How To Increase Your Website Traffic Without Any Marketing

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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Are you struggling to get traffic to your website? Fret not. Web traffic is something that is tricky, especially when one is still new to the whole internet marketing grind. As weird or strange as it might sound, you can increase your web traffic without any form of marketing. This simply means that by doing just a few tweaks and implementing some simple things on your website, you could receive traffic. Even though the traffic might not be as much, they are enough to swing your sales and conversions to a tremendous level.

Below, we get to the how and mull into the strategies that one can use to skyrocket their web traffic with little to no marketing efforts.

Use Long Tail SEO

SEO is one of the best internet marketing approaches that one can use today. However, running SEO campaigns and getting your site to a level where organic traffic flows isn’t easy. You need to understand a number of marketing strings such as backlinking and on pages SEO which to a newbie could sound like rocket science. But there is a way around it and using long tail keywords could help you to harness tons of web traffic with little to no efforts.

The only effort that you need to input in your marketing is keyword research which can be done through the use of keyword research tools which are usually simple to use. But why does long tail keywords work? And how comes they are easy to rank for on the search engines? The simple answer to this question is because they are less competitive.

These keywords are also not very popular and although they may not have a lot of searches and popularity, they are seamless and a well optimized post can rank on top of Google or other search engines as long as you have well researched on the topic and the information shared is on point.

Doing Blog Post Roundups

Want another super easy way to get free juicy traffic that will lead to conversions? Doing blog post roundups is one of those easy approaches that you can’t ignore. People who have used this approach have been amazed by the results and the funny thing about all this is that you do not have to do any hardcore marketing or even have any experience in internet marketing.

For anyone who is new to the blogosphere, blog posts roundup simple entails listing or highlighting some of the best blog post picks either from a particular month, week or year. A practical example would be something like “the best performing blog posts of 2017”. Such a blog post round up would list the best posts based on the blogger’s picks and will link to those posts. So how does this strategy get you traffic? Once you have made the list, you can then reach out to the blogger’s and let them know that you have listed their post among the bets for that week or month. In most cases, the bloggers will share the fact that their post was listed among the best and since they already have a huge following, you will get the web traffic. The process is that simple and clearly doesn’t require any other sort of marketing other than reaching out to the bloggers to notify them of your blog roundup. Among some of the things that you should keep in mind is to ensure that you stick to your niche and also focus on doing roundups from sites with higher authority so as to attract a larger audience.

Create Social Triggers And Baits

increase web trafficDo you know that you can get traffic from the social media without even marketing on the social media sites? This is possible with the use of social triggers. Social triggers are the baits and features that one implements on their website so to capture the attention of their audiences so that they can share their content and create some ripple effect so that your website gets tons of web traffic. Some of these social triggers can be added by installing scripts and plugins. Examples are placing social media buttons so that users can easily share the content of your website on the social media. The better and more social triggers that you see on your website, the better the results that you stand to get. You should also consider testing different social triggers on your site in different times so as to establish which one works better than the other.

The only downside with this approach is that it will only work perfect for anyone who already has some traffic flowing to their websites. If you are just getting started, you may want to give your site a little kick by sharing it so that the social triggers can take effect and start generating some viral traffic from the social media sites. It will also depend on the quality of the content on your site and the more interesting and informative the content is, the better results you will see on your website.

Final Word:

Web traffic acquisition is something that every webmaster and internet marketer is always up to but getting it is something that isn’t easy. If you find yourself in this situation, then all you need is a simple method and strategy that you can easily pull to get high quality web traffic. With the above highlighted strategies you can easily launch and implement a working strategy which requires little to no marketing efforts from your end. Also you do not need to spend a dime since these strategies are free to get started with.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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