Top Ten Tips on How to Increase Page Views Per Visit

Attracting targeted traffic to a website can be a daunting task. It is even more challenging compelling your readers to stay on your website and peruse through other pages. But why is it that internet users spend hours on certain websites but barely peruse through others? Here are ways to increase page views on your website.
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Well, it all boils down to your site’s ability to pique visitors’ interest. In fact, websites that are well structured, interactive and easy to read are more likely to compel readers to linger on the site for longer. This translates to increased page views, higher ranking on search engine results pages and even attracting advertisers. That’s why it’s essential to develop a solid plan that guarantees increased page views per visit. But how exactly do you attain this feat? Here are six great tips on how to increase page views per visit.

1. Optimize your site’s content.
The number of page views that your site registers are entirely dependent on how your site’s pages are formatted. This entails inclusion of the right keywords that have the potential of generating traffic. Conversely, formatting of the title tags, and headers is also paramount. Landing pages should have long tail keywords to increase their chances of being located through organic searches.

2. Interlink your site’s content.
If your website specializes in a given niche, there’s every chance that multiple posts will have related content. Linking such posts makes it easy for your visitors bridge over to the linked posts. Inter linking is especially important for show casing older post on your website and blog as it minimizes the bounce rate.

3. Only include relevant, engaging and detailed content.
Including only the most relevant, engaging and detailed content in your website is just as critical as it is to market the site. Unless the content of your website resonate well with users needs, your chances of generating many page views are minimal. For this reason, you should make certain that posts and articles are of the ideal length, easy to read through and encourages users to post discussion threads.

4. Add a sitemap.
Online readers are 50 percent less patient in comparison to print leaders. They are less likely to peruse through your bulky website searching for a specific information. That’s why you need to add a sitemap to guide your visitors. Basically, a sitemap acts as the index of your website. They increase your site’s usability and visibility online.

5. Include a search box in your site’s pages.
Including a search box in your entire site makes it convenient for readers to search for particular topics that may be interested in. Search boxes noticeably increase page views as users can navigate to specific topics of interest conveniently.

6. Work on your website’s load time.
increase page viewsHow fast your site’s pages load determines how long visitors stay on your website. No matter how useful the content of your website is, readers will abandon it if it’s slow in loading. In fact, Google factors in a website’s load time when determining its rank on search pages. That’s why you should ensure your site’s load time is significantly low so as to improve your users experience and resultant page views.

7. List related posts at the end of each blog post.
Older posts are just as important as the new ones. As such, it’s vital to list down such posts at the end of each blog so as to draw your readers attention to them. While some website development platforms such as WordPress do list older posts automatically, it’s up to you to do it manually if your site’s platform doesn’t.

8. Include a freebie page.
Do you have several eBooks you can offer to your readers for free? If so, you can increase page views by rewarding any visitors who signs up for such free resources. The seemingly simple process of a customer signing up for an email has a great impact your site’s page views.

9. Create FAQ page.
This a most resourceful strategy to attract more page views. People like freebies and, as such, will spend significant time perusing through an effective resource center such as frequently asked questions page. Strive to include downloadable materials in this section to prompt them to take an action.

10. Use excerpts on your home page.
Excerpts act as link baits to the underlying content. By including excerpts in the landing page, you raise the probability of your visitors clicking on the excerpts in a bid to read the contents therein.

Page views are the life blood of any website. It is utmost vital then to ensure that your website increase page views so as to increase its visibility and authority online. The tips above will prove valuable in your efforts to make your site successful and get more traffic.

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