How To Logically Increase Website Traffic (Without Building Links Or Adding New Content)

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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The internet marketing world keep setting complex day by day and marketers find themselves throwing in all they got to see that they make sales. Among the most used marketing approaches includes SEO and content marketing. But what if you were to live without these strategies? Could you still get traffic and conversions from your website without building links or creating new content? In this guide we will cover some of the bets ways to get your website flooded with traffic without having to worry about link building or writing new content.

Buy High Quality Website Traffic

Sometimes it makes much sense to focus on buying traffic rather than getting organic traffic for the site. Organic traffic approaches like SEO needs time and skill and if you don’t have any of that then getting traffic to your site becomes a huge hassle. But why not buy the traffic instead? Paid traffic has its advantages too which includes better targeting and higher conversion rates.

When you have decided to go ahead and buy the traffic, you will realize that there are dozens of ways to buy traffic online. You however ought to be keen as there are lots of scams which claim to sell you real traffic while in the real sense, they are script generated. To be on the safer side, you have to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable seller that has been in the industry for a while. You also need to do some background research to find out which paid traffic source works best for your website.

Re-Share Your Best Articles on Social Media

Have you ever asked yourself what happens to your old content when you keep adding new ones? Of course they get archives, but sometimes you could have content that attracted lots of traffic and become one of the most read. In most instances, the information contained in them are still fresh and helpful to readers. Although creating fresh content has its own advantages, you could as well revive these old helpful articles by sharing them on social media.

Here are some ideas on how to get around this;

-Use content that got a lot of readership and lots of social media shares. Using these articles will replicate the same viral effect and get you more readers.

-Reach out to influencers and ask them to check out the article and share it if they like. If it is a good post that they love, then you will get more exposure and more website traffic to your website.

-Use as many social media platforms as you an to get your posts maximum exposure.

Do Regular Internal Linking

Many of us keep pumping posts on their website making them stacked up without any relationship. One might think that having huge number of content is all you need to build an authority site. While this factor carries some weight, you need to have a site that is well structured. Growth hacking and building authority might not be easy for you if your website doesn’t have a good link structure. Internal link building has also shown tremendous results in pushing keywords to the front pages of the search engines.

Besides helping you build an authority site, you will also get to reap the benefits of organic website traffic as well as increasing page-views.

Invite Guest Bloggers to Write on Your Website

typewriter-801921_640How about getting free content posted on your website? you don’t have to write content on your site if your website has gained some authority. Many bloggers in almost every niche is always looking for somewhere to brand themselves and also bring their site to the public’s attention. Allowing guest blogging on your website is one way to do this, and it doesn’t cost you anything. All you need to do is create a page with instructions on how you would like the content to appear. You could also join guest blogging communities and instantly meet many guest bloggers in your niche.

And there are even more benefits of allowing guest blogging in your website. Here are the main ones.

-It brings organic website traffic. While not all content written by guests on your blog will be SEO rich, you will end up ranking for many long tail keywords.

-Bloggers who post on your website often share the post with their followers and at times link to it from other websites. This helps in driving in lots of targeted visitors to your website.

-Guest blogging helps you to interact and build relationships with other bloggers and industry leaders in your niche. This could yield some other long term results.

Be Active on Niche Forums

The use of forums used to be the rage 5 years down the line. Does it work today or did it die? Forum marketing didn’t become obsolete but the approach used to channel traffic changed. Today, one needs to look at forum from a different angle other than a traffic source. Many internet marketers abused forum marketing by spamming them but the reality of the matter is that there are many people on the forums. That fact alone makes it a good spot for anyone who knows how to do it. The key to success with forum marketing is to be helpful and avoid being sales oriented. I you try selling something on the forums without building good relationship with the members, nothing good will come out of it.

A good example of a high traffic community where you can be helpful to other people in your niche is Quora. Once you’ve gained more followers and made yourself known, traffic will automatically flow to your website.

Final Word:

Although most marketers have the notion that creating content regularly or building backlinks is the way to go, there are always other ways to get traffic. The methods above are some that have stood the test of time and proven top notch results.

Sometimes getting traffic is the only missing ingredient in your online business. Consider checking out our low cost web traffic packages to see which one fits your online business.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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