How To Increase BigCommerce Traffic In 4 Simple Steps

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There is no doubt that BigCommerce is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms that we have around. It has made many people’s dreams come true on the internet, but again many people have failed trying their hand in it. The main reason why many people have failed is because they lack the marketing skills to make their BigCommerce store get the right kind of customers. Without traffic there is no business and that means closing down. There are hundreds of ways that one can use to channel lots of traffic to their website and if you’ve been in the internet marketing game, they shouldn’t be new to you. But again, not any kind of traffic will help you convert and bring sales. It has to be highly targeted and come from quality sources.

In this article, we will go through some of the best yet simple ways that you can use to increase BigCommerce Traffic easily without many hassles. Here are the strategies;

Run Contests

You probably have come across many contests around and you must have probably been wondering what benefit it has to the owner of the website. Running contests is one of the bets Ecommerce marketing that is both easy to set up and very beneficial in getting you brand known and getting potential customers to your site. There are dozens of online scripts and plugins which are easy to implement and get contests running. You will also come across some social media apps which allow you to run such contests and in many cases, they are usually free.

The contests could range from anything but to get the best out of it, you have to make sure that in some way the contest revolves around getting your brand known. A very nice example of a content that brings both traffic and the audience compete is where you set up a social media campaign asking people to share your website for their chance to get a free gift from your store.

Offer Free Samples And Coupons

Almost everyone who has done some kind of a shopping online have come across coupons or free samples. Many shoppers are fond of coupons and they all know the sites where they can get these shopping discounts. Being a regular coupon provider on these sites makes your brand well known and increases the chances of getting long term customers. There are dozens of online sites which you can use to give free samples.

Many people will also be sharing these coupons with their friends so you can also expect some viral traffic from the social media and lots of coupons to be taken depending on the demand of the product that you are putting on offer. In many cases, these customers will also pick something else from the store making it a plus for you. Just make sure that while setting up coupons, they are still within your reasonable profit margins and you won’t run at a loss. You can just lower your profit but be sure not to go below the zero mark.

Optimize and Make Your Store Responsive

ecommerce shoppingA lot of people are still stuck with the old cluttered websites that are hard to navigate properly on mobile phones and other smart devices. What many of these people fail to understand is that the world switched a long time ago and they have been left behind. Since everyone owns a smartphone or smart devices which can be easily used to access the internet and use for various things such as shopping, you have to make sure that your website is among those people are visiting and doing their shopping on.

To optimize you BigCommerce store, you might have to do some coding and if you are not good in it, you can hire a coder who can do the job and have your store mobile ready and easily navigable. It could be costly, but it really is a worthy process keeping in mind that you could be losing customers without a well optimized site. There are also readily designed responsive BigCommerce themes that you can easily upload and get your site up and running in no time.

If you are a serious marketer, then you need to ensure that your store is well optimized for speed, navigation and ensure that all elements are spot on to improve shopper’s experience.

Consider Paid Traffic

This is yet another approach that many experienced markets have turned to for traffic. Paid traffic, unlike free ones that you get from social media sites and other websites have been proven to be the best when it comes to conversion.  There are many place to buy website traffic, but you also have to be very careful since not every type of traffic is guaranteed to give you the sales that you expect. If the source of your traffic is poorly targeted then expect low return on investment or even none.

To get you started, below are two of the best known traffic modules that you can get from some of the leading advertising agencies on the web.

PPC (Pay Per Click)– This is the traffic module where the advertiser pays for every click that a visitor makes when entering their website.

CPM Cost Per Mille)- Here, the advertiser pays for impressions made to their website and whether there are clicks on not doesn’t matter. They are usually served per 1000 impressions.

Among the best sites that you can get these kind of traffic includes; Google Adwords, Yahoo Gemini, Bing Ads, and of course here at And Web Traffic.


As long as traffic remains the best way to catapult a website or an Ecommerce store, it is important as a marketer to dedicate yourself and put all the effort to channeling that traffic. Hopefully, these simple ways will help you to increase BigCommerce traffic easily.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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