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Most people do not take advantage of slideshares to generate traffic. Slideshares are similar to videos and people love information that has been nicely compiled and has a good flow. Like videos, slideshares give users an effortless content access and you can download hem for later reading and usage. Knowing that people love this kind of content should give you a clear idea as a marketer that there are opportunities that are waiting to be exploited. You can however reap the best out of it if you use the right approach. 

In this guide, we will go through some of the things that will help you get more traffic and use Slideshare to the full potential. But before delving onto the actual strategy, here is an overview and a little understanding about Slideshare as a platform;

What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is a website and sharing platform that has been online for more than a decade. It ranks among the world’s top visited sites, and that should give you an idea of how many people visit the site every single day. It is estimated that 80% of the website visitors to Slideshare come from search engines, which means that they are highly targeted and can generate you tons of highly qualified leads that can change your online business for the better. We all know by now that organic traffic is the real deal and what you would want to have to get sales coming through. 

Surprising enough, using this platform is free and doesn’t cost a dime to subscribe and post. Of course, unless you are looking for more premium features such as those that gives you more exposure on the platform. If you know what you are doing on Slideshare, you do not need to pay, and will still generate tons of high quality traffic. 

Slideshare has earned praises among thousands of bloggers across who are using it to boost traffic. One more thing that yo will love with Slideshare is that you will get a very powerful link back to your website. And if you understand the essence of having a good linking profile, then you have more reason to try out Slideshare. What do you have to lose from trying using the platform anyway?

The Traffic Potential With Slideshare


The potential and things you can do with Slideshare are limitless and you can confidently add it to one of your traffic generation streams. 

You are probably asking yourself if your niche is supported or if your type of site will generate good traffic from Slideshare. If you do your homework and peruse the web for case studies and success stories, then you will realize that people are getting results from all niches and different types of sites. Regardless of whether it is an E-commerce site or a blog, Slideshare is a great addition to your traffic generation streams. 

So what is the amount of traffic that you can get from Slideshare? Nobody can measure traffic estimates to a certain website, not even from Google which is the largest source of traffic to most online sites. Your success is all as a result of hard work and dedication to a certain strategy. However, many bloggers and users on the platform who have started from scratch without prior knowledge have reported thousands of traffic surging to their website within the first 6 months. If that doesn’t inspire or motivate you onto the Slideshare traffic wagon, then nothing else will.

Be Consistent In Posting

Go to any experience webmaster and they will tell you that the secret to succeeding on any platform online is to be consistent in how you share your work. Fail in doing that and you are in trouble. Slideshare is like social media sites where people come to get information quickly and when they find good value in what you have to offer, then they will want more from you. So, what do you expect if you cannot post them content? Of course you will be losing traffic, and also losing the chance to grow. There are many bloggers who have attested seeing great results by dedicating more time to Slideshare as a source of traffic. 

imagine yourself in a position where you have found really helpful content on Slideshare. Of course you will follow that person to get more from them. Even better you will share that content with your followers on Social media. But what if they do not post again for the next 6 months? Of course you will be frustrated with that. And everyone else will not love that. Slideshare is a platform that can yield good results if well nurtured. You need to take the strategy seriously if you want to get good results from it. 

Learning from the above, you will not love to go through the same. So, posting consistently will give you a lot of benefits and there is no limits to how much you can grow with this platform. 

Share Top Quality Content

Just like with any other platform, the information you share will determine your success online. If you are thinking that since Slideshare offers all the opportunities and you can just pull some content and create a random slideshare to post, then you are mistaken. Quality is always King and will always be. If you want to get high quality traffic from Slideshare, then you have to do it the right way, and that is by sharing the best quality content that you can get. 

Although it is a struggle starting and especially when you do not have enough following, it grows with time. And one of the key factors to superior growth on this platform is to have the best content. Take your time creating slides that are both attractive and informative and be more precise about them. 

You also need to understand the art of summarizing things because not everyone has the whole day to read through dozens of slides. Usually having about a dozen is enough and you should be able to squeeze in all your thoughts and information onto those slides. That said, you need to dig deep and share content that will add value to the users.

Share Rare & Useful Content 

If there is one thing that many people love, it is great content. People always want to learn something new, and with Slideshare, you can easily get tons of it. However, one way you can even entice them to follow you or head to your website is by sharing rare pieces of content. Getting something like that is priceless and knowing that they cannot find it anywhere else makes it even better. 

So what are some of the priceless masterpieces you can share? A few examples are case studies, market research analysis and similar content. such content can get a lot of shares from both amateur and experts and could lead to a viral effect which in turn gives you a lot of traffic to your website as well as increase in your followers. 

Squeeze Blog Posts To Slideshare Outlines

blog traffic

There is a new trick and trend among many bloggers, and they are reaping big from it. Many people are turning their blog posts into slideshare outlines, a very easy and efficient approach that has given many people tons of traffic. If you are lazy or don’t have a lot of time to research and find new topics to share, then there is a way to quench your audience’s thirst by giving them great content. Although there are a number of content softwares that you can use, it doesn’t take a lot of time to summarize a post. Probably 20 minutes and you are done with it. 

Quality content never gets old, and as such, you can decide to start sharing your old blog content. Focus on the most popular ones for better results. This strategy will ensure that you are consistent with your posting even when you are too busy too create new content. 

Use It To Built Your Email List

Email marketing remains one of the best internet marketing strategies, and if you have the right approach to it, then you can see amazing results. One of the challenges of email marketing is building a good email list that you can market to. and with the use of Slideshare, than can change for the better. Slideshare offers tons of options and you can use the high quality traffic from this platform to send them to your landing page where you can capture leads. 

Again, the quality of the content comes to play here. If people see quality content on your Slideshare, they will be compelled to sign up to your email list. 

Final Verdict

Slideshare has shown great results and proven to be invaluable in many ways. And if you have the right approach to using it, you stand to get tons of high quality web traffic. With the strategies and approaches shared above, you will get good results from it. Above all, signing up and sharing content is free. So why not use it for your benefit? whether you are a beginner or an internet marketing professional looking to get more web traffic to your website, this is a strategy that you can always employ. 

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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