How to Increase Visitors to a Blog

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Wondering how to increase visitors to your site? Within the context of online marketing, blog traffic features as an important parameter used to gauge success. Some blogs attract less than 2 viewers each day while other blogs gets in excess of 100 viewers within the same period. This means that the blog with more viewers is more admirable compared to the one with few viewers.

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I had a similar problem once, and I was wondering how to increase visitors to my blog. I later learned that in order to enjoy the business of blogging, one has to draw people towards his or her site. Increasing subscribers for a blog requires adoption and subsequent incorporation of the four online techniques discussed below.

i. Improve Design

One sure way to increase traffic to your blog involves adopting a good website design. Within the online community, appearance is influential. The first thing that viewers need to see is an attractive webpage. Inasmuch as conventional wisdom says one should not judge a book by its cover, this rule fails to hold in blogging business. People will access and even stay longer in a given blog because the design captures their attention. Technically, improving appearance involves adoption of features like matching color schemes, creating an eye catching header and developing organized content.

ii. Improve Writing

Another way to attract viewers involves improving content. People usually like it when information contained in a site is simple to understand. However, keeping it simple by writing light-hearted content is not enough to increase traffic. This means a blogger should spice his or her content with well-thought stellar words. Using creative and memorable wording makes subscribers fascinated, hence gravitating towards other sections of a blog.

iii. Use Images

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In most cases, internet users like visual stimuli as opposed to written content. Relevant studies indicate that people are more likely to read an entire article on a blog whenever written content is accompanied by relevant images. In this regard, bloggers should acquire images that match with contents. In case one is not artsy, he or she can source relevant pictures from other online sites.

iv. Provide Regular Postslaptop-731904_640

In most cases, bloggers may have witty content complemented by appropriate images yet still attract few viewers. Such problems occur whenever target readers have to wait for long before a blogger create another post. Keeping readers waiting for long makes their interest on a website to burn out. In order to ensure regular postings, a blogger should develop a schedule that allows him or her to create content once or twice a week. Such schedules keep readers interested, hence increasing a blog’s traffic. We hope this post has enlightened you on your quest of how to increase visitors to your site.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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