How To Increase The Page Rank Of A WordPress Site Very Quickly?

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A word press site is an important marketing tool. However just having one will not automatically rank you number one on the search engines for there are many businesses out there that also own a word press site. However, it is not difficult to have a higher ranking neither does it have to take a long time for you to get there.Below is a comprehensive guide to increase page rank on your site.

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So how can you increase page rank of a word press site quickly?

Use Plugins

Plugins help in increasing your online visibility and there are a number of them. The plugins will help you to come up with better content for your website by showing you what your audience liked about your site and what they did not like.

For a word press site keywords are very important and there are plugins that help you know whether you have placed them correctly. Images are also very common in a word press site so having a plugin that will optimize your images is important. Search engines rely on tags and tittles to rank your images. There are plugins that will tag your photos correctly. Once the search engines have verified that everything on your website is of high quality, they will give you a higher ranking

Quality Content

For your word press site to increase page rank quickly you need to come up with unique content. Ensure that the information you are offering to your clients will not be found anywhere else. Take time to come up with attractive tittles that are easily picked up by the SEO engines. You also have to ensure that you keep posting new information on your site from time to time to remain relevant.

It also helps to always answer the queries posted on your website by your clients, ensure you take time to do a good research on their questions before you post. This will keep your clients satisfied and they are bound to refer other people to your site thus increasing traffic on your site. To rank high on the search engines you have to have heavy traffic on your website.


increase page rankSocial media cannot also help drive traffic to your WordPress site. The social media platforms have become an important tool for online advertising. Ensure that you are on every social media platform and while at it ensure that your presence is felt. Tweet every post from your blog; share your photos on instagram and pinterest. Create a Facebook page where you will be posting creative articles about your business from time to time. It also helps to join a community that belongs to your niche and join the conversation.

Do not shy away from offering advice when asked and always remember to return the favor by commenting on your client’s pages. Ensure that you include share buttons on your pages for people to share your post and include links to your site. At the end of the day, you will find that more and more people will be visiting your site thus increasing your sites page ranking.

You do not have to wait for a long time to have a high rank on the search engines. There are proven tactics that you can use to increase page rank quickly. The one tool that will help you get that position is plugins. Use them to evaluate your keywords, your clients interests and tag your photos for you and once everything on your site is reliable then you will have a high rank.

Coming up with quality content is another way to ensure that you get that high ranking quickly. Invest in the content you put out there and you will be rising to the top within no time. Lastly but not least take advantage of the social media platforms to increase traffic on your site. The search engines will rank you higher if you have heavy traffic on your site.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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