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Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Shopify Site

Ask any internet marketer who is focused on ecommerce and they will tell you that Shopify is one of the best platforms that one can get today. Setting up an online store no longer needs you to have any coding skills. In fact, you won’t even touch a line of code to get your ecommerce running. But then again, something else comes up. You have to get customers and make sales on your store. Otherwise, it will all be a waste of time and you will end up counting losses. This means you have to get high quality traffic and channel it to your store to become customers.

If you have tried it however, you already know that it isn’t something that is as easy as it is said. Among some of the things that you need to know is that 80% of online businesses fail and poor marketing is all to blame for that. If you already have a Shopify website and have come to a crossroad and you have started doubting if it will go down because it doesn’t receive customers, then hold your horses. This could be your salvation and something that you have always waited for. Below, we share some of the easiest, yet effective ways to increase traffic to your Shopify site. Here we go;

Offer Free Samples to Online Influencers

Here we bring up an old marketing technique that many people seem to have forgotten and probably something that you haven’t tried. You must have seen or even got a free sample from one of the big companies. The reason you got the free sample is because the company wants you to not only know about their product but to be a living testimony and help them spread the gospel about that particular product.

This is an approach that has been proven to work and if done well, you could get tons of sales from this method alone. If you have a product that you wish to sell, there is no better way than getting the news heard from an influential person. Social media is the best place to turn to for this. Among the notable social media sites that have proven to have high results are Instagram and Pinterest. Perhaps the nature of these two sites which uses images as their social element has given them an upper hand. Searching and finding an influencer within your niche is as easy as using the search box and getting in touch with them. Everyone loves free products and the infleuncers will also love to test them for you. Once they have tested and loves the product, they will obviously share the experience with thousands who could be flocking to your Shopify site spoon.

Proactively Engage Offline Users

Here is another marketing approach that many big marketers have kept it a secret for very long. There is no golden rule or commandment that demands that one strictly focus on using online marketing to boost their Shopify store. Beginners should be aggressive in all ways and ensure that they are doing whatever it takes to get customers on their website. Be it family members, friends, acquaintances and whoever you come across offline, they could help you boost your Shopify website and you will be surprised at how it will pick up.

Let’s take a practical example of a Shopify store that sells coffee beans. If you are for instance running such a store and want to get the word offline, the first people you should start with is your family and friends. These are the people who will give you every support that they can offer to see that your store is up. Some of the things that your friend can help you with is to spread the gospel by word of mouth o through social signals. Your Shopify store may not pick up instantly through this, but it is a necessary boost that will slowly grow and sooner or later it will gain traction. You might also get lucky if your friends have lots of social media followers which makes it a lesser burden and give you an easy way to increase traffic to your shopify store.

Pitch Bloggers In Your Niche

Yet another approach that you should try is to interact and connect with bloggers in you niche. There are many ways that you can build a relationship with them and get help in boosting your shopify store.  Here are two ways that bloggers can help you get your site in front of thousands of desperate customers.

Sponsored posts – Ever heard of sponsored posts? Bloggers also love to make something front heir website and among the things that bloggers do is to review a product or charge you to place a post on their website. Since these bloggers have tons of traffic in that niche, you will be dealing with highly targeted audiences. Some blogger also allow you to guest post on their website for free without any charges and you could take advantage and promote your Shopify site too.

Trade Free Samples with Bloggers – Just as the way you provide free samples to influential social media people, you can do the same with bloggers and get good attention. You can offer free samples or even organize with a blogger to run a contest and award the winner with a free sample. This will stir up attention on your product and get it known. Many people will come wanting to give it a try and if your product is good enough for them, you could be looking at long term buyers.

Final Word:

Running an ecommerce store needs dedication and some skills to run it successfully. Without traffic to your site, you won’t have any customers and you might as well forget about that business if you can’t pull the traffic. With the above strategies, you can increase your Shopify traffic and dramatically increase your sales.

If you are however looking for a slobber knocker strategy that gets you sales right away and don’t mind spending a few bucks, then why not check out traffic packages? They are highly targeted and will get your customers from any niche out there.


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