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Cost Per Install (CPI) is a cost per action model where affiliates make money by advertising applications. When an application is installed on a device, the affiliate is credited with a certain amount. CPI has grown to be among the top income earners for online marketers. It is praised for being high yielding and easy to get started with.

However, getting conversions might not be as easy as most people perceive it to be. Traffic acquisition is something that many affiliate marketers have had to go through. That’s why in this post we will cover how to get targeted CPI traffic that gets you high conversions.

Top 7 sources for buying traffic for your CPI campaigns

Pop Under Traffic

If you have been on the internet markeketing game or have been browsing for a while then pop ups aren’t anything new to you. Simply they are advertisement windows which are triggered when you visit other websites. They pop up and stay behind the active window. So when one is done and closes their current session, they find these pop up windows waiting for them to view. Although most people find these pop ups to be irritating, the majority don’t mind as sometimes they come bearing goodies they are interested on.

Among some of the advantages with pop up advertisements is that they are very cheap and easy to set up. Most of the advertising agencies do not also have any strict requirements.

However there is also a downside. You need to have mastered tricks in pop unders or else it could end up being costly to you.

Contextual Paid Traffic

There are many ways to get traffic and contextual is a favorite for many. There are more benefits that comes with contextual traffic beyond just the audience. First off, it is high quality and laser targeted.

Besides all that, you get to build your brand and relationship from the links that you will get from the affiliate website. If done well, contextual advertising is one of the best ways to harness traffic and gain authority.

Things to keep in mind with contextual advertising;

-Focus on niche related sites
-The more authoritative the website is the better
-Check around and compare the different pricing models for the traffic.
-Look for sites that receive high amount of web traffic.

Cost Per View (CPV)

Yet another approach that you may want to give a try is the Cost Per View. Unlike the common case with PPC, here one pays for impressions and the people who view the ads irregardless of whether they click or not. Many CPI marketers have reported reaping big with CPV traffic which is common with many advertising networks.

Again, just like in the case with pop unders it is easy to get started with but you need to know you game to avoid spilling loads of cash without anything to show for.

Social Media Advertising

There is no doubt when it comes to social media marketing. It is a powerful approach that has stood the test of time. Although many people use social media to harness high quality targeted traffic freely, it takes a lot of time trolling and doing all that. But why do that when it is all going for dirty cheap bid prices?

Among the most common module used in social media includes a per click basis and cost per impression. You need to understand the audience and have some basic knowledge on how to make it work for you.

Here are some of the best social media sites to launch your paid campaigns on.

-Linked In

Mobile PPC

wifi-1633666_640Pay Per Click might be the most common paid traffic source to most of us, but did you know that you can target mobile traffic?

With most CPI networks being focused on mobile apps, targeting mobile users has proven to be a vital. This is because the ads will be more targeted and you can easily make conversions when the app is installed. You should however do your homework and know which traffic sources are good and those you shouldn’t try.

And Web Traffic

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Video Ads

With the new internet space where videos has become a norm, video sites like Youtube and Vimeo have become a must use tool for marketers. Nowadays you don’t even need to stand in front of your camera to create a video. There are plenty of applications out there to help you make great videos.

Some of the tips to get you on-board video marketing as a source of CPI traffic includes;

-Focusing ion big channels like YouTube and Vimeo
-Making short and interesting videos that are helpful
-You should be metrics focused, track and optimize your video campaigns

To conclude:

CPI could be seen as an easy way to generate income online but knowing how to tackle the traffic challenge is something else. The methods above are some of the proven ones that you can easily get around with.

If you are looking for something quick and easy to get around, then we recommend you check out our packages.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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