How To Get Traffic From Quora

Quora is without a doubt, one of the best online forums and discussion sites across the globe. People on the platform get to share and interact with many others out there pertaining almost any subject and niche. If you are a marketer though, this can be a great opportunity to get lots of traffic to your website. Regardless of the niche that you are in and whatever you are focusing on, as long as it is legal, you will find questions that relate to it on Quora. So, how does one get traffic from this site? The pointers and approaches shared below will help you to easily get as much traffic from Quora as possible;

Be Super-Active

Perhaps one of the most important things that you’d want from a site like Quora is to always keep yourself engaged and be super active when you are interacting and answering people’s questions. Just like social media, the most active people get the attention of many audiences and that is the best way that they can build their brand and authority on the site. Posting once in a while and ignoring to post again is one way that you will start losing your audience, but doing it regularly will increase the chances of having people visiting your profile and website. Again one should remember the more posts they have and more answers they answer, the more exposure they get and the higher the chances of getting more traffic to their website.

Focus On Building Relationships

Quora is considered to be within the social media arena and that simply means that interacting with people and building a relationship with them will help you gain more credibility and get more sales and leads. Although you can easily add links to your posts and make a quick buck, it is always advisable and a wise move to first focus on getting popular and building yourself a name on the site and within your category so that you can get more people to your site who can easily believe you and buy right away from your site. It is always great to go for big topics that you have more understanding about since this is where there are going to be more people and audiences.

Be Comprehensive With The Answers

The way you answer questions is very crucial and you should always do it in a way that people will love and understand the way they are done. Comprehension and facts are relevant to build credibility and trust among users and this is something that you should always be concerned about. Quora allows users to even add images and embedded videos and links which is another plus when it comes to sharing and giving detailed information in answering questions. When you have the best answer, it gets voted up which means that it comes to the top of others and this means more exposure to your profile and how much you stand to get. The more you get your answers voted up, the more traffic you will be building over a long time.

Target Trending Topics

When it comes to trending topics, everyone always have their eyes glued on and looking to get the best out of it. As a marketer, you need to take advantage of this and keep track of your niche to know what is trending so hat you can quickly participate on such debates. Many internet marketers who have used Quora and other question-answer websites will tell you that trendy topics can be an amazing way to drive tons of traffic effortlessly which can also lead to more sales and leads. Using some of the top tools like Google Trends is one way to stay ahead and know how some of the topics are performing over time. Following this approach over time and subscribing to some of the topics will keep you alert and always on toes on the trending subjects to comment and answer on.

Tag Other Answers And Active Users

Sometimes it helps to tag others who have covered the topic and inter-relate some for the answers as it will help to expound on the topic and help other people get a better and clearer understanding about it. Quora is like most social media sites which you can easily tag and use hashtags and other signs to quote and add users. With the ability to use hyperlinks, you can also link to other pages which in this case could be other answers that relate and are relevant to the one you are handling. Inluencers also play an important role and if you quote them and their content, you could end up getting a lot of traffic since they could recommend your answer to others as well.

Final Word:

If you have always worked tirelessly to create content but have had problems delivering it and getting people to read it, then you are not alone. Generating traffic is one of the hardest things that many webmasters go through every single day. However, that shouldn’t be a problem if you know what to do and have the right traffic source. In this write up, we’ve covered Quora as a source of traffic, a site that hosts millions of regular visitors. Following on the strategies and tips highlighted above should help you to easily win more traffic to your site the easy way.

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