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How to Increase Traffic Through Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking allows internet users to categorize, search, distribute, and administer bookmarks from various web resources. Social bookmarking keeps and saves links to pages you are interested with and want to remember. This article looks at six ways of how to increase traffic from social bookmarking.

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Have Attractive Headlines
Many valuable articles, but without catchy headlines remain unrecognized on social bookmarking sites. The headline is the first and at times the only thing that users often see in your article. If you fail to make it attractive, the chances of getting visitors to read it are less than zero.

Include a Short and Momentous Description

Still on the headline, apart from making it attractive, have a short description under it. Avoid using lies of false facts because they easily get noticed, keep in mind that internet users are smart people. Have a description of less than 100 words, but if you exceed, you risk the article from being ignored. Some social bookmarking sites also limit the length of descriptions.

Quality Content

dofollow-social-bookmarking-sitesIf your articles are more of garbage, bookmarking them would be useless. You can succeed in cheating visitors to read your trash for once, but credit on it for future repetitive visits. If you continually post junk, you also get banned from most of the social bookmarking sites. The point is, have quality, reliable, and up-to-date information on all your stuffs.

Make it Easy for Visitors to Bookmark Your Site

This is one of the best measures you take to generate traffic from social bookmarking to you site. You can achieve by having a bookmarking button at the start and end of your pages and articles. Users who find your content valuable will always have easy access to you access to you site when in need.

Submit Your Content to the Appropriate Class

People usually make mistakes by submitting content to a site, but on a wrong category. Know the category of your article before posting to avoid it from being assigned to the general and miscellaneous categories. Such categories are always full and chances of your article being noticed are minimal. Post to the right category such as health, technology, business, security, or lifestyle and the results will be better.

Connect with Other Social Bookmarkers

Working online is not only poor, but also a suicidal strategy. Many articles and stories rank as the best not because they are of high quality, because they are backed by a wide network of friends. If you submit an article and gets 20 votes from friends within the first hour, it is likely for it to get another 50 votes in the next few hours.

Lastly, remember to respond to comments. If your articles are interesting, they can trigger a heated discussion with several comments. You should be proud if the article gets comments. Respond to them and post comments on other articles you find interesting. Commenting is a sure way of making friends and creating a top profile.

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