Increase Magento Website Traffic In 4 Actionable Strategies

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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Are you using Magento to run you Ecommerce business? Magento is one of the best ecommerce sites on the planet, but there is always one question you need to solve to make bank with you site. How you are getting traffic to that site. Most people who are new to internet marketing quit within the first year, simply because they could not deliver traffic to that website. Truth be told, internet marketing is not as easy as most newbies think. You have to have mastered some internet marketing skill to know how to channel the traffic to your website. Without that knowledge it will be difficult to make a sale.

However, that shouldn’t kill you internet marketing hopes. Everybody else started somewhere and you too have to start at some point. In this point, you will learn some effective strategies that you can easily use to increase Magento website traffic and start getting some sales. Here they are;

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It may sound a little like a cliché to include SEO in this list, but fact has it that it is the best internet marketing strategy to not only get free organic traffic, but also the best quality. If you are hearing SEO for the first time, then SEO is a marketing approach where one aims to get their website visible through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex. It involves following certain algorithms that these search engines uses as ranking factors to prioritize websites that come on top.

Owing to the fact that these search engines are the backbone of search and probably the only way that many people find things through the internet, internet marketers should ensure that they have done the necessary optimization to get traffic from these search engines. It may be a complicated strategy for starters but it gets easy with time and the whole learning curve is a worthy one.

Make Your Magento Site Responsive

Ever asked yourself, how many people use mobile devices to access the internet? Fact has it that over half of the internet users use mobile and smart devices like tablets to access the web. Although smartphones and these devices came into play less than two decades ago, they have already become the main devices that people use to access the internet.

The problem that came with this technology switch is that for a website to perfectly become navigable through these devices, it needs to be tweaked and made responsive to these devices. Without doing this, the website will be difficult to navigate through which makes it bad for business. If you are ruining a Magento store on a site that is not responsive, people might have a difficult time finding links or making a purchase. It is therefore important to ensure that your Magento ecommerce site is fully responsive so that people will find it easy to navigate and make orders.

Don’t Ignore The Powers Of Social Signal

traffic from social bookmarkingIf you are not active on social media sites then you are missing a big portion of the pie. Social media sites are a home of billions of people who frequent these sites on a daily basis to check out the latest trending. Immersing yourself and you Ecommerce business right in between the trending topics in you niche will give you a chance to grow your brand and website traffic. You can use a variety of approaches to spread the gospel about your site on the social media without paying anything. Many peole have one this and succeeded.

To get the best results, you should make sure that you are working under your niche, so as to attract the right audience. Without this, you will be punching the air and never getting leads that will turn into customers.

Another thing that you may want to venture into is buying social media advertisements which are an excellent way to instantly get tons of traffic. With the top social media sits, you can easily target tons of audience based on different targeting factors including location, interests, age, gender and many others. Used perfectly, the social media can get you enough traffic to run your Ecommerce store to a big brand.

Influencer Marketing

Have you ever heard of Influencer marketing? If you have been online for a while, then you already have a clue on what it is all about. Influencer marketing is whereby one reaches out and pitches a senior influencer in the industry to help them spread the gospel about their website, blog or product. It is still a new marketing technique, but it has already shown great potential.

However the size of a website or a brand, Influencer marketing can take it to higher grounds in an instant. Imagine reaching out to an influencer celebrity who has 10 million followers in the social media. If they promote our website, there is a high chance that hundreds of thousands will flock to your website. To bolster that, the viral effect could even send your site into a ripple effect getting you hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Already, tons of companies have seen potential with this kind of marketing and have used it successfully to get better branding. It is a perfect strategy to use if you are looking to increase Magento Website traffic the hassle free ay. Some influencer might charge to do this, but it definitely is worth every penny spent.

Final Word:

These are some of the best strategies that you can get your Magento website off the ground and start receiving tons of visitors that will convert. You don’t have to give up the internet marketing game. These strategies are easy to lean and although they may require time, they are guaranteed to give you satisfactory results.

If you, however, need a quick method to generate highly targeted website traffic, you may want to check out our done-for-you traffic packages that we provide. Having delivered this website traffic to small startups and big established websites, you are sure to get the best results. Don’t hesitate to ask us about any questions if you have any.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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