is why your focus should not be on gaining more followers but increasing the relevancy of your pins. Whenever you make pins that redirect to blog posts on your website, you’ll have to make sure that the pin has to have multiple keywords in the description area.

Guided Search

Yet another way on how to get more Pinterest traffic is to focus on guided search. This is one of the most useful tools you can use from Pinterest and that’s not all. You can pretty much search for the types of keywords people are using and you can add them to your pin descriptions. As we’ve stated multiple times, the key to gain publicity is to use relevancy to your pins.

Group Board

In the old days on Pinterest, joining group boards was the easiest solution if you wanted to get more traffic on your pins. It doesn’t work the same way but it’s not completely obsolete and can be hugely beneficial if you’re just starting. Joining group boards can still help your pins to reach a maximum amount of target audience and gain a lot of traffic along the way. It’s a great starting point and it can pretty much help you reach more than thousands of users for your content. Finding the right group boards can surely help you reach your core audience faster than usual if you’re just starting.

Rich Pins

Using rich pins is another popular strategy that you can take for gaining extra traffic and they’re hugely beneficial. Now you’re probably wondering about what they are and if they’re too much complicated. Fear not, cause it’s another easy strategy you can take to gain more traffic on your pins and website.  These kinds of pins consist of detailed data that you can pretty much use on your pins to gain popularity in Pinterest feed among your relevant audience. You can find a lot of different types of rich pins and the most popular of them are products, articles, and places. Rich pins also have useful meta descriptions to allow you to filter the best quality traffic.

Final Word

Over time, gaining social media followers can be very hard and it only gets harder. But unlike social media sites, Pinterest doesn’t work the same way and that’s not all. With Pinterest, it’s more likely to benefit you slowly but surely. Keeping patience and being stubborn is one of the main key ideas you can apply and it’ll surely be helpful. You can alternatively pay Pinterest for promoting your pins and get the most traffic very fast. But of course, you can always get organic traffic by just providing high-quality valuable resources and stick with it patiently.

Hopefully our guide on how to get more Pinterest traffic is resourceful. You can also check out our web traffic packages that will help you get traffic and conversions much faster.

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