8 Useful Tips on How to Increase the Number of Visitors to Your Website.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

When it comes to succeeding online, generating traffic to your website is essential. Everything you do on your website-content publishing, marketing or even site optimization- should, therefore, be about attracting visitors.

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But with a half billion strong websites competing for the same niche, traffic generation is no rosy walk in a park. Stiff competition means there’s no room for experimenting with untested ideas. A small mistake or a poorly executed traffic generation idea can sabotage your site’s potential to attract visitors in droves. In a nutshell, traffic generation requires meticulous planning, keenness for details and, most importantly, some guidelines on how to do it right. To save you time and the hassle in your traffic building endeavors, this guide explores 8 useful tips on how to increase the number of visitors to your website. Read on.

1. Incorporate long-tail keywords.
Thanks to the constantly evolving Google search algorithms, one-worded keywords are no longer sufficient for your web pages. That’s why you should focus more on incorporating long-tail keywords in your web pages. By leveraging on long-tail keywords, you minimize competition for the keywords while at the same time increasing your websites’ visibility during organic searches.

2. Write headlines that attract internet users.
Headlines are what visitor’s see first in your posts. That first impression that a visitor develops about your website as whole will most likely be based on the formatting of the headlines. That’s why you should make them outstanding and inviting. Choose the words to use in your headlines carefully, making sure such words have the power to unlock online readers’ attention.

3. Post fresh content often.
The internet of everything is evolving fast. And so is the information published on daily basis. That’s why you should write and publish new posts frequently to keep your site up to date. According to Neil Patel, founder and owner of QuickSprout, website owners who published 6 quality posts on their sites on weekly basis, experienced a traffic surge of up to 18.6 percent compared to those who only published 5 posts weekly. While you may not need to write daily, strive to publish often.

4. Leverage on social media.
social-media-1430527_640Social media is an effective tool that can greatly impact your traffic generation endeavors. Basically, social media allows you to link with a specific group of users and acquaint them with your site’s content. Through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others, you can post a variety of enticing content ranging from article and blog links, to video and infographic links. This increases the opportunities of converting potential clients to loyal followers.

5. Connect with content publishers who send you traffic.
Ever realized that a significant portion of your site’s traffic comes from other blogs and websites? Connections are an indispensable tool when it comes to generating traffic. As such, you should use everything in your arsenal to keep them strong. Reaching out to bloggers who send traffic your way is an ideal way to show your appreciation to them, and an opportune moment to learn from them. Invite them to contribute on your website, pitch a guest post on their blogs, offer them unique data that’s relevant to their niche and more.

6. Create a forum on your website.
Forums present an unparralelled opportunity to rank for long-tail keywords. More so, the discussions in the forum reduce your site’s bounce rate and also boost the time visitors spend on the site. For better results, monitor the forum closely to ensure it’s relevant and appealing.

7. Respond to comments in a timely manner.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other similar social medias are the new communication platform for internet users. That’s why responding to comments and queries posted on such platforms is the best opportunity to sway visitors to your website. The more prompt you are in responding to the comments, the higher the chances of influencing them to follow you.

8. Join a blogging community.
The online world is a fast evolving one. You can only keep up with the pace by partnering other bloggers so as to share knowledge and promote each other. Surrounding yourself with those who have similar interests and goals acts as motivation and a source of valuable knowledge. There are numerous communities that you choose to join, from Coppyblogger, blog catalog to Problogger, and inbound.

Bottom Line.
Generating traffic to your website is becoming an ever challenging task. The competition is stiff and internet users have more choices at their fingertips. Nevertheless, website owners who adopt winning strategies find it easy to navigate through this unfamiliar terrain. You can also succeed in increasing the number of visitors to your website by adopting the strategies outlined here in.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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