Increase Your Traffic from YouTube Videos

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

YouTube is one of the best advertising platform in the 21st century, if utilized well it can be such an asset in enhancing traffic to one’s website. YouTube traffic offers the highest converting traffic on the internet driving over four billion videos viewer’s per day. Here’s how to get the best out of the traffic from youtube.

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It can be such a gold mine for attracting viewers to your site and hence promote your online business YouTube is the third most popular site on earth and the second largest search engine after Google search.

The times of pay-per-click advertisement campaigns and search engines to create traffic to websites are long gone .it’s high time that people should exploit social media to create traffic. If your site has beautiful videos or cute photo slideshows then YouTube is the ultimate way of attracting interested viewers to you website.

First you need to upload videos in your YouTube channel and link them back to your site, in no time you will notice a great increase of traffic in your site from you YouTube videos and then more your video is viewed the more the traffic to your site.

Here are some of ways on how to increase your traffic from YouTube videos.

1. Simple channel setting.

YouTube setting for web masters.

To increase your sites traffic from YouTube it’s very key that you optimize the videos with some simple settings;

· Channel level setting; allow you to draw more subscribers which result in more video views as well as a substantial increase in traffic to your linked site.

· YouTube association setting; it enables you to bond your URL, Google analytic accounts and social media accounts to your channel.

· Video level setting; these decides the position of your video in the search engine result page by using the individual video name, tag and video descriptions.

2. Provide an attractive or effective title and description to then videos which are displayed in the search engine result menu.

3. Link your site URL to the videos using some marginal notes or rather annotation.

4. The first impression is very vital; if you are to attract visitors searching on YouTube therefore you should choose an attractive thumbnail for the videos. Your video tags should be loaded with rich keywords, these open a huge door for people to walk through to find your video and view it.

5. Optimize you video content for mobile

app-1571340_640Be aware that almost 20% of all your viewers are browsing using mobile phones and the number is growing day by day. Confirm with your channel analytics section to find out the number of cellphone viewers on your channel.

· Use very clear audio.

· Keep your videos short, 2 minutes or less is ideal

· To enhance visibility provide a close-up shot.

· And test the videos before uploading them.

6. End the videos with a clear call of action, ask the viewers to visit your website, like the video and subscribe to your channel.

YouTube being a product of Google you’ll rest assured that your videos are displayed top on the search result page and linking you website will significantly boost your traffic. These will popularize your site.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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