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Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms in the industry today. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and so it seems. Pinterest attracts millions of active fans across the world, who come together to share pictures. While Pinterest allows easy sharing of pictures online, it has also given webmasters a chance to shine and grow their brand easily. In this write-up, we will cover some of the best practices on how to get traffic from Pinterest with lots of ease. But before that, here is an overview of how Pinterest sends traffic to other sites.

How Pinterest Sends Traffic To Your Website

Pinterest is has hundreds of millions of photos on the site uploaded by millions of people. On each photo, one has the option of linking it to another source, which in this case is your website. Alternatively, people can also fetch a photo from your website and share it on Pinterest which usually links to the original source.

If anyone clicks on the image, it will lead them to your website. It’s that simple. Needless to say that if your photo goes viral, you will get more exposure which means more traffic.

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile and Boards

If you are thinking of just pulling in a five-minute kind of profile, then you can forget about getting Pinterest traffic. You need to take time to create a captivating profile that is conspicuous and unique from many others. This way, you’ll be baiting in people to come and see the good stuff you have.

How do you optimize your profile to stand out? You need to understand that your pins and boards are among the first things that people come by when they visit your profile. It is thus important to categorize your boards and create nice descriptions for each one of them. Again, since Pinterest is all about sharing amazing pictures, you should make sure that the cover for each board is your best snap in that category.

Creativity Beats Them All

When it comes to impressing peopleĀ  with images, you have to be creative to grab their attention. Regardless of whether you are a good photographer or not, this is a must. And it doesn’t have to be a picture. It could be a simple meme with an inspiring or humorous message on it.

Having some creative skills could mean more traffic to your website. There are lots of twists that one could use to get more visibility.

Follow Top Pinterest Users

Many people don’t consider Pinterest to be a quality source of traffic. Amazingly there are thousands of people making passive income from Pinterest alone? The trick is to build a good following. There are a couple of reasons why you would want to follow top influential users on the platform.

To copy their tactics – Coming across a Pinterest user with 100,000 or more followers tells you that there is something that they did that others aren’t doing. It is thus important to keep an eye on how these users do their stuff so that you can clone their ideas. This is an approach that has worked well for many marketers.

To get more attention – Do you believe that you have what it takes to impress a multitude? If so, following an influential user could send you gargantuan loads of traffic if they come across one of your photos.

To gain more followers – If by any chance one of the influencers love your board and decide to follow you, you will get more followers. Why? Pinterest like any other social media will recommend you to the influencer’s followers.

Dedicate Time For Pinterest

pinterest-1084757_640If SEO or paid traffic isn’t in your plans, then nothing comes easier than Pinterest. There is no doubt that Pinterest is a high quality traffic source that is loved by many webmasters. To get more traffic, you need to be more active. The more active you are, the more traffic you will get. It is thus important to take it seriously and put in more effort.

You should also not forget to pin other people’s pics as this will build your relationship. It is a proven fact that pinning more gets you more exposure.

Post More regularly

This is an approach that every Pinterest marketing geek will swear by. Pinterest also advises users to Pin photos and upload more on a regular basis. If you visit some of the top users on Pinterest, you will realize that they post daily. After all, posting a few images a day won’t be so time consuming.

There are also a number of tools which could help you to schedule your pins. This will come handy if you are so busy and don’t get time to focus on Pinterest. Be sure to check out reviews and compare features offered by the different tools.

Create a Pinterest Business Account

Yet another thing that many webmasters are missing out on is failing to use Pinterest Business. If you are serious about marketing your brand to more people on Pinterest, then using Pinterest for business could help rake in chock-load amount of traffic.

It could be tricky at first to set up your business account, but it is well worth the effort. You could as well opt to upgrade your personal account to business account. Among some of the amazing features that you will get with Pinterest business account includes;
1) You get access to Pinterest analytics which helps you to make measurable goals and targets.
2) You get access to promoted pins tools which helps you pay for more visibility.
3) You will get access to Payable pins. This is a new Pinterest feature which helps webmasters sell directly on Pinterest. Literally, users buy pins.

Final Word:

Pinterest is a solid proven traffic stream. You however need to put in time and effort to get significant results. The above approaches are proven and answers your quest on how to get traffic from Pinterest the easy way.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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