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3 Answers For the Question How To Increase Visibility Of My Website?

One of the top questions a new website owner asks is “how to increase visibility of my website?” And with new websites being created every minute, this problem is getting bigger. The way I see it, the problem stems from two things. To Increase visibility of the site and to get more conversions.

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First is the limited online marketing and SEO knowledge of the website owner. And second, the amount of obsolete, inaccurate and frowned upon black hat tutorials on the net.

That is why in this article, I will provide you with 3 basic tips that will help websites, like yours, gain more online visibility, the right way.


Keywords are the foundation of any website. It is how a website, or a page on a website, is indexed by search engines. The better your keyword is related to what your website is all about, the more accurate it will be indexed, for whatever niche your website is in by the search engines.

Example: If your site is about travel, then your keywords must be related to travel. If your travel site caters to a specific location, for example Brazil, then your keywords must be something like “Brazil Vacation Spots”. If you are targeting a specific city, or activity in Brazil, then your keyword must reflect it.

How to go about doing it

You need to get someone who is knowledgeable about keyword research and “white hat SEO” methods. He/she will then present you with a list of keywords, which are frequently used on search engines, related to the niche you’re in. These keywords will then be used within the source code, and content, of your website.

Content is King

Content is the second step in getting search engines to notice your website. By using the right keywords, your site’s content will attract “search spiders”, which are responsible for indexing websites.

But if you think that search spiders are the only element needed for online visibility, then you are mistaken. You also need to write engaging content for your readers as well. Keep in mind that the search spiders are only there to index your site, but it’s the readers that will eventually make or break your site.

With that said, you need to find the right mix between writing keyword rich content for search spiders, but at the same time make sure that said content is engaging and informative enough for people to actually come back for more.

Example: We will use the keyword Brazil vacation spots. The content, with the keyword in it, should look like this.

We at can provide you with access to the most secluded Brazil vacation spots that are not found in other travel sites.

If you notice, the keyword retained its word sequence. This rule applies even if the keyword is grammatically incorrect like, “spots vacation Brazil”.

How to go about doing it

Hire a content writer that is familiar with how to write optimized content. This type of content writing strategically embeds your site’s keyword into the said content with the right density, and positioning, based on the rules set by search engines.

Overuse of keywords on a content, or keyword stuffing in industry terms, can be damaging and can get your website sanctioned. So be very selective when it comes to hiring your content writer.

Social Mediawoman-882568_640

The third aspect in getting your website more visibility is social media. I think that there is no need for me to explain this much further as even those who are not familiar with online marketing understands the marketing potential of this medium.

What you only need to remember though is to keep your social media campaign as interesting as possible. This means that you need to keep your contacts interested in your news feed. Every time you post a status or a tweet, make sure that you are giving them something worthwhile. By giving your updates “user value”, you avoid your contacts from seeing your social media efforts as nothing more than just spam.

I hope that the tips I gave answered your question on “how to increase visibility of my website?” If it did, please do come back and tell us about it. Check out our award winning traffic generation service here.

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