How to Increase Website Traffic in 2016 & Beyond

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Time flies, changes come and this is evident in almost everything we do — internet marketing included. If you have a website then you already know the website traffic drill. One time you have a strategy working and before the end of the year, it could be a useless strategy. so to survive, you need to roll with the changes. Today, we cover some of the strategies that have stood the test of time and will surely work for you through 2016 and even beyond. Simply put, these are ticker-time tested website traffic strategies.

Improve Your Search Engine Optimization Approach

Perhaps one of the best time-tested approaches that will surely remain for ages to come is search engine optimization.If you are looking for a free means of boosting traffic and also a long term one, then you need to master the art of SEO. It surely is a repetitive approach preached by many marketers but given it’s magnificence, it surely doesn’t hurt to retell a gem.

There is however something that many people fail to talk about. The changing approaches in search optimization. The SEO that was done 5 years ago is totally different from the one done today. It most likely won’t drive any traffic to your website. But why? Search giants like Google, Bing and Yahoo keep changing the algorithms each day meaning that SEO strategies are also affected. To avoid going under the clover, you need to keep updating yourself with these new search engine algorithms and come up with more feasible approaches.

But how do you do it? Below are some that will keep you afloat in the SEO game.

  1. Reading top SEO blogs – when you want to get the latest news on the search engines, the best thing to do is to follow top blogs.
  2. Being super-active on marketing forums – This exposes you to new approaches to counter new search algorithms.
  3. Follow SEO influencers – Influencers are like the niche watchdogs who are there to give info and a way forward. Following them and being in their newsletters could be a good place to start.

 Adopting advanced Email marketing 

If you’ve been online for over just 1 year, then you must have subscribed to at least a few newsletters. But why would someone think of sending out newsletters, yet most of them are free? Email marketing is considered one of the best psychological marketing approaches ever known. It employs the philosophy of keeping the consumer close and taming them to your products and services more than your niche competitors. Since most of your subscribers will be people interested in your products and services, they are inclined to buy a product or service from you other than from your competitors.

For the best results with email marketing, you need to have trackers in place. Being metrics focused and knowing how campaigns perform is a good approach. Luckily, there are dozens of email marketing tools that helps you to do all this easily. You also need to give attention on how you optimize your funnel and ensure that you are getting good opt-ins.

And the crunchy part with this is the more you have these subscribers, the more chances of selling more. It is thus crucial to build your list, grow it and soon your website will be a buzz frequented by long term traffic.

Think Media Buying

Very few marketers have discovered the powers of media buying. Although it is somewhat a hassle to get started and lay down a solid approach, the long term fruits are invaluable. If you have enough to invest, then media buying is something worth looking into.

There are many authority websites from all niches which sell their space to advertisers. Most of these deals are done through third party brokers such as (BSA) among many others. Getting a chance to advertise in one of this site can propel your site and turn it into a money making machine.

The thing with media buying is that it involves a lot of testing which in turn burns money ending up to be a costly approach. But when you strike that strategy, you’ve hit the jackpot and traffic is of great quality. Scaling up and capitalizing on a working strategy becomes an easy walk in the park. If you would love to get into media buying but you are facing some huddles, be sure to get in touch with us to get assistance.

Expired Domain Website traffic is The New Craze

expired_stamp_shutterstock_54099178There are hundreds of domains that expire on a daily basis. Surprisingly, most of these websites expire while receiving high amount of traffic. So where does these traffic go to? They simply disappear and the visitors land on a blank page. But what if these traffic was harnessed and directed to another website with related content or product? This could be the real deal and the quality of the traffic has also been proven to work. After marketers realized the power of this traffic approach, many have been swarming to get a share of it.

Many big websites irregardless of their niche are turning into this website traffic module because of the quality that the traffic gives. If you are still wandering around and need some instant traffic, then you could get started by getting in touch with us and we will help you channel the traffic from these expiring websites.

These  killer strategies are the best website traffic strategies that many marketers swear by. It is however advisable to focus on one at a time and scale up to get the best results.

If all these traffic approaches sounds like rocket science to your ears, we are here to help. it doesn’t have to be that way. Here at And Web Traffic, we are always on toes and doing what we do best — Feeding our client’s websites with high quality traffic. We always want to see our client’s websites get traffic that converts. So if you need website traffic, be sure to head over to our packages page to get a glimpse of the traffic chest that awaits you.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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