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Now that you have your site up and running how are you getting your website traffic? Are you satisfied with the amount of traffic that you are getting to your site or are you in a quagmire asking yourself questions on how to increase your website traffic? Here we cover Pinterest as a quality web traffic source.

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Forget about everything first and regardless of whether you have been in the middle of a traffic shortage nightmare Pinterest is something that will skyrocket your sales and conversions. In this article we will cover some top cheats that will see your website turn into a conversion machine by harnessing the traffic from the Pinterest platform and whether you have experience with the social platform or not, you really need it to make ends meet for your website. But before we go any further you need to know that Pinterest is by far the best performing social media platform in simply because people who visit the site use it for inspiration before they buy a product. Furthermore to clear the air, a recent research shows that over 50% of people who use it end up buying stuffs they find on the links.
If you have been in the Internet marketing scene then you already know how such an opportunity can become a treasure chest to your business. Below are some of the ways that you can find your way to snatch the traffic from the social media giant;

1) A blog board is highly recommended

We all know by now that a blog is a very crucial tool to every business including the corporate. When it comes to Pinterest, the platform allows people to create pin boards where they can pin photos of stuffs they like. A board dedicated to your blog is perfect to give your blog a golden chance to be visible to your website visitors. Making your blog pin board conspicuous by using your blog name is the most appropriate way to get your blog to attract lots of visitors. One more thing that one should keep in mind is to use related keywords where possible. This will increase the chances to appear in the search engines and get the better bit of organic traffic.

Tips to customize your blog pin board and pins for the best performance
-You need to use a good photo that sends a message about something on your website. If you have to edit a photo to look more appealing then you can go ahead as long as the image is clear and it has a teaser look.
-Make sure the image that you are has your best message that is quoted from the post. This should be the striking price that turns on your Pinterest audience.
-The final step that is most important would be to leave a link to your website or blog. Failing to do so is leaving the traffic to just fly away.

2) Engage with other people

One should never forget that Pinterest is a social media site and just like any other of its kind out there interaction and engagement is the key to success. While many people may at first find it to seem like a waste of time one will realize the benefits when they start seeing high converting traffic. The best part of social media is to get more followers and with Pinterest it is not rocket science but something that one can get an easy drill without any hard work. To get more followers, it is all about following people back, pinning their images that you find amazing and inviting them to pin on your boards. If you feel that it involves a lot of things then you are right and it is very necessary and you are also going to find it fun and entertaining if not addictive. Here is how to go about the interaction to get the best out of your quest on how to increase your website traffic;
-Strictly pin quality content that the audience will love. Doing this will expose your website to thousands of audiences through the viral mechanism which will lead to increased website traffic.
-Pin more regularly. This will not only offer people with fresh content but also increase the traffic since Pinterest shows recent pins in the follower’s feeds.
-Follow your followers. Sometimes people love interaction where you show some love by following them when they follow you. What is the essence of this? Imagine everyone who you follow decides to pin your images. Then their followers get and pin the image again. The trend goes on like that and the results is that you will get lots of traffic by just doing the small favor of following them back.
-Follow and Re-pin industry pins from industry leaders. Again the same principle applies and you may as well get a follow back or a pin from the leaders who have lots of followers.

3) Create more related pin boards

As a social marketer who aims to get a the best out of Pinterest, you need to attract as many followers as possible but most importantly you will need those who are close to your niche. If for example you are targeting the to get traffic to your website so that you can sell dog food, you may as well love to engage and interact with people who are interested in puppies. The niches are intertwined to some level and it is easier for them to join and move with the path. If you are looking forward and keen on how to increase your website traffic from Pinterest then relationship is the first thing that you need to keep the balls rolling. Another very effective trick that one will find amazing is that they can easily cross pins to increase interactivity as well as increase website traffic. The results to this should be positive but one needs to ensure that they do not over do the crossing to avoid appearing as spam.
Here is how to win using this approach;
-Use the best niche related images that will attract more followers from other niches that are intertwined with yours.
-Follow related pin boards that are close to yours with the intention of getting closer to those who may be interested in what you have.

4) Share large, detailed and Informative images

Research has it that larger images are more likely to be clicked more as compared to smaller images. Detailed images such as graph analysis and statistics are also some of the most liked images by many people. Sharing images with this in mind will help one to realize and get the best viral traffic. As counter intuitive as it may seem to provide long visual images, it is the necessary element that one needs to get the attention of their readers. Take for example a report on a puppy disease outbreak and the image that you are sharing has a detailed graph showing some analysis or statistics, you are sure that the image will get viral circulating to thousands of people within related pin boards. If for that matter you happen to be an affiliate and have attached a link that leads to a pharmaceutical store, you can be rest assured of rejoicing large sums of cash from the sales. The same applies to any other niche out there and the best thing with this traffic is that they can be recycled for countless number of times.

5) Pinterest SEO

Have you ever thought of how you can get the biggest traffic volume by combining the power of Pinterest and SEO? If you have not thought about doing this then you are losing a lot of money which you could have harvested. Pinterest SEO is not common with many people which makes it a good option to go for. It actually entails optimizing your board to get better visibility through the search engines. The only requirement to succeed in this is to have good knowledge of SEO which will be important in this step. If however you do not have any idea about that, we will go through it here to give you an easy go around to get better search engine placement.
The first step of ensuring that the search engines like Google find your board is by ensuring that your profile is public and can be crawled easily. In your account settings you will come across the tab labeled as “Search Privacy”. You should ensure that it is allowed so that the search engines find your board and crawl it.The next step is always to optimize the business name to ensure that it can be found on the search engines. This will be the title when compared to the normal optimization and it is an important SEO factor. The next most important factor is the description and with Pinterest optimization, you will find it on the “About” section. You need to ensure that the description provided is detailed, catchy and also enriched with the keyword that you need to rank for. Keywords are important when it comes to SEO and you therefore need to use it all over your boards, descriptions and along with your pins.
Another crucial thing that people should never forget is to first arrange their pin boards in the order of activity. The most active ones should be above the fold. This means the top performing boards should come first followed by the less active ones. This is as a measure to ensure that the search engines easily fetch the freshly updated content. Pinterest optimization should not be difficult but an easy fix before starting to get top quality traffic from the search engines as well as those from the social media site.

6) Double the efforts with the power of Pinterest tools


Are you one of those lazy people who just don’t want to get along with the hard toiling work? Or are you just very than busy to be available to pin, follow and do the rest of the engagement? Do not worry about that because there are dozens of tools which have been developed with the intention of helping people market, share and interact without any hard calls. If you were wondering if there is a way on how to increase your website traffic through Pinterest without doing the manual work, then you can be assured of untapped traffic through the autopilot use of these tools. Some of these tools are free while others are paid for. If money is not a big problem and you have something to invest then you will find an easy way through to succeeding on Pinterest. If you don’t have capital that you can invest on the premium tools but feel that you really need to easy some load of work and increase your website traffic, then you should just use the free ones that are available. Although they may not be as effective and more featured like the premium tools, it is the only way out better than the manual way. You may as well take some time to go through reviews on free Pinterest tools out there to find one that will assist you.


Pinterest is the ideal solution if you were looking for a way on how to increase your website traffic without going through hard trolls. The above methods is a comprehensive guide on how to increase your website traffic. It is one of the best known social media traffic web traffic source that converts better than any other.
The whole Pinterest thing may seem complicated to many people especially novice users but it turns out to be an addictive tool when one starts to get into it. Harnessing traffic from this social media site is very easy especially when one takes the advantage of using the various tools which ease lots of tasks and saves time. Investing on the paid tools is really worthy but one needs to research and go through various reviews if they wish to get the best. Creating boards and sharing pins that resonate your business is the best way to get the ball rolling and traffic flowing to your website.
The key to winning on Pinterest is to maintain interactivity at its highest possible level to ensure high converting traffic comes through.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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