How To Increase Adsense CPC On YouTube

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Earning on adsense can be very tricky. You may have lots of impressions but still be struggling to pull through. However, creating a blog or video that has a good CPC (Cost Per Click) and CTR (Click Through Rate) can have great impact.

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As much as your traffic is very vital, CPC has nothing to do with it directly. If you observe micro niche blogs, you will realize that they may not have much traffic, yet they make decent money out of Adsense. This is because of the high eCPM for the sites that enables them to get well paid for CPC.

There are many factors that affect Adsense CPC. Knowledge of these factors is very important as it can easily catapult you to the next level. These factors include Niche, page ranking, keywords, competitive ad filter, country, placement, Text And Image Format, Platform, Ad Review Center and content among others. Understanding these factors can help you optimize your Adsense platform. This is because blogging with Adesense as the sole funnel of revenue means you can’t ignore Adesnce optimization. Let’s take a look at these vital factors.

Niche It is very important to select your niche very carefully. This is because the CPC per ad is directly dependent on the topic of your blog or the kind of video. However, it is vital to note that some niches pay a higher CPC than others.

Page Rank Apart from niche, CPC is also directly dependent on the Page Rank. The higher your video, page or website is ranked, the higher the CPC. More important ads are usually placed on the highest ranked videos, pages or sites. It is therefore very important to create high quality videos or blogs that rank highly on Google and YouTube among other platforms. You can also explore many other strategies for higher ranking.

youtubCountry Ask yourself the target country of your blogs or videos. Basically, ads from English speaking countries pay much higher CPC than ads from other countries. The countries you target with your blogs may also affect your page rank.

PlacementWhichis the best position to place ads on your YouTube video page? At the top or at the bottom? Is it on the left side or on the right side? The position of your ad is very important. But always remember, just as in blogs, ads in the video at the bottom or top are sure to reign in most clicks and higher CPC.

Text And Image FormatChoose the right format for your ad. You should also realize that text ads are more preferable because they have a higher CTR. If you make both text and image ads, the better for you because you will definitely get more CPC.

The Video or Blog Content Ask yourself whether the content of your video or blog provides answers or solutions to the questions or issues of your audience. Do your research well to find out what videos or information your audience is searching for. Then package it well and present it. Whatever the content, always ensure it is channeled from your chosen niche.

Last but not least, keep experimenting. Keep trying out new niches, different ads and different blogs. You can reap great rewards by doing so.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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