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3 Effective Ways To Increase Affiliate Sales & Conversions

Having good traffic to your site is not so useful if your affiliate sales and conversion rates are low. For example, if you are receiving 1000 visitors a day and only 5 of them buy your offer, and another website receives less than 50 visitors a day with 5 of them buying her offer, the later will be having a much higher conversion rate that yours.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Suppose you increase your conversion rate to, say, 50%, with the same traffic, then you’ll be making an incredibly higher sale in day. So how can you make use of the good traffic that your site receives to improve your affiliate sales and conversion?

  1. Provide proof and credibility

Your visitors will not believe whatever you are saying if you don’t back it up by some proof. The vast majority of online consumers are skeptical of big claims understandably because there is no personal element of selling. Using testimonials is one way to back up your information. Use testimonials like videos showing how your product helped in solving a problem. When promoting any products as an affiliate, ask the product owners for permission to use their testimonials on your pre-sell page. You can also add credibility by emphasizing website features that tell how your website is safe. Inform your visitors that the padlock symbol at the top of their browsers means that your website utilizes encryption technology.

  1. Utilize copywriting

Many website owners spend lots of their time working on SEO, PPC marketing and other traffic generation methods. You need to dedicate some time to studying copywriting. There are also many companies that provide copywriting services that you can use. Copywriting uses the skill of persuasion. Persuading people through words not only work effectively in real life situations but also in internet marketing. Utilizing copywriting will see you increase affiliate sales and conversions.

  1. Create a clear and compelling value proposition

One of the most important ways to increase affiliate sales and conversion factors is the value proposition. A value proposition is what makes the customer know why he or she should buy from you. Customers are not only interested in what is in for them but why they should choose you over your competition. Many marketers focus on improving page elements like images, incentives, button shapes, font sizes and colors, and so on, instead of first strengthening the value proposition.

What is the best value proposition?

increase salesEnsure that your value proposition can be differentiated from the offers of your competition. Your value proposition should also reflect on what makes your company and products unique. It should not only be powerful but must be communicated well and effectively for optimal results. Try to articulate your value proposition in a single credible sentence, if you cannot, refine it as much as possible. The best value proposition guaranteed increase affiliate sales and conversions.

Increasing affiliate sales and conversions can be achieved effectively by providing proof and credibility, utilizing copywriting, and creating a clear value and compelling proposition. Remember your prospects need to believe you and they also need to be persuaded. You also need a compelling value proposition to make them choose you over your competition.

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