How to Increase Traffic for Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

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Flipkart is one of the longest and trusted brands in the E-commerce world. Beyond being just a popular buyer’s avenue, it also gives marketers the opportunity to make money through their affiliate program. One can earn from 4% to 20% which according to the industry is a fair share. Getting started with their affiliate program is easy and the commission rate is also impressive. But all this doesn’t come easy. You need to have high quality amount of traffic to make sales and earn the commissions. How do you get that traffic? In this guide, we will cover 4 proven traffic channels on how to increase traffic for Flipkart affiliate marketing. Below are the traffic strategies we recommend you to try.

Facebook Marketing

With Facebook being the most visited social media site, there’s a lot in store for affiliate marketers. But that only happens when you do it right. There are several ways that one can use Facebook to reach out to gargantuan loads of visitors. Here are ways to do so;

-Using Facebook Groups – Jojn as many groups in your niche to get more reach.
-Sharing posts on timelines – As a bonus, you could request to post on your friend’s timelines too which boosts your reach.
-Sponsor your posts by paying for Facebook sponsored ads.
Running contests could bring up a viral effect on your posts. There are plenty of tools to help you launch Facebook contests.
-Giving out free stuffs in exchange for a like or share. This is a new trend that marketers are using to reach out to many people. There are many scripts to help you do this easily.

Things to note:

If you are on a low budget or want to start small, then Facebook groups and timeline sharing would is for you. It may take up most of your time as most will be repetitive tasks.

When you are ready to mash things up and get swarms of leads to your site, then you need to spare some bucks and get started with Facebook advertising.

Pinterest Marketing

As crazy as it may sound, Pinterest could be your best place to increase your Flipkart traffic. Pinterest has been doing major tweaks lately which has in one way or the other given marketers a leverage point. Among the most notable features includes the “Promoted pins”. Promoted pins allows store owners to sell directly through Pinterest.

While people share the images of your Flipkart product, they can buy the product by clicking on it. So as your ads are propelled by the viral effect, you also get a chance to sell directly. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone.
If that isn’t one of the easiest ways to sell on Flipkart, then nothing else could come easier.

Search Advertising

What if it was possible to get the exact visitors that are looking for the product you are struggling to sell? It’s possible and amazingly you can get he visitors almost instantly. The secret all lies with search engine advertising. When you do search engine advertising, your advertisements appear along or on top of the search results. This makes your advertisements a priority and since these advertisements are targeted, you will make huge profit margins. Below are some search advertising leaders that you need to use;

1) Google Adwords

If you have been keen on the internet marketing world then Adwords isn’t nothing new to your ears. It is Google’s advertisement engine and is the biggest advertising network.

2) 7 Search

This is yet another search network that has been around for quite some time. It may not be the most powerful search engines but it has has proven to be a cost effective option especially for those who are getting started.

3) Yahoo advertising

Yahoo is among the top 3 search engines which makes it every marketer’s honey pot. Running search campaigns follows a similar routine like the other search engine advertising networks which is easy to set up.

4) Bing Ad Center

When you want to win big in the online game, you need to roll with the giants and Bing is undoubtedly one of them. Bing Ad center has been improving it’s ad serving quality and is surely something worth giving a shot.

You will need some time to do research and bid on each keyword with each of the networks above before launching your campaigns. This ensures cost-effectiveness in your ads.

Search Engine Optimization

seo-1675515_640Whether you have all the cash to jump-start campaigns or not, SEO is something worth looking into. First off, it gives you a chance to get highly targeted traffic and secondly, this is long term traffic.

While SEO could be seen as a free way to get quality traffic, it could be costly especially if you are still new to the game. This is because you will need to do on page and off page optimization. This includes tasks such as creating themed content as well as reaching out for backlinks. If you have no clue, then you may need to hire a professional to help you out.

Here are some proven approaches to doing successful long term SEO;

  1. Target long tail keywords – Broad highly searched keywords have become saturated and difficult to rank for especially for nee sites with no authority. If you want an easy way around, you have to target long tail keywords with lower competitors.
  2. Be up to date with SEO trends – One downside with SEO is that it keeps changing. You need to be on toes every time to ensure that you aren’t doing anything against the search engine’s policies. The best way to be updated is to follow top influencers and regularly keep an eye on internet marketing forums.
  3. Be patient with results – SEO isn’t an overnight strategy that gets you results instantly. It could take months for it to start yielding fruits.

Final Word:

Hopefully, the above strategies answers your quest on How to increase traffic for Flipkart affiliate marketing
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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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